DIY memory frame using new baby cards and a heart shaped punch.
you will need
you will need
DIY memory frame using new baby cards and a heart shaped punch.
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DIY | 3D Memory Frame

Author: Lauren Coleman

I feel I should have my own series using the Ikea Ribba frames as there are so many uses for these box photo frames. Prompted by Charlotte’s request for memory book ideas for Mabel, I wanted to share an idea to put to use the stash of new baby cards accumulated after a newborn arrival.

{You will need}
  • Several greetings cards or other paper mementos
  • Heart shaped punch. Hobbycraft have various sizes and designs
  • Blue Tack or Double Sided Foam Pads
  • Box frame
  • Textured paper
  • Tutorial

    1. Layer the textured paper behind the mount and secure in place.
    2. Take each of your cards in turn and punch a heart over the desired area.
    3. Either add blue-tack to the back or the double sided pads and secure the punched hearts on the card.
    4. Frame and admire.

    My little creation uses a bundle of new baby cards, but the DIY could be carried out with new home cards, engagement, anniversary or weddings cards. I have one in my kitchen filled with restaurant stubs, hotel business cards and flight tickets from our honeymoon.
    Please send through a photo if you’re inspired to give this a go. Oh and if you’re wondering where the little rhino came from then check out my tutorial for spray painted animal jars.

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    14 thoughts on “DIY | 3D Memory Frame

    1. May be going home and doing a spot of stamping and gluing! I have excessive amounts of both frames and baby cards so seems a good idea to me. I got some shadow boxes from Ikea which contains Mollys first shoes, scan picture and hospital bracelet. Need to create one for Alice too seen as she has outgrown her first shoes already (5 weeks!!!). These childrens shoes are expensive x

    2. I’ve been planning on doing this with our wedding cards but have been hopeless at getting it done so far! It’s such a lovely idea.

      ps. also a huge IKEA Ribba fan – have quite a few of them in white & grey waiting to be filled & put up!

    3. This is a great idea – and gets rid of the hundereds of cards we have hanging about!

      What size punch did you use? I’m sitting here with a ruler trying to work it out…

    4. What a great idea. I have boxes and boxes of cards I have collected over the years and can’t part with. I’m getting married on Saturday and was already wondering what I am going to do with the cards. I can’t wait to try out with my wedding cards.

    5. Such a great idea! I didn’t know that these frames now come in grey- my absolutely fav color for all things interior.
      Loving the cuddly flamingo. I’m a little bit flamingo obsessed and would love to know where he’s from?!?
      Clare x

    6. Hiya! I love this idea!
      Unfortunately I can’t find any deep frames local to me that aren’t expensive, I’m planning on doing it as a gift so don’t want to spend too much on the frame. Any suggestions or links?x

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