Do You Wear Loungewear?

Author: Naomi Liddell

I can’t keep my jeans on. It’s a problem. 

The second my foot passes the threshold of the door, I’m hunting out a pair of joggers/leggings/pj bottoms. Anything with a bit of extra give. And something that I can potter around my house in, bending down picking up toys etc without feeling like my insides are being restricted. I’ll be very honest and say that my current loungewear choices have seen better days. More often than not they’re a bit bobbled and perhaps a little too stretched out. I’ve been thinking for a while about upgrading these for more comfy pieces in my wardrobe that aren’t so… Worn. So I thought I’d share some finds with you at the bottom of this post.
But mainly, I wanted to pose the question to see if you even don loungewear at home? Or are you one of those fancy people who find it absurd, and feel that when a person is dressed for the day they must remain so, until it’s night time and one is dressing for bed?
My father-in-law is very much anti-pajamas/loungewear during the day and must despair at the state he sees me in sometimes. But my comfort is of more importance to me than approval, so joggers it is. It’s become a bit of a running joke in the family actually. His opinion that is, not my joggers. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if my usual disarray is a topic of conversation too. 
I kind of wish I was one of those people who wanted to look ‘put together’ all the time. It seems like a much sexier way to live. But with a 18 month old who seems to ALWAYS find a way to get snot all over me and my inherent desire for stretchy waistbands and general comfort, I’m not sure I’ll ever be in the ‘swans around the house in jeans and a shirt’ kind of girl.
And don’t even get me started on my love of fluffy socks. 

  • ASOS Curve Set
  • Adidas Originals Sweatshirt
  • Hush Amie Joggers
  • Uniqlo Drape Pants
  • Uniqlo Joggers
  • ASOS Soft Jumpsuit


Above we have a few loungewear items I currently have in my collection. And a few I’m soon going to add. I’m currently trying to decide between the loungewear set and jumpsuit by ASOS, they had me at ‘soft brushed’ and ‘super soft touch’. I like the little hoop zipper and the raw edge on the ASOS Curve set. You can never go wrong with an Adidas Originals Sweatshirt and I’m thinking of paring this particular one with some Amie Joggers from Hush. Bit more spendy than I would usually go for but they have become quite iconic and flexible enough for working from home but also making the school run, slightly put together. I own both the Uniqlo drape pant in red and the joggers in black print and all I can say is that the waistbands are heaven. But we all know I like a bit of Uniqlo

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Naomi loves daytime baths, learning things and rock music.
(Oh and her kids. She loves them too)
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24 thoughts on “Do You Wear Loungewear?

  1. I’m with you. Loungewear is the best. Why stay uncomfortable in jeans when you have no plans to leave the house again?! My husband and his parents didn’t understand it first but now they’ve seen the light! I’ve struggled to find joggers for my short legs though and often have to turn up leggings… how tall are you?

    1. Ah Sarah! I’m no use to you really, I’m 5ft7in and I find it hard to get bottoms long enough. Although I will say that the Uniqlo joggers are pretty much ankle grazers on me, so they may be good for you? Alternatively, the drape pants are quite long but with a straight hem so super easy to turn up.

  2. I used to not understand loungewear at all – I don’t know why – but last few years i have embraced loungewear in a HUGE way – it is a combination of cute pj bottoms (Primarni is always good here) and relaxed yoga gear (Sweaty Betty cropped yoga pants are so soft & luxurious) teamed with various vest tops & hoodies (my fav is a hoodie with a fluffy inside – heaven) – its my way of saying to myself “relax & settle in, you are not leaving the house again today”

    I am loving the look of those Uniqlo draped pants – you could wear those and not feel like you should explain yourself if someone turns up at the door unexpectedly 😀

    Oh fluffy socks – i LOVE fluffy socks – keep meaning to treat myself to White Company cashmere bed socks as they look so luxe – but just cant quite justify the price tag!!

    1. “relax & settle in, you are not leaving the house again today” That’s the feeling exactly! And yep, I’m going to get another colour in those drape pants I think. They’re very well loved. Off to google The White Company bed socks!

