Colour Corrector {It Works}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

The header photograph was taken by Lottie at our “Tuesday” office in Henley-in-Arden. (I’ve probably never mentioned it but we sub-let a meeting room in a very pretty village once a week so various members of the team can meet up/take photographs/drink coffee/actively encourage each other to buy things etc).

This cardigan/scarf around my face scenario has been my go-to outfit for some weeks now, no only is it bloody baltic, but after a 7 week cough/cold (still lingering – I went for blood tests today), a house move and significant sugar consumption, I look like death.

My under eye area is a fetching shade of blue and my epidermis in general has the texture of crepe paper and a distinct grey tinge to it. It’s best just to refrain from looking in the mirror and for the sake of the Great British Public, hide my Grim Reaper-esque mug behind swathes of fabric whenever possible.

Not really an option for indoor wear though is it? No. Time to get the big guns out then. And by this I mean visit beauty counter, hope to find miracle product (or five), hand over potentially vast sum of cash and leave feeling a whole lot prettier (albeit poorer).

My big gun as it turned out was a teeny tiny pot of genius by Bobbi Brown. I had read rave reviews about their creamy corrector applied underneath concealer. Apparently you wear a hue that neutralises your particular infliction of the dark shadows of doom. I was painted with the shade “bisque” which looks like a scary medium peach/orange in the pan. I won’t lie, when the lady with the flawless glow explained how it would work I was in equal parts a) hopeful b) dubious

Turns out she wasn’t fibbing, I became ten times less exhausted looking with a few expert sweeps of her seemingly magic wand. Which we need to talk about – the wand was in fact called the “Full Coverage Touch Up Brush” and it’s fast becoming my favourite tool of all. It has a domed fairly dense head and you use a gentle stippling/blending action which makes the corrector appear seamless and dreamy. Sounds slightly complicated but I promise you it’s super quick and well worth the effort.

On top of the corrector you can use the Creamy Concealer to build maximum coverage or just dab on a little of the Retouching Wand (I have it in Extra Light) for supreme luminosity. I use the latter – I also find it works fabulously to disguise red blotches without appearing cakey or highlighting flaky patches.

If this sounds like an advertisement for Bobbi Brown I assure you it isn’t, it’s simply a review and subsequent recommendation of products I personally think are worth the investment. I here by enable you to get yourself to a counter pronto if you too are suffering with the woes that a poor diet/stress/lack of sleep imparts on your complexion. Also as I type there is currently 10% off beauty at John Lewis.

You can see more of my (less covered by scarf more enhanced by Bobbi) face on my personal instagram.

If you can’t be arsed with any kind of make-up application (happens – sometimes I would rather just stay in bed and drink tea) then you could always invest in a giant scarf too. The nude pink/herringbone stripe I am wearing above is a bargainous £14.99 from New Look. It has already received several compliments.

You should probably get yourself the rose/blush cardigan as well – uber warm and adds a bit of colour if your Autumnal wardrobe is a similar palette to mine (i.e. black grey, navy and…grey). It’s from Boohoo and it’s fifteen quid.

You’re welcome.

Do let me know if you are using a colour corrector and what you are including in your make-up kit to make you appear less knackered in the comments box below!

EDIT: Since posting this America’s election results are in. And it’s more important than concealer. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box below – we actively encourage community discussion and sharing thoughts and concerns.

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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22 thoughts on “Colour Corrector {It Works}

  1. Hi Charlotte – love it all.
    I need THAT cardigan, however clicking on the link, it takes me to a beige number, not the gorg blush one you’re wearing? The other colours are green, grey and burgundy.
    What am I doing wrong!

  2. Morning,

    I’m actually really grateful for this post as after having a lingering cough since JULY 🙁 I’ve been feeling crappy for ages, that combined with an addiction to Daim bars means my skin is looking horrific. The heating isn’t helping. I will definitely be checking these out! x

    1. Rachael I am so glad you mentioned Daim bars. I bought two tubes of the Daim rounds from Ikea and have managed to somehow consume both within 2 days. I am actually considering going back to Ikea just to buy some more. I think I have a problem.

