Charlotte's Side Tables
Charlotte's Side Tables
Cox and Cox Lina Side Tables with Cooee blush vase and Jo Malone candles
Lauren's Living Room Table
Lauren's Living Room Table
Upcycled coffee table made with recycled palettes.
Lauren's Snug Ottoman
Lauren's Snug Ottoman
Laura Ashley lift up footstool with textured faux sheepskin and Oud and Velvet Rose candle

Coffee Table Essentials {With Jo Malone London}

Author: Lauren Coleman

The humble coffee table. I’m guessing a high proportion of you have one in your living area to perch your cup of tea on and pile up your latest reads.
When my friend recently asked me over to her newly renovated house to help style her shelves and coffee table I realised I must have earned myself a reputation as a serial faffer. In the second of our Jo Malone London collaborations I’m excited to share how Charlotte and I add extra pizzazz to the simplest of furniture pieces. Choose as many elements as you like and mix and match to your hearts content.

Book Stacks

I like to add variations in height to my coffee table to add interest and books are are an easy way to do this. They also keep your surface flat so you can pile extra decor on top.


When I have a diffuser on display I adore that every time I walk into the room I get an enveloping scent. I have the same Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir diffuser on my living room coffee table and by my front door and love the ease of scenting a space. I have the same fragrance in the candle on my coffee table however I’ve also combined the diffuser with an English Pear & Freesia Candle in the past to layer up the fragrance and create a signature scent


Lighting candles in the evening is one of life’s simple pleasures. Though I hate these rainy summer days we’ve been having it’s a treat to be able to light a flickering candle and add a gentle glow to cosy up the room. My new favourite is the Jo Malone London Velvet Rose and Oud. The sleek black packaging really complements the gentleman’s club kind of vibe I have going on in the snug and the rich clove and opulent rose scent is heavenly. Charlotte favours the Wood Salt and Sea Sage and has worn the perfume since it’s release a few years ago.

A Pampering Essential

After Mabel is tucked up in bed Charlotte uses the matching Body Crème to her favourite fragrance as it enhances the scent and it lasts for ever on your skin. It’s a real luxury to have an hour to sit down with a candle lit, a good book and a healthy dose of pampering.


A good bloom or two adds more interest, scent and and a touch of nature. Charlotte’s coffee table is to the side of her sofa so she can go big on the florals. If your primed for a bit of TV viewing then go low with a stem or two picked from the garden. In my snug I’ve gone for a simple low maintenance faux succulent – no green fingers required.

Unexpected Elements

Why not add an unexpected touch to your favourite piece of living room furniture? The inexpensive faux sheepskin I have on my ottoman is used to protect the fabric underneath as well as to add an unexpected textured dimension.


From a purely practical point of view, a tray is so handy. I have a small display on my snug ottoman which I can easily pick up and move if I want to access the storage inside rather than decant a heap of individual items. They’re also a super way to corral a little collection together and make it look more purposeful. Big or small, square or round, a tray will instantly make a surface look more styled.

Personal Mementos

I have a lot of personal mementos around my house. Whether it be an ornament from your holiday or a photo of your loved one, it’s always emotive to have a memory evoker on your coffee table. In my snug the tiny Eiffel Tower was actually one of the trinkets tied from our wedding centrepieces and always makes me smile.

I’ve added the links to Charlotte’s side tables and my ottoman below. Apologies but my living room one is an upcycle project. I usually get asked on Instagram where the people can can get hold of one but unfortunately this is a one-off customised from a very simple wooden pallet.

  • Your Day Your Way Coffee Table Book
  • Cooee Vase
  • Cox and Cox Lina Side Tables
  • Laura Ashley Footstool
  • Hay Gold Tray
  • Velvet Rose & Oud Home Candle
  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candle
  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Crème
  • Pomegranate Noir Scent Surround™ Diffuser
  • Pomegranate Noir Home Candle

How do you like to style up your coffee table?

This is a sponsored post but we’d never recommend a product we didn’t love.


Photography & Styling by Rock My Style

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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17 thoughts on “Coffee Table Essentials {With Jo Malone London}

  1. Loving the snug ottoman coffee table especially the faux succulent! Would love to know where it is from?

    1. Thanks Sophie. The faux succulent was from John Lewis and I’m pretty sure they still have similar ones in store. x

  2. Would you recommend the Jo Malone reed diffusers? I keep eying them up but I often find reed diffusers lose the scent really quickly! I love the JM candles though, and keep coming back to the diffusers…

    1. So many people have commented on the one I have by my front door Kate. It’s just not practical to have a candle there and it’s so lovely to have a gorgeous scent wafting all the time.
      My friend has the red roses diffuser and it seems to last months and months and I’m pretty sure she’s not buying new ones every time I go round!

  3. Currently feeling a little jealous as my coffee table is buried under piles of rubbish – with the kitchen project still ongoing my lovely (and sizeable) table has become a bit of a dumping ground for anything that’s been displaced – as has the sideboard (now home to the microwave and kettle) and the shelves (housing all of our glassware alongside all the trinkets and mementos that live there normally). Over all the living room is feeling a little over crowded and so far from being able to be styled that it’s just silly.

    Of course, once all the work is done, and the fridge, the dining table, the highchair and the all the other kitchen appliances can go off and find their new homes, and I have the space to sort out the rest of the rubbish that’s taking over, then this room is going to be feeling pretty big again, and hopefully I’ll rediscover all my lovely things. And be able to light a candle or two again and turn it back into a nice space.

    At which point I might be putting one of these on my Christmas list 😉

    1. Rediscovering your lovely things is one of the best things about redecorating and renovating. It was one of the best things about finishing our snug project!

      Best of luck with project kitchen. It’ll be amazing x

  4. I usually put my pretty things on the mantelpiece rather than the coffee table, but I use the lower shelf as a mini library. If the books I am reading or want to read are on show I remember to pick them up, and they can be real conversation starters for guests.

    I’m a new Jo Malone convert. A train delay at St Pancras turned out to be an expensive wait! I love Wood Sage and Salt Salt and Mandarin, Lime and Basil. My Christmas list has already mentally been drawn up.

    1. I love the mini library idea Claire and there are so many beautiful books about it’s a shame to hide them on a bookshelf.
      How good is St Pancras for shopping? I always try to get in a bit earlier for a mooch. James bought me the Wood Sage and Sea Salt for Christmas – it’s so gorgeous x

  5. I’m still very much in the process of all the little details in our new house but a reading snug is top of my list! Well after all the essentials are in (I do love a fixer upper) This has given me some great inspiration! I’d love to know where your pink vase is from please? I’ve been keeping my eye out for one like it that isn’t glass! X

    1. Hi Jaimie, congrats on the new house.

      There’s a link to the vase in the little shop the post widget at the bottom of the post x

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