  3. I need my comfies! Last summer I bought a pair of harem pants for the first time and they are amazing. I just threw them on with a breton top and trainers and I felt comfortable, and yet totally presentable for leaving the house. During winter I could happily live in a pair of pjs all the time. As soon as I get home from work it’s bra off, jammies on time!

    1. I haven’t tried harem pants yet Claire! My family have always justified changing into jammies before dinner if the mood strikes you. Especially living in such a naturally cold place. Comfort is everything.

  4. Yeah, I don’t wear actual clothing in the house. I can’t stand the restricted feeling of proper clothing on my legs or bras. It’s all wrong. I don’t even have specific lounge wear, I just put pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers on. If I’m going out again later I’ll just change back into real clothes. I’ve always been this way and I don’t know how people can stand to not hav optimum levels of comfort at home. I started wearing a dressing gown over clothing at around fifteen years of age and just never stopped. Why bother with a jumper when I can wear my lovely, long, snuggly dressing gown? My sister in law has been wearing some actual loungewear lately so I have been tempted to go for an upgrade. I must say that constantly wearing pyjamas doesn’t make me feel very productive.

    1. Yes Jade! I very much recommend loungewear. It’s nice on my work from home days to just get showered and changed out of pjs into fresh comfies. I don’t think I’d feel as productive in pjs either. Wearing loungewear like pretending to get dressed 😂

  5. I’m with you Naomi! Has to be actual loungewear for me though, not pjs otherwise I feel somehow not clean!

    The other (related) thing I do is wear exactly the same clothes every day when I’m an home (I work from home at least 2 days a week) – it’s always some sort of comfy jumper and trousers (my comfy trousers are Jack Wills which is a university throwback, but very tempted by the Hush ones now!). Then I just switch the trousers for jeans when I have to leave home for the nursery pickup. Always vaguely worry that the ladies at nursery will wonder why I’m wearing the same jumper 3 days in a row! But also love not having to think about what to wear when I’m just at home. Any decision making I can remove from my day is a win

    1. I love the idea of having an at-home-uniform Jenni! And I am well versed in the jogger/jeans swap for the school run 😂
      I need a nice fluffy hoody now, like Janey mentioned above!

    1. Linsey I have a bamboo loungewear tshirt that I wear to death! I’ve been on the lookout for ethical UK brands so this is a great shout. Thank you!

  6. Loungewear?? Never! I envy those people who do ‘get’ it, but I don’t. My jeans are comfy anyway, otherwise I’d never wear them outside of the house, so I might as well keep them on when I’m back home. My concessions are a nice selection of eBay cashmere cardies and jumpers, BAM bamboo socks (super-comfy and wash like a dream) and, if it’s cold in my home office, a pair of cashmere bed socks over my BAMs and fingerless cashmere gloves (bit of a cashmere them here isn’t there?). I hate being without a bra and feel better if I think I look OK if someone knocks on the door. Is now the time to confess I even wear lipstick and perfume around the house …?!?

    1. Cashmere everything Anita! You know I don’t own a single piece of cashmere… Not by design, just have never picked anything up. I love that you wear lipstick and perfume around the house. I have spritzed perfume on myself even in my loungewear(!) before. But need to make that more of a habit!

  7. Fat Face do great lounge wear. I only joined the loungewear movement after having children and now when I have friends or family to stay, I find it really annoying I can’t get into my loungers in the evening and get under my blanket!

    1. Haha Natalie! I just get into my loungewear anyway. 9/10 my friends/guests that are staying will go and put on their pjs. I have the best conversations with my pals in pjs. It makes everything inherently more relaxed.

  8. Have you seen the Scamp & Dude leopard and lightning bolt joggers? In the same category as the Hush joggers. Comfy enough for general loafery but smart enough for leaving the house.

  9. I never wear lounge wear. Unless ‘not showering till 3pm and staying in your smelly gym clothes till then’….counts as lounge wear? No? Just me then, lol!
    I work at home now, but even when I worked in an office I would maybe just chuck on jeans when I got in. Saying that I have had my eye on Hush joggers for ages….maybe I will be converted!!

    1. Get the joggers and join the darkside Nikki! Also, I have definitely lingered in workout gear too long. Especially if I come home and start doing housework in it. That shower feels good in the end though, eh?

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