Dear Santa…Here’s What We REALLY Want For Christmas

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Granted there’s still another seven weeks until Christmas but with time slipping away like sand through our fingertips we thought we’d get in there early and write our Christmas lists to Santa.

This week’s post though is a personal one from the various team members of RMLTD. This piece is all about what we would really, truly want for Christmas if money was no object and time wasn’t an issue. And our choices aren’t all material objects either; some are experiences, others are a luxe buy. All are utterly indulgent though because we have been really REALLY good girls this year 😉


It’s not the most glamorous of gifts but what would make me really happy this Christmas would be some sort of jewellery storage system that I can hide at the top of my wardrobe whilst Lyra is still little, and then display on my bedside table when she’s old enough to know better than to go in there (will that day ever come?!). This Stackers one with an oak lid would be lovely. And to replace the silver watch which has mysteriously gone AWOL from my current jewellery collection, this Olivia Burton number or something similar and minimal would be nice.

And finally, in this post a couple of months back, I talked about how I was considering taking the plunge and buying a Kindle. You lovely readers convinced me it was the way forward…however I just haven’t got round to buying one yet. So Santa, if you could conjure me up a Kindle, I would be eternally grateful.


Ok so it looks like we’re not going to be in our house for Christmas. I’m not disheartened though because things are moving apace. We have our giant aluminium windows being installed this week (more on this very soon) and all the first fix works have been completed which means the plasterers will be in soon. But I digress. Whilst I would very much have liked to have hosted Christmas chez moi and this admittedly was top of my Dear Santa letter, there are a couple of items I would also like instead.

Next year I hope to invite my friends and family over for drinks in the garden, BBQs on the patio and candlelit meals in our open plan kitchen. I want this house to be filled with laughter and good memories and with this in mind a good dining space is key. So I have my eye on these chairs for the kitchen for our guests to sit comfortably. Oh and I also like these wall lights for the bedroom (I promise it’s nothing to do with the name 😉 )

But what I really would adore…at the risk of sounding utterly clichéd is some diamonds. I don’t really wear much jewellery and I’ve never been one for changing it up with each new season. Instead I stick with the classics; a pair of pearl studs, an initial diamond necklace and a few choice rings. Everything has a special meaning and I adore all of them for sentimentality more than anything else and they’ve seen me through so many important events.

Anna Sheffield’s exquisite rings are right up my street and I adore this set of stacking rings which I know I’m never going to get in a million years but perhaps Santa will find something similar in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham…


As my birthday is at the end of October I’ve often exhausted my present list come Christmas. Yes, I know there are a multitude of things I could ask for but this year I actually really want some pampering. Some me time and time where I’m not thinking what I should be cooking the girls for their tea or rushing off to ballet/swimming/anything. I’m thinking a night away in a posh hotel with an even posher spa. I’ve got my eye on Dormy House as I’ve heard amazing things about the spa there and it’s close enough to me that I can maximise the time in the spa rather than time in the car.


Gosh what don’t I want for Christmas might have been an easier question. I’m all out of perfume apart from the tiny drops of Coco Mademoiselle I managed to stop Anabelle from squirting. So as well as a replacement bottle I’d also really like a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium.

My search for the perfect pair of boots has also been on-going for a few years now, and year upon year I fail to A) find any I like and B) that look nice on me. I have been eying up these grey Mint Velvet ‘Hazel’ boots and would love to find them under my tree on Christmas day and more importantly that they suit me.

I have always wanted a designer bag and simply adore this Givenchy tote bag. The deep burgundy hue is delicious. But with three littles ones I could never justify spending that amount of money on just myself, but if Santa wants to that’s another story…


Last year the run up to December 25th was particularly unsettled and all I longed for was a roof over my head and the health of my family. Thankfully that chapter is behind me, however it’s definitely made me reassess what I want to find in my stocking. This year I’m hoping Santa brings me a ruddy lovely time with the family and maybe a White Company Dressing Gown too.


I haven’t actually put this past Matt yet, but I’d like us both to forgo material items this Christmas and instead book a mini break. Elle is perfectly happy to have sleepovers with Nanny now, so I think it’s about time the two of us escaped somewhere for a bit of romance. We’re both tempted by Copenhagen, especially after seeing Laura’s fabulous trip on Instagram, but we’d also love to visit Berlin. And we’ve never been to Paris together either. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

So that’s what us girls want…but how about you? What are you hoping to find underneath the tree when December 25th rolls around? And have you been a good girl this year??

Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
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18 thoughts on “Dear Santa…Here’s What We REALLY Want For Christmas

  1. I would like… some sheepskin slippers to keep my toes cosy and anything in a magic blue Neals Yard bottle please!

    And for my toddler to get all her teeth and have it over with… and Listed Building Consent for some changes in the house. Please please please!

    1. Lucy I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you re the Building Consent and of course on the teething agenda too!

    2. Oh my god! The teeth! This is my wish too! Currently sat at my desk having had 3 and a half hours sleep yet again feeling like I am failing at work and at home! Good luck.. Xx

  2. What I really want for Xmas is a lovely big kitchen, which needs my lovely husband to either agree on the small extension I’d like or to move house 🙂
    Aside from that I’d love to be sent on a photography course to learn how to use my camera properly! Does anyone know of any good ones?

    1. Have a look at Makelight and ClickinMoms ( – I’m a member of the CM forum, which is fantastic for loads of free tutorials and feedback etc, but when I really wanted to properly learn to use my camera I took a few of their workshops ( which are really fantastic and you don’t have to be a member of the forum (you get free forum membership from the time you sign up for a class until about a month after it ends – I didn’t pay for membership for about a year!). My first was one called Mastering Manual Exposure, but there are even more beginner focussed classes if you’ve never take your camera off auto.They’re generally one month long, have a limited number of participants and are taught through pdf handouts, videos and regular instructor and group feedback, including at least one assignment per week. They cost $300 full participation (ie. you get feedback from the instructor) but you can also ‘study along’ for $150 and will still get feedback from other study along students, but not the instructor. I have learned so much in the last couple of years since I first started taking their courses, and couldn’t recommend them more.

  3. Aah, I have been looking at Dormy House for ages and wondering whether I can persuade my husband to go. That or the beautiful looking places at the Daylesford Farm. I can’t wait for our daughter to be old enough to go on country walks, then I’m booking right away!! On my Christmas list I would like some quality time with my husband, and ideally some new slippers…! I would also like some magic fairies to come in and sort out all the boxes we seem to still have scattered around our house despite moving almost 4 years ago! Now that building works are finally complete (for the time being) I can finish finding homes for everything.

  4. Dormy House is AMAZING and well worth the spend. We stayed on our way home from our honeymoon for a couple of days – it was such a lovely final treat before we went home.

  5. I can verify that the Dormy house is amazing – we went last September for our wedding anniversary, first time we’d been away from the kids for 2 nights. It was heaven, spa was gorgeous as were rooms and hotel. We both said we’d love to go back in winter to enjoy the log fires and general cosiness. Defo worth booking!

  6. I’m after a new kindle too. I have one, but it’s fairly ancient (it’s basically the first type they ever made) and is on it’s last legs. Plus I want a lighter one to make it easier to carry around/hopefully hold whilst feeding the baby we are expecting. Otherwise I think lots of pampering products and some new slippers!

    Could I request a similar post for what to buy for husbands/partners? I struggle with this every year, not helped by his birthday being in December. Boys never want nice smellies or jewellery, which makes it so much harder!

    1. Jools I’m with you on the husband present issue. Edd’s birthday is the week before Christmas so I have to get double the presents or be the boring person who buys him a joint birthday/Christmas present. We can definitely get on the case with some suggestions x

  7. I want two new bathrooms. Can I ask for that?

    Also, yes on the ideas for men pressie ideas. I have a husband with a December birthday too and it is so difficult thinking of things at the same time of year! x

  8. This year I will finally get an iphone. Until today I only own a “normal”, old-school Nokia, with which I was perfectly content. However, in the last few month I started to use Instagram A LOT and for this I always had to borrow the iphone from my husband. He is a little annoyed by this and decided it is time, that I have my own iphone. I also find it quite hard to get presents for my husband, as he always buys the things he wants immediately. I bought this nice wash bag from alphabetbags for him and hope he will like it

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