My Eight Favourite Independent Art Stores

Author: Lisa Soeno

Isn’t it blimmin’ amazing what a bit of art can do to a room? As you can see from the before and after photos above, a small gallery wall in our bedroom has completely transformed the space. I really like the fact that the TV is no longer the focus point in the room: it’s camouflaged within the gallery wall, and your eye is drawn to the pieces around it, rather than the TV itself. But most of all, I love the individual prints and the stories behind them. The map you can see at the top? It’s a map titled ‘Lyra’s Oxford’ which I found inside the Philip Pullman book of the same name. It means all the more as we named our little girl Lyra after the character in Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. Here’s where I found the other pieces, and some of my favourite independent art stores.

1. Favourite Independent Art Stores {Ink and Honey}

I bought this print of a mum cuddling a little boy when Jenson was a newborn, and it’s my favourite piece of art in the house. I’ve since bought the Poppy print for my friend whose daughter is called Poppy, and the Sweetpea print for my auntie, who still calls me Sweetpea.

2. Favourite Independent Art Stores {Tea and Kate}

Another of my fave pieces of art is a Saar Manche print that I’ve hung in my kitchen. It’s of a mum and little girl holding bunches of eucaluptus and it always makes me think of MY little girl when she’s at school. It’s no longer available, but the Market Day print by Saar Manche from Tea and Kate is just as beautiful.

3. Favourite Independent Art Stores {Yellowstone Art Boutique}

Back in the day, before Rich and I had kids, and when we used to have the time/inclination/organisational skills to cycle to work, I bought him this print. (It’s the one at the bottom left of the gallery wall above). It’s from Yellowstone Art Boutique and it reads:

“I like you so much,
I’d even let you ride my bike,
But you’d have to wear a helmet,
Because I care about your head”.

Cute, hey?

4. Favourite Independent Art Stores {The Red Door Art Gallery}

I’m always on the lookout for indie art shops when I’m on holiday. When Rich and I visited Edinburgh many moons ago we discovered The Red Door Art Gallery, which is where the prints in my lounge are from.

5. Favourite Independent Art Stores {L’Affiche Moderne}

This French store sells THE most beautiful whimsical prints. I’m eyeing up their Paris print for our guest bedroom.

6. Favourite Independent Art Stores {East End Prints}

At the Stylist Live event last November I spent ages oohing and aahing over the East End Prints stall and eventually treated myself to this metallic London print, which at £20 I’m sure you’ll agree is a bloody bargain. (It also comes in pink). I plan to hang it next to a lamp so as to make the most of the shimmery gold foil.

7. Favourite Independent Art Stores {Emma Hardicker}

I spent several years living in the Brummie suburb of Moseley after university, so it’s always going to have a special place in my heart. This Moseley print hung above the fireplace in our last house, and Emma’s posters of Bristol and Manchester are lovely too.

8. Favourite Independent Art Stores {Karin Akesson Design}

And finally, another discovery from Stylist Live. My friend Stylish Su snapped up this print and I’m tempted to do the same. You can’t BUT smile when you look at it.

What’s your favourite piece of art in your house?
Which are your fave indie art retailers?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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11 thoughts on “My Eight Favourite Independent Art Stores

  1. Comment missing in action 🙂 Seems to happen to me sometimes, comment was posted and then vanishes… Anyway not particularly exciting enough for me to repost! Just alerting the team to the issue.

  2. I LOVE art. I was discussing this with a friend the other day, art is so personal and everyone likes different things but that is what makes it so great! Personal favourites include HAM Design and Alison Hardcastle for prints. For paintings etc I am a fan of just going to local galleries etc and seeing what you fancy. I have bought so many things just because they spoke to me somehow, there is no connection as such. The Affordable Art Fair (note: some are not so affordable!!) is great for having a browse if you are nearby, and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is also amazing if you can get in early enough to snap up the odd print (or original!) for those in, or visiting, London over the summer. I love picking up things on holidays too as little reminders. So much choice!

      1. It was the links – sorry about that!

        I’m a fan of the Ham bunnies but hadn’t heard of Alison Hardcastle so thanks for the heads up – loving her screenprints.

        I went to the Affordable Art Fair a few years ago and couldn’t afford a thing! Ha ha x

  3. Gorgeous picks, Lise!

    I will be coming back to this for sure, because it’s so hard to find cute new places to buy prints. I’ve bought a few new desenio prints, which I love, but I needed some new places to look!

    Susan xx

  4. I got a special piece from peter smith called a tuppeny pennysaurus i bought it from the inheritence my dad left me. Some people think its quite childish but i love that it reminds me of my dad when i look at it

  5. Some great suggestions here – I’ve just spent a good 15 mins lusting over everything on L’Affiche Moderne website. I’m a huge fan of Basil and Ford (a They print quirky slogans in really cool type over vintage book pages, maps etc. We have a few prints by them and love them all!

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