      Heating is the worst – I’m considering buying a humidifier.

  3. But sometimes it’s nice to escape the politics and heavy stuff and read about frivolous stuff like concealer, paint colours etc….
    Rock my Style is part of my escape from the drama in the world. Please don’t change

    1. Siobhan absolutely agree, I left the concealer post up for that reason. Feel free to discuss politics OR make-up. At the moment if I’m honest I’d rather the former. I need the escapism too.

  4. I totally bought into this combo after following a bbpro on instagram and now I find I need all the products she demos…but, I’m not getting on that well with it – I’m struggling to blend it in, almost as if my under eyes are too dry and then when I put the concealer on top it all just sits in my fine lines (eeek).
    Maybe I need this wand thing? And a decent eye cream to put on first? Because the photos I have seen of people wearing this combo really do look amazing, I want undereyes like that! 🙂

    1. Sarah for me eye cream is absolutely the key – with any concealer I’ve tried. I am going to sound like I work for Bobbi Brown (!) but I have used the extra repair eye cream for a few years, I’ve strayed (in the same of RMS research!) occasionally and nothing else compares. It’s quite heavy so I pat it on sparingly in the morning and wait a good 10 minutes before applying anything on top.

      I find BB are really good at giving samples – ask for some in a little tub next time you visit a counter, it’s good to try before you buy, especially if you are already not getting on with other products x

        1. Sarah, I’ve always had the same issues and so I got BB under eye cream and it really has helped my councealer look so much better and stay. It doesn’t sit in my lines at all anymore. I really recommend it.

  5. So far my face is doing ok despite the central heating / lack of sleep / cold weather but my legs are in dire need of help. I fear I might actually be turning into a lizard such is the texture. Can anyone hook a girl up with some recommendations? I’ve already tried the fail safes (aveeno, diprobase, coconut oil).

    1. Have you tried Eucerin? It’s quite…..greasy. To say the least. But it works. I swear – wear it all over at night for a few night in a row and you will have skin like silk.

      It will make your fake tan peel off though (I tend to use it when I’m getting a bit patchy) x

  6. I now need to get that scarf. I’ve been looking for a scarf that sort of colour for ages. I wanted something that wasn’t black, but still relatively versatile – and massive!

    Re Trump-gate…I was utterly speechless when I read the news this morning. Although, I suppose, not entirely surprising following Brexit. A friend of mine used Stockholm Syndrome as an analogy for women voting for Trump! Made me smile in a you-either-laugh-or-cry kind of way. Difficult times ahead me thinks. Odd to think that we’re living through times that will no doubt be heavily documented in history books for future generations.

    1. I was half expecting it Amma, especially when the Trump camp announced they had already printed celebration victory invitations some days ago (they must have been pretty confident).

      The scarf is great – it works with all of my coats/jackets x

  7. Thanks for the enabling. I may have to buy myself that 2nd Rose cardigan of escapism. My husband is an economist and his own gut feeling was that we’re heading for trade wars that could escalate into a world war. I know it’s extreme, but things can escalate quickly, especially when dealing with so many unknowns – China for instance. Relations between the USA and China and going to become more frayed and Russia and China are allies, so none of this bodes well for a peaceful future. All depends on whether Trump can be reined in. Hopefully there are enough sensible people in the Republican party to put the breaks on some of his more volatile instincts.

  8. I’m commenting about make up as its too miserable on the other… I’ve just done a big order with BB (incl corrector & concealer, and a new bronzer as easyJet baggage handlers managed to smash mine into smithereens ?) and you get 2 mini cream stick eyeshadows, some moisturising things samples and eye gel liner samples all for free if you spend a bit… which is easy to do. So really you’re saving money by spending it… apparently my husband says that’s not how it works but it clearly is ?

    1. Victoria I feel our spending logic is VERY similar. Although I’m now wondering what else I can buy in order to get all the free things?!!!

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