Estée Lauder – Not {Just} For Nan

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I find it fascinating how some brands somehow become labelled as appealing to a certain demographic, without perhaps intending to. Estée Lauder, one of my favourite make-up houses (and by the way, this post is in no way sponsored by them) is a case in point.

Some of you may already know that I discovered the game changing concealer-of-multiple-sins some months ago and haven’t looked back. It’s the Double Wear BB Glow Brush On Concealer in a clicky pen that lasts FOREVER. Seriously, it has almost 3 times the volume of product that most other “similar priced” competitors in its luxe gold wand. I appreciate the results as well as the value for money.

When I told a very good friend about it recently she raised one eyebrow and said “Estée Lauder? Really? I have never bought anything from the range, isn’t it make-up for you know, much older ladies?!”

And then I realised this is the general reaction whenever I get (over) excited about finding some fabulous must-have item or other from them and tell someone about it. How funny, to me Estée Lauder are THE power house of cosmetics, not least because they own everyone from MAC to Clinique to Bobbi Brown.

With this in mind I thought I would share and review some of my absolute favourite products of theirs with you, just in case you have for whatever reason, not realised they create what could be game changers in your beauty arsenal.

Pure Colour Envy Defining Eyeshadow £20.00

I make no secret of my adoration for Urban Decay eyeshadows, the longevity is second to none and it never ever creases. This cream/powder/gel formulation though? shut. the. front. door. Seriously, it glides on like butter and the pigment is immense. You can wear them dry (soft and pretty) or wet (your eyelids will enter the room before you do) and the shimmery finish somehow make your peepers appear all lit-up and sheeny. I have the shade “Impulsive Blonde” a delicate champagne with very VERY finely milled glistening bits.

Pure Colour Envy Lipstick £24.00

I have a few of these, like the eyeshadow above, the pigment is unrivalled. A rich creamy opaque coverage that magically makes your lips look bigger – especially if you use one of the fleshy nude-y hues (of which there are many). This lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips or smear easily as you might imagine with this type of finish. If you combine it with a liner you can create a very sculpted “done” look which is apparently, all the rage these days.

Sumptuous Knockout Mascara £24.00

This will make your lashes WOW. In a thickening false-lash kinda way, rather than a lengthening/defining way (which I must point out here, I do prefer if I’m honest.) However, if you want uber black volumous eyelashes in a jiffy, THIS is your new best friend. Two coats and you’re good to go. I wore it recently when I saw my friend Perfect Kelly who was like “Your lashes?! What have you done to them?! they are so thick and fluttery!”

Perfect Kelly as you might have guessed has perfect lashes. Thus it MUST be excellent.

*Edit: I forgot to add that it is by far the easiest mascara to remove I have ever used, just soak a cotton pad in remover and hold over your eyes for a few seconds, no rubbing required.

I am also rather impressed with the Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Gloss (I have the shade Potent Petal) and the Little Black Liner which has two types of nib, one for a thicker bold line and one for a razor sharp thin line. So far so very very good. It doesn’t fade or bleed (I have been suffering with allergic/runny eyes recently and some of my old faithfuls are not particularly waterproof) and the finish is intense and precise. Winner.

Do you own anything from Estée Lauder? have any tips for watery eyes? it’s driving me slightly mad at the moment. Staring at a computer screen for most of the day and um…trying out so many different beauty treats probably doesn’t help.

Also, I’m sharing some beauty bargains over the coming weeks, although I think they are completely worth it, I appreciate these recommendations are a bit on the spendy side.

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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31 thoughts on “Estée Lauder – Not {Just} For Nan

  1. Ester Lauder are my absolute favourite go to brand for long lasting, smudge free makeup BUT I find the products really hard to remove (I have been known to rub eye make up remover all over my face to attempt to get rid of the double wear foundation!) which means I worry about the impact on my skin. This has forced me to go to other brands for day to day make up but I would recommend EL to anyone looking for long lasting, quality products.

    1. That’s interesting Kate, The mascara is actually super easy to remove which is one of the reasons I like it so much as it’s so quick to apply and so speedy to take off without rubbing (I must update the post actually). But now you mention it, the lipsticks are pretty budge proof – I guess that’s what makes them last so long as you say x

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS. What is it with that reaction? I had the same recently when raving about their beauty products. I swear the Advanced Repair Night serum knocked off 7 years in approximately 4 days. Totally recommend!

    1. Do you know what Faye I have never tried the repair serum….I know, what is wrong with me! Randomly my erm…..Dad uses it (!) it’s a long story but he got hold of a bottle from my sister and really likes it. He keeps forgetting to use it though. I have a sample in my bathroom cabinet that I really must try out!

      1. Do!!! My sister bought it for me for my birthday and it changed my life (by ‘life’ I mean ‘bedtime routine’) forever!

        I’ve since bought the day and night cream plus a day serum and I’ve actually noticed a really big difference. I suffer with dark spots and they have noticeably improved x

        1. Oh Faye I’m sold! I will use it tonight! When I am on the pill I suffer from pigmentation around my eyes and if ever I so much as look at the sun (I wear a massive hat, glasses, factor 50 etc but sometimes you just get caught unexpectedly) I have patches across the top of my forehead too. Hoping this might be a solution! x

          1. Exactly the same here! There is an EL serum you should try called ‘Enlighten’ which I alternate with Night Repair – it’s designed specifically for dark spots!! Enjoy! x

    1. Hi Selina! They are Desirable (a beige pink) and Impulsive (a dusky pink medium rose on me but may pull lighter on darker skintones) x

  3. I love the Aerin Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder. I’m quite pale so use this bronzer every day for a bit of glow without looking too orange! I couldn’t find any shops near me that stock it so was delighted to discover you can order it directly from the Estee Launder website with free delivery & you can select a few free samples too!

