Wedge of Dreams
Wedge of Dreams
Office Holiday Wedge cross over strap suede espadrille
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THE Most Comfortable Wedge {Also.. KIMONOS}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

A few of you have already mentioned the amazing Hallie flat sandal (I’m currently waxing lyrical about them over on Rock My Family) but sometimes you do need a bit of extra height.

If you are like me (short arse, short legs, short changed) then sometimes you may require a lot of height – the length and look of my calves are vastly improved by an extra few (ahem maybe 5?) inches. Specifically they are drastically improved by the Holiday cross front espadrille wedge from Office. I have them in Nude Kid Suede which is a go-with-everything hue and they are without a doubt, the most comfortable whacking great heel lifting footwear I own.

Excellent for evening but I also wore them to an Editors meeting in London on Monday, I left the house at 8am and by the time I got home at 8pm I couldn’t believe how I could have easily walked around in them for hours longer. Magic. They also come in black suede and a variety of pretty metallic shades.

Now obviously I appreciate some of you may only require a few extra inches in which case there is a very similar yet smaller wedge design called the Maiden cross front espadrille wedge. My friend Kelly has these – she is already fabulously leggy and 5ft 9′ and says she isn’t really wearing anything else this summer because they are so incredibly versatile. (It was also Kelly that introduced me to the flat Hallie sandal originally – being her friend is expensive).

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of the Kimono before. And not just for holidays and as a bikini cover up by the pool. I like to wear them with jeans and a camisole, I find they are the perfect lightweight warmer weather alternative to a cardigan.

My most recent bargain buy is the uber feminine embroidered number you can see in the header image. It also comes in black and I am very tempted to own both colours. I particularly like the tapered cuff as it means the sleeves don’t flap about and end up in your latte (happens).

I also have my eye on this silk pink and blue kimono from H&M, and on the subject of H&M, this pink crepe strappy lace camisole is the loveliest summer colour and has a non-clingy yet non tent-like flattering fit. If you are blessed in the bust I would consider sizing up.

Please do let me know if you are a fan of the wedge, what heels you swear by and if you too are a lover of the kimono. (Links to products in the comments section are most welcome – we advocate dirty enabling).

  • H&M Silk Kimono
  • New Look Cream Kimono
  • New Look Black Kimono
  • Office Holiday Wedge Nude Kid Suede
  • Office Maiden Wedge Blush Suede
  • H&M Coral Crepe camisole
  • Office Holiday Wedge Black Suede
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25 thoughts on “THE Most Comfortable Wedge {Also.. KIMONOS}

  1. I lived in Kaftans when pregnant (I was due in October so enjoyed that summer immensely 😕). They smartened up my office attire of stretchy Tshirt dress or tube skirt and vest immensely. I might wear one tomorrow :-)! All of mine came from Oasis but that cream New Look one is lovely!

        1. Hi Jenni yes I did, they do come up on the generous side but I quite like the looser/floaty fit x

  2. I can’t get enough of Kimono’s, I think they are so much more versatile than a cardigan {which I keep meaning to stock up on}. I’ve been coveting this beauty for a while – but it’s pretty spendy and due to the length I am wondering will it suit me {I’m only 5 3″}.

    I may have just purchased the wedges in black… thanks for the dirty enabling Charlotte

    Helen x

    1. Hi Helen! I bloody love Free People – but yes, super spendy. I have the tassel ankle boots from there in all sorts of colours. Pleasure on the enabling x

    2. Helen, how did I not know about Free People?? Off to browse now…(probably better for my wallet when I didn’t know!)

      1. Ha Emma, seriously I love their stuff. I bought a few pieces last year in New York so the exchange rate eased the pain on my purse. The quality is really good and the garments wash really well so I am convincing myself it’s all about cost per wear 😉 xx

  3. Ooh the kimono is so pretty on you, but looks a bit long on the New Look website. What do you have on underneath? The blush colour is super pretty.

    1. Hi Bunny! it is a longer length one but I quite like that, I have the pink H&M camisole on that I mention in the post x

  4. I already have that new look kimono in the black and really love wearing it. (It makes me feel fancy!) Definitely a must pack for my holiday next month. Shoes wise I’m living in a pair of sandals from el naturalista which are so bloody comfortable I don’t want to take them off.

  5. This post is amazing – I’m 4 weeks post new baby arriving and really struggling with my wardrobe. Think a kimono and some sandals will definitely pep me up. Now if only I could get in my jeans….! Xxx

  6. I shouldn’t have read this post as now I think I need the Maiden wedges and the Kimono and maybe even the camisole for my holiday, not sure my husband will agree. I never think twice about buying for my kids but agonise over buying for me, must be Mum guilt. Now do I go for black or white Kimono and which colour wedge? hmmmm

    1. Hi Abi! The kimono is a bargain though, and the camisole looks far more expensive than it is (promise). I like the Maiden in blush the best – it’s more of a nude colour so is also leg legnthening (winner) x

  7. Oh this Maiden wedges! I must own them! I have a few pairs of sandals from Office this summer and they are all super comfy!

    1. I almost always forget about Office Kate, but I’m loving so many of their shoes right now!

  8. Hi Charlotte, really love the Maiden wedges, I turn 65 in a few weeks time, so can’t do the really high heels anymore.

    I’m hoping they’re not too young looking for an old bird like me!

    Quick question, are they true to size, I am a size 4, but didn’t know whether I needed to go up a size?

    Thank you for your help. My daughter introduced me to your website, and I think it’s wonderful, well done on your achievements.

    1. Hi Hazel! I hope to still be wearing lovely shoes when I’m 99 – why the hell not. And they are absolutely appropriate for all ages, they are very chic/yet simple. I would say if anything they come up a little generous but I don’t feel they are going to slip off or anything, the 4 will be perfect for you.

      Thanks so much for dropping a comment, I’m so glad you enjoy the blog x

  9. Just went to Office in my lunch break and ordered the Hallie flat sandal in blue. But I also want them in pink and nude. CHARLOTTE I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SPENDING ANY MONEY. x

    1. The light blue? I want those too. I’m not supposed to be spending any more money either 🙂 x

  10. Argh, I bought the Blush maiden wedges too! They are the perfect heel height and just what I’d been after…I was like a pigeon on a chip clicking through to the office website.

    1. Sarah your comment has made the entire team howl with laughter, brilliant. I do hope you enjoy your shoes x

  11. Love this post Charlotte, I have the kimono in black and absolutely love it. Wore it to death on my hols, it doubled up as a dressing gown in the morning, not wanting to flash in front of the in-laws, and was great as a cover-up in the evenings. I’m debating whether to get the wedges in black or the nude now (I’m dark-skinned so not sure if the nude would suit, but they do look nice, argh!) xxx

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