DIY Tray Table
DIY Tray Table
brass handles
brass handles

A Gin Bar With Change From A Tenner

Author: Lauren Coleman

I’m not sure how appropriate this post is for the week before Christmas. I mean who has the time amongst all that wrapping, shopping, dinner prepping, nativity watching and prosecco drinking to DIY their own drinks cart? Not me, but maybe you’ll have some time in the funny bit between Christmas and New Year or in January to make your own if you fancy it so perhaps bookmark the post and come back to it.

You may remember I really, really wanted a luxe bar cart for my snug. Alas by the time we’d splashed out on the sofa and the ottoman there was no money left in the kitty. I started hunting for a similar table to my Cox and Cox Tray Table but the wooden ones were going more down a shabby chic route and some of them seemed very expensive for what is essentially a TV table with a sides on top. And that’s when I had my light bulb moment. Enter the £7.99 Argos Folding Tray Table – the hub of the TV dinner. Now all the other items involved in this were already owned – you’ll need minimal paint, a few offcuts of wood and some hardware. If you don’t have the wood or handles to hand then look to invest about £20 in the project instead.

  • Firstly we chopped off the rounded corners of the table top to make a straight edges and right angles
  • After deciding we wanted fairly chunky sides to create the tray effect, we found some offcuts in the garage and cut them to length to match the outer edges of the table top
  • James cut the ends in a mitre box to create a perfect 45 degree angle so the sides would meet neatly
  • Then it was simply a case of securing the sides to the top. We used a dab of wood glue and secured with some screws from underneath.
  • The rest was cosmetic. We primed first with a normal primer and then the whole thing was painted with Laura Ashley’s Eggshell in Pale Dove Grey
  • The campaign style hardware was taken off another one of my DIY projects which kept the cost down however you can pick up the brass corners and flush drop handles inexpensively on eBay.

The little mirrored tray was picked up from a florist from Balham several years ago. It was in my bedroom until recently but I think it’s better suited with a bit of gin on it instead.
It’s a shame you can’t really buy a bottle of gin for less than a tenner but at least I managed to upcycle a table for them all to stand on and still have change from a ten pound note. Enjoy responsibly lovely ladies.

  • Anthro Monogram Glass
  • Hendricks Gin
  • Press For Champagne
  • Oliver Bonas Mirrored Tray

Images by Anna from WE ARE // THE CLARKES

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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10 thoughts on “A Gin Bar With Change From A Tenner

  1. Totally love everything about your gin bar Lauren! (including the Hendricks!)
    It fits so well within your gorgeous snug.
    Love your posts, look forward to more in 2017!
    Have a wonderful Christmas & a relaxing break xx

  2. I’m not really a fan of the “bar cart” trend, mostly because I don’t have time to keep it all dust free, and also because a small toddler will quickly knock it over! However, I love what you’ve done with a simple folding table, and think this would also be fab as a wee table in a guest room with bits and bobs for our guests on, so I may adapt this idea for our newly decorated guest room. Your James must be very handy, I’m impressed that you are able to make something so polished looking from offcuts! I think I might be investing in some tools for the New Year to have a go. Thanks for the inspiration. x

    1. Hi M-J, excellent point there – a tray table is so handy in any room.
      He is fairly handy and a bit of a perfectionist (which can drive me crackers at times!) but means I get some lovely bits for the house 🙂
      Would love to hear if you give it a go x

  3. I love this Lauren! BUT, I now really want to DIY one before Christmas. I am fully aware that this would be foolish. I definitely do not have time for it. Will that stop me? Quite possibly not… 😉

    1. Ha ha Tracy, it didn’t take that long so I wouldn’t blame you for giving it a whirl. Everyone needs a fancy table to serve their Christmas cocktails from! x

  4. Looks fantastic! The brass handle is genius! But I really want to know is where is the L glass from and the ‘press for champagne’? Please tell……

    1. Hi lovely, there’s a little ‘shop the post’ widget at the bottom of the post. If you click on the images it takes you through to the site. The tumbler is from Anthropologie and the champagne sign is from Etsy x

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