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lamp & stool
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Concrete Schoolyard

Author: Lauren Coleman

If anyone told me a few years ago I’d be adding a concrete worktop in to my house, I would have laughed in their face. However, inspired by an episode of Grand Designs and a conversation with RMW’s Lolly we decided when we finally tackle our downstairs loo, we’ll be going for the ‘builders have just left’ look.

Grey is my favourite neutral so a big tick for concrete there. Although luxury, sleek and sophisticated aren’t the first words to pop in my head when I think of cement, the images that are cropping up in my Pinterest feed suggest for a luxe, modern look we should be choosing this material.

Has anyone been watching The £100k House: Tricks of the Trade on BBC2? The homeowners tackling big renovations on the show are warming to concrete too. Last week some rather vibrant kitchen walls showcased more subdued counter tops. Though the colour wasn’t really my thing, the worktops were.

If you don’t want to go to the whole hog, here are a few decor pieces you could add for an urban contemporary look.

Concrete Topped Side Table, £225.00, Cox & Cox

I love the contrast between the smooth oak legs and the rugged concrete top of this Cox and Cox table. It would make a perfect bedside table or an extra surface in the living room.

Fraser Grey Lamp, £60, BHS

I am really coveting this grey lamp from BHS. Moulded concrete has been paired with a hessian shade to create a more rustic piece. I’m really tempted to get one for my living room.

Concrete Bowls, £15.10, Cachette

Perfect stacked in the bathroom for all your odds and ends, these concrete bowls are a sleek way to get the trend.

Concrete Name Sign, From £12.00, Etsy

This driftwood sign is a subtle way to embrace the new craze and can be made to order with your chosen word. Available from Etsy.

White and Grey Vase, £30.00, French Connection

Classic and contemporary, this concrete vase with painted detail would make a fabulous addition to a dining room or living space.

What are your thoughts on concrete? Have you added any to your home yet?

Image sources DIY table | Bench piled with magazines | Kitchen | Bathroom

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13 thoughts on “Concrete Schoolyard

  1. Concrete is something I’ve never considered before and perhaps I’m still a little too stuck in my ways to go completely ‘industrial’ in our new house (whereever that may be- just accepted an offer on our house yesterday) but I love the small letters. I’m
    Thinking ‘GUEST’ in our second bedroom or something! I was thinking grey decor anyway but can I design a whole bedroom around one item??? Hmmmm

    1. Becks – congrats on accepting an offer.
      Think ‘guest’ in the guest bedroom would look fab. Visitors would love it too.

  2. Love a bit of concrete brutalism! The boy is seriously considering creating concrete worktops in either the utility or the en suite next to the bathroom which I have to say I’m approaching with equal amounts of trepidation and excitement. It helps that he works with concrete regularly and that he possesses all the tools so I’ll be sure to let you know what we decide to do.

    In the meantime I might have to treat myself to the lamp or the stool which I am totally lusting over. BHS really have stepped up their interior game lately haven’t they!

    1. Haven’t they Lolly! Particularly in the lighting stakes, and regularly have 20% off too 🙂
      I think Ste may have to teach James a few things about concrete, as working in IT means this will be his first dalliance with the stuff x

    1. That exact episode Sheila! I thought the inside of the house looked amazing when they’d finished. Totally agree on how good the lighting was.

  3. I love LOVE concrete. My ideal kitchen would have polished concrete worktops, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but then I’m not a lover of Marble or granite – and lots of people adore both.

    That sink is amazing (the long one – I want it.)

    1. We make many of those and send all over the UK. The most amazing tops….and you can polish them to look like granite or keep them rustic…!

  4. Hi Lauren,
    I know this is quite an old post but thought I would try my luck. We are currently renovating an old cottage and the kitchen has been handmade as is almost impossible to buy worktops that would fit so we are thinking of doing our own concrete worktops. I was just wondering whether you knew of any stockists in the UK that sold the concrete needed for the worktops rather than paying a company to make them for you? Any help would be much appreciated!!

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