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Date Day

Author: Lauren Coleman

I’m hoping all you lovely ladies had a gorgeous Valentines or Galentines day yesterday. I was wondering how many of you sat back sipping a glass of wine or two with your other half wondering ‘gosh, shouldn’t we do this more often?’ Well the answer is yes, yes, yes. Please do!

James and I recently introduced ‘date day’. Aforementioned day came about after we were at a real loose end a while ago. We are used to our weekends being chockablock and are generally booked up for the next two or three months, so imagine my surprise when we ended up with a blank entry in the calendar one Sunday. Nowhere to be for one whole day. No DIY to do, no people to see and I’d be damned if I was going to spend it washing socks. Did I relish a relaxing day to mooch about at home? Did I ‘eck as like. (Showing my northern roots here). Instead I had a bit of a strop tormenting myself I really shouldn’t waste a day and spent the majority of the day having a slight hissy fit. It was all rather dramatic. When the next available day came round I vowed to be far more productive and sprung the idea of ‘date day’ on James.
The premise is simple: A spare day (or couple of hours will do), a limited budget and a surprise location. On our trips back to Sheffield, James frequently remarks on the brown sign advertising the Space Centre, though rather unsurprisingly we’ve never curtailed off the motorway. Therefore I chose this as our first date day location. Amongst a large group of four year olds and more pregnant women than a labour ward, I spent a semi-enjoyable time having an intergalactic experience. James loved it though and that was the main point.
Last week we had a few days off work as I had some annual leave owing from last year. This time is was my husband’s turn to organise and he bundled me in to the car and treated me to an amazing lunch at The Hare in Milton Under Wychwood followed by an afternoon of leopard spotting at Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens.
Our next date day probably won’t happen till the summer but it’s been such a luxury to steal a few hours of quality time with my other half. The pressures of work, DIY and general everyday life can get overwhelming and I’m guilty of neglecting our relationship in favour of my laptop. (I actually spent most of last night working. Bad Wife Alert).
If you’ve managed to escape from your brood for an hour or two I’m not sure how appealing a family-friendly trip to the zoo would be but the opportunities are endless. My husband’s boss is based over in California (lucky thing) and he and his wife take two days off a year, drop the kids off at school and then frolic off to a vineyard or somewhere equally envy-inducing having a generally lovely time. However perhaps it would be more realistic to suggest grabbing a bite to eat or a romantic stroll.
Anyone else tempted to surprise their other half with an unexpected trip or experience? Have you been vowing to make more time for a special someone in your life? Maybe it’s your mum, sister or a close friend. Anyone contemplating taking up their family or friends’ offers to babysit for an couple of hours and run off to the pub for a drink? Do it. And please let me know where you’re off to as I have another date to plan soon.
While I’m here I’ll mention the beautiful print from reader Rebecca’s stunning bedroom tour above is available from Not on The High Street. Indeed, all you need is love and a trip to the Planetarium.

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27 thoughts on “Date Day

  1. Love this. My husband and I try to plan at least half a day, sometimes a full day every weekend for this. We don’t spend much, but having a destination planned for lunch or even just a hot chocolatevabd a walk makes me look forward to it all week. Life is too short, the chores will still be there tomorrow. ?

  2. I got a wee jar of simple date ideas for my husband as a stocking filler last year, and it’s been great! If we find ourselves with a spare afternoon or even a weeknight we’ve been picking something from the jar rather than just automatically turning on the tv. Once we’ve gone through all the ideas we’re going to put them all back in and start again! ?

    This is the one I got but you could easily make your own:

    1. This is a really really nice idea…with a three year old and a three month old I think I should make sure the hubby and I do some quality things in the evenings rather than sit in front of the TV! A jar of ideas is a great place to start after a long day!

  3. I think you win Best Wife Alert for taking your hubby to the Space Centre!
    I might pinch that idea! A lovely post, as always x

    1. Awww bless you Kate.
      The first hour or two was absolutely fine but when we got into the third and fourth hour it was a bit tedious. Everything is a bit tired and outdated and there’s so much to read! The Planetarium was ace though. x

  4. Joy of shift work and a hubby working for himself is that we do this sort of thing all the time, at least have nice a month. If I’m off during the week and hubby is able to juggle things we go to the cinema, or lunch or a walk.

  5. I totally agree with this. Last year my husband and I ended up going away quite a bit because of various weddings, birthdays etc and it made us realise how little we went away and how much we loved doing it, so our promise to eachother is to make sure we do it more often and have already planned an April and an October trip. Sometimes just 36 hours away feels like a fortnight if you can totally switch off. And I love a date day. AND the Hare at Milton is a new find and SO GOOD.

  6. We’re trying to do this more and more over the next few months as soon it will be much harder (first baby expected in June)..! We’re looking at some full weekends away but obviously can’t do this every week as we are meant to be saving some money too – but I know I’ll really cherish these final weekends with my partner so it’s worth it!

  7. Every weekend, we make time to go for a walk. We’re lucky because we live on the edge of the Leckhampton hills in Cheltenham, so no excuse really, but it’s not only a great opportunity to get some fresh air but a chance for us to really chat for the next hour or two. However we have a real treat coming up this weekend as we’re off to Bath for Friday and Saturday as part of my recent birthday present. Friday we’re going to The Acorn, a vegetarian restaurant and on Saturday we’re spending the day at Demuth’s cookery school. WooHoo!

  8. I’m definitely ‘borrowing’ the jar of date ideas Kate. Although they’ll be more like dog and 10 month old baby friendly days out for us now!

    A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided that once a month we’d go somewhere different for a dog walk/day out, just us and no looking at phones. We only stuck to the plan for about 3 months before our wedding and honeymoon but it ensured we spent quality time together and I got to nose at beautiful houses in the Cotswolds (that was the most popular location we chose!).

    This article has made me want to start again and try to stick to it this time!

    1. Hi Naomi, it’s so easy to slip out of the cycle but so good when you manage to squeeze in a few hours of escapism! Hope you manage to get some family time in soon x

  9. Now that we have Hector, we don’t really get the chance to spend a day out..just the two of us anymore unless it’s for a wedding. That said we definitely do try to plan a date night once a month where the two of us can chat without being forced to make car noises or being dragged off mid-conversation to look at a particularly interesting stone or duck. Perhaps our most romantic night out has got to have been last night though…Ste surprised me with a romantic, candlelit dinner for two at our house in our bedroom surrounded by tonnes of candles upon a makeshift table and bench. The thought that had gone into it and his nervousness about whether I’d like it or not reminded me of our first date. He was so sweet and it’s definitely etched into my memory forever!

  10. We are in major need of a date day. My hubby works in retail and I have a 9-5 so we rarely have a day off together. We have a few days off work in March and we are thinking of going to the Emma Bridgewater factory. The boy did good for Valentine’s though – tickets to see a special showing of Casablanca. Seeing a good old fashioned, black and white movie on the big screen was amazing.

  11. Love this! I’m actually on the train right now to meet my husband for a date afternoon! No plans until dinner so we will just explore London a little and hang out like we used to. Our daughter is with Granny! I love planning Days of Fun for my friends too and now thinking I should take my husband on one, oops! Also stealing the date jar idea! Lovely reminder to make time x

  12. We’ve just started doing this. Day of annual leave each, take kids to school, breakfast together, go for a run with the dogs, lunch and cocktails, afternoon nap. Perfect 🙂

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