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Cleaning Essentials

Author: Naomi Liddell

The internet has entered into some kind of cleaning mania of late. It seems we can’t get enough of watching how other folk are cleaning their homes and the shops apparently can’t keep on top of the demand for cleaning products! While some obsessions could be deemed unhealthy, I think that getting motivated about keeping your space clean and finding something that helps you stay on top of the neverending household chores is one of the more productive things to take interest in (as opposed to my own obsession with watching endless Youtuber daily vlogs – seriously it’s folk just sitting at their desk or tipping about London – but why am I still watching?!).

Lauren has been following the phenomenon that is @MrsHinchHome from the early days (waaaay pre-her current million followers!) and since buying our house, I’ve had great success following Gemma from The Organised Mum Method’s cleaning routine.

While I try to stick to natural cleaning products as much as possible, I do rely on a few cleaning gadgets to help me stay motivated and to make the two-kid-evening-cleanup as swift as possible… So I can sit on my bum and eat banoffee pie (or whatever sugar fix I’m on that night).

I am firmly in Team Shark. I have the Shark Cordless DuoClean Vacuum with Flexology and I am in love. I’ll admit that I’ve always been crap at housework and hoovering in particular. The thought of lugging out the hoover, plugging it in and strategically reaching each part of the house was enough to put me off doing it. Since convincing Gavin that we NEEDED a cordless Hoover (he was sceptical about the spendy purchase to say the least, but has since conceded that it was an excellent choice), my floors are more often than not spotless. And sometimes I actually walk around looking for something that needs the Shark’s attention. I know that there is also a lot of love in Team Dyson, but the reason I opted for the Shark is because of