    1. Suzy I also rate Aerin, I have a lipstick from there, LOVE the packaging. Do you follow her on instagram? lots of amazing flowers and holiday snaps! x

  4. Ha, I am in a slightly different position of WISHING I could wear Este Lauder products as they always look and sounds so good! But my makeup is all cruelty free and EL test on animals so it rules them out, as well as the various companies they own (no more Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon blush :'( – which by the way I think would really suit you Charlotte, not a shade I would have picked for myself as it’s peachy and I’m v pale but the woman at the counter recommended and I was hooked!)

  5. Another fan of the night repair serum here, it makes a serious difference to my under eye region and the fine lines seems to disappear. Have run out recently and look five years older, this reminds to pop in and get some pronto!

    1. Aimee this night repair is beginning to sound like a miracle! I think everyone should try some….I swear the BB glow concealer takes 5 years off too, try it once you re-buy the serum and you will basically look 18 🙂

  6. I love Estee Lauder! I have been a fan of Double Wear since my uni days (I am currently on a summer break with some Miss Tilbury loveliness, but doublewear always come out for special occasions). I also have the wonder concealer, and colour envy lipstick. I wore Defiant Coral for my wedding and I have Envious for when only red red will do.

    I have been thinking about the night repair as I creep nearer 30 and seem to be far more weathered by it than I should be, greys and wrinkles galore! But there are so many other things I would like to spend those pennies on!

    1. I think Defiant Coral is the lipstick I have my eye on Stef….but I have SO MANY coral lipsticks. It’s beginning to get quite ridiculous. I think maybe a pre-holiday treat though…

      Also, whenever I have seen pictures of you, you look about 12.

      1. haha! I do have the face of a 12 year old. Not ideal when you work with young people and you get mistaken for one of them… But the greys and wrinkles are there! Trust me. I am a 12 year old with greys and wrinkles!

        I would also recommend Defiant Coral. You need it. 😉

  7. Another ‘Advanced Night Repair’ fan here !
    I know this post isn’t about skincare, but EL’s Clear Difference is really good, as a pre-moisturiser serum.
    The lady at the EL counter said you could use the ‘Night’ Repair during the day too, before your moisturiser.

    1. Skincare coming next week Ashu 🙂

      I have just been in my bathroom cupboard to make sure my advanced night repair serum is ready to be tested! ha!

  8. I’m a massive EL fan although fittingly (given its rep) this happened because my Mum was such a big fan and used to buy me EL pressies when I was at uni and too young/dumb to have a clue what to get. I really like their mascaras and lipsticks and, while I have lots of dalliances with other brands, it’s the one where I know I’ll always be guaranteed a product that will last. Let’s hope people keep thinking it’s just for older women or their prices might go up, hah xx

    1. I was the same Kate! My Mum used to buy it for me when I was penniless and she witnessed me wearing terrible cheap-o products from Boots (because then cheap make-up just looked…cheap!). I used to love birthdays and Christmases when I used to get Estee Lauder and Chanel bits all gift wrapped! x

  9. Advanced night repair which I really like (but saving it mostly for baby number 2 as I’m sure I will need it!) and double wear concealer which I have been using for years. Doubles up as an eye shadow base as my eye lids can be very red and thin. Best concealer I have ever used but interestingly find their foundation way too thick.

    1. Rachie I have the same lid issues (!) I use a stick eyeshadow – either Bobbi Brown or By Terry which works really well as a base. I must see if EL do one! x

  10. I love EL! We’ve talked before Charlotte about the BB glow pen, it’s just amazing! I just got back from the USA and had a splurge, came back with the new all day extreme wear concealer and really liking it! I also use the day wear moisturizer and the advanced night repair. It is spendy but they do last forever, I use the BB cream instead of a foundation and it lasts me for 7 months!

    1. Jessica where do you use the all day extreme wear concealer? On red bits or under eyes or both? x

      1. I use it under my eyes and any dark patches, I don’t really get red as I’m dark skinned. I highly recommend! Such good coverage but it’s so light and you only need a teeny bit!

  11. I am a massive EL fan. I can’t wear highlighter style concealer as I always become allergic to it sadly but I use the double wear concealer instead. I wear it daily and must have had it for 9 months now and it’s nowhere near running out.
    I also use Sumptuous mascara, there are a few different types but they’re all great. Love the lipsticks and liners, wore one on my wedding day. Currently using Daywear moisturiser which is lovely too. I also like Resilience Lift foundation (double wear just a bit too thick for me). Have some very nice eyeshadow palettes too. The packaging always looks expensive and is hard wearing, nothing has ever broken or got smashed. To be honest I don’t really bother much with other beauty counters as I’ve never had a dud product from there.

    1. Kathryn I had the same issue with similar concealers – I’m allergic to Touche Eclat, the Chanel version and the cheaper versions from No. 7 etc….not EL though, maybe ask the ladies at the counter to try it on you? And you are right, I’ve never had an issue with breakages or packing either x

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