The £12.99 Wardrobe Gamechanger {The Embroidered Tee}

Author: Lisa Soeno

We have just got back from a few days in Lanzarote which was brilliant and I will tell all next week. But in the meantime I need to spill the beans on the £12.99 fashion gamechanger that I’m going to be wearing all summer.

When I started packing my suitcase it occurred to me that my holiday wardrobe is woefully inadequate. (We’re talking kaftans and playsuits I’ve had for years, and even a pair of Ripcurl board shorts from a summer I spent waitressing in Newquay and considered myself a surf chick. Oh dear…) So thank the lord I popped to the shops to pick up the usual travel-sized toiletries and happened to walk past H&M where this embroidered T Shirt (the white tee in the header above) caught my eye.

I’m never usually drawn to embroidered fashion. I love a ditsy print or a floral maxi dress but other than that, embroidery isn’t really my bag. The one embroidered item I’ve had in my wardrobe since circa 2010 (I told you my holiday wardrobe was shocking) is a v cute white cotton cami with an embroidered floral trim around the neckline. I remember thinking at the time that its price tag of 35 odd quid was extortionate for what was essentially a scrap of material, beautifully embroidered trim or NO beautifully embroidered trim. I ummed and ahhed for ages over whether to buy it. The umming and ahhing was silly: I’ve had so much wear out of it that the cost per wear must be pence by now.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I noticed that the H&M tee was a mere £12.99. The best thing about it? It is SO VERSATILE. I wore it with jeans, Supergas and a parka as my travel outfit (anyone else love planning what to wear on the plane?), but the placement of the sprigs of flowers means it will look ace under a blazer or a dungaree dress. If you zoom in to the pics on the H&M website you’ll see that it’s not just embroidered, it also has the diddiest little red beads interwoven into the pattern. Just gorgeous.

It seems to be selling like hot cakes (this time yesterday it was still in stock in all sizes but as I write, the XS sizes seem to have sold out), but if your size isn’t available online then I find with H&M it’s always worth popping into store. Or for a slightly spendier version, Oasis sell the grey and black tees in the header which are equally as beaut.

The only problem with the H&M tee is that it’s one of those pieces that looks a million times better when it’s crisp. So I’m going to have to re-teach myself how to iron. I bet that isn’t an issue with the Oasis versions.

Are you a fan of an embellished tee? Have you treated yourself to any pretty embroidered pieces recently?

Does anyone else make a big effort for the plane journey outfit, only for it all to go to pot for the leg home?!

  • H&M Tee
  • Oasis Tee
  • Oasis Tee
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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10 thoughts on “The £12.99 Wardrobe Gamechanger {The Embroidered Tee}

  1. I managed to find that Dorothy Perkins has got a serious thing going on that’s suiting my new post baby body! I picked up this gem and am loving it! Though after first wear I did manage to drop tomato pasta down it so it’s still in a cycle of vanish/wash/sunlight! They’ve got some lovely floral embroidered bits in this season – I even got some jeans with it at the bottom and they’re my new favourite thing to team with a plain white tshirt! Just to get the supergas now to finish off my Mum outfit!

  2. Noooo! That exact t-shirt was sat in my virtual shopping bag and now it’s sold out in my size. I really must learn to commit and buy things when I see them!

    Looking forward to hearing about Lanzarote. We’re off to Playa Blanca for the second time in June and can’t wait for some sunshine and cocktails on the beach! x

    1. Oh no! Have you got an H&M you can pop in to?

      EXTREMELY jealous that you are heading back to Lanzarote soon. Have a fab holiday x

  3. This so exactly the inspiration that I need. 10 months after baby’s birth, I feel like I’m totally lost with what to wear.
    Might suck it up and go for an Oasis one because I HATE ironing…hahaha

    1. Ahh glad it’s given you a bit of inspiration. Jenson’s nearly one now and I have kind of accepted that my body is never going to be what it was! So super-flattering tees like these are nice to find.

      With you on the ironing!

  4. Ooooh I love these! Love embroidery in general- I had a load of floaty blouses with gorgeous embroidery but they were all white so after several years of service they were more yellow and off white so I got rid. Time to restock… but not from H and M. They (and Next) are on my nope list after their diversity mess ups recently. I am trying to give my money to companies and small businesses that are more representative.

  5. So pretty!

    Have any of you ladies come across Olive, yet? There embroidered tees and shirts look so pretty/cute (though a little more pricy)
    Sadly their sizing doesn’t look like it would accommodate my boobs and I haven’t been brave enough to order anything, so can’t really comment as to the quality. Thought I’d share anyway, because cactuses.

    1. Rebecca K I’d come across Olive before but had completely forgotten about it recently. Beautiful things! Thanks for putting it back on my radar. I think a trip to Cheltenham is in order.

      Also, you probably need to know about this cactus top:

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