DIY Star Linen Cushion for under a Tenner

Author: Lisa Soeno

A couple of weeks back I came across a Cushion Of Dreams in a cute little shop in the Cotswolds. The only stumbling block was the price tag. Fifty odd quid? I just couldn’t justify it. So I thought I’d try my hand at replicating it using a cheap-as-chips linen cushion from H&M.

I’m pretty chuffed with the finished result (it’s currently being used in my lounge but it’s also perfect to be chucked from said lounge onto the outdoor seating area on our patio on sunshiney days as, being a light colour, it doesn’t get too hot in the sun), so I thought I’d share with you.

(If you’re not into DIY, or you just want your daily enabling fix, feel free to skip straight to the Shop The Post at the bottom of this post where I’ve rounded up six cushions for £20 and under. Including the CIAO which is another Cushion Of Dreams – you can see it in Jenson’s room here – and a bargain version of our M&S pom pom fave).

What You Will Need

A plain linen cushion
A black Sharpie*
A piece of card
A piece of A4 paper
Sewing pins

*I couldn’t find the Soeno household’s black Sharpie. We seem to have every other colour under the sun, but I didn’t think a cushion with a purple star would have quite the same effect. So I used a laundry marker pen. I’m sure any black permanent marker would do the trick though.

Step 1

Print off a black star outline onto your paper. You might need to try a couple of different star sizes to make sure the proportions look right. If you’re handy with a pen then you can probably draw the star yourself but I personally have never been able to master the art of drawing five pointed stars!

Step 2

Cut out the star.

Step 3

Stick the star onto your card. Draw around the edges of the paper star so that you have the outline of a star to cut out of the card.

Step 4

Cut the outline of the star out of the card so you have a star template.

Step 5

Place the template in the centre of the cushion and once you’re happy, pin it into position. Now comes the fun bit. The colouring-in!

Ta da! One quirky cushion that looks a million dollars but only cost you the price of a linen cushion and a Sharpie.

Has anyone else seen any beaut cushions that they’d like to throw into the mix? Where’s your go-to shop for cushions? I tend to flit between John Lewis, H&M and Oliver Bonas. Asda do the odd great buy and Urban Outfitters always have some gorgeous unusual designs but I’m yet to buy from there. Anyone an Aldi cushion fan? SORRY for all the cushion talk, can you tell I have a passion for cushions?!

  • Urban Outfitters, £20
  • Next, £12
  • Next, £14
  • John Lewis, £14
  • Matalan, £12
  • H&M, £6.99
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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16 thoughts on “DIY Star Linen Cushion for under a Tenner

  1. Oh cushions.. I’m forever changing the ones in our living room. I always go off them quickly. I really wanted different colour velvet ones and changed them to a mixture of dark green and pale purple velvet cushions earlier this year only to discover they attract all of the fur from my cat. Literally seem to suck it directly from her! So they’ve had to go. I wanted to get some more luxe ones this time but they are so bloody expensive so we’re back to a mixture of Ikea and H&M…

    I love your diy number, I may well give it a go! And I have the Ciao one for my son’s Nursery too. It looks amazing!

    1. YES Jennifer this is my problem too – Our cat is moulting so badly at the moment! When I buy cushions I have to choose material that fur won’t stick to!

      Isn’t the Ciao one ace. And thanks for reminding me to put the link in 🙊

  2. I LOVE cushions! In fact, on my instagram I’ve got a bit of a hashtag going (well I’m sure I’m not the only one) #ihavethisthingwithcushions 😂 I love H&M and primark for a cheap cushion. I recently made some cushion covers in a cool reptiles/animals print for some floor cushions picked up from a charity shop. The fabric was super cheap so if you’ve got a sewing machine that’s a good option too. Lots of fabric places will have a bin of ‘ends’ they’re selling off cheap which are perfect for things like that. I like the idea of decorating a cheap plain cover though – even easier!

    1. How have I never thought to use that hashtag yet? You just cannot beat H&M for cushions and I spotted a nice one in Primark the other day that even had a Pom Pom trim. Ashamed to say that I haven’t yet learnt how to master a sewing machine but I clearly need to! X

  3. I love the Matalan velvet cushions at £12 they are a bargain, they’re big too and best of all they withstand dogs! Dog fur just doesn’t seem to cling to them like the other cushions and after 12 months they still look like new.

    1. Ooh need to pop in and check these out! I’ve never bought a Matalan cushion but loved the colourful one I included in the Shop The Post x

  4. Love a good cushion! You can buy gold or silver fabric paint from somewhere like Hobbycraft and use exactly the same method but use a washing up sponge to sponge the fabric paint into the middle of the stencil for a lovely gold/silver star cushion. Did these the other year for napkins and gave them to a friend as a present. They loved them!

  5. I moved to Malaysia last summer for work and was a bit struck by the lack of home-decor places available. I was just browsing the internet for inspiration when I discovered that Next actually ship over here – they have clothing stores here but no homewhere – and I have found the most AMAZING cushions. I have a tartan / woodland theme going on with my cushions now and every visitor I have wants to know where they’re from (I have 7 across my two sofas & another 5 on the bed in the master bedroom… I may have a problem too 😂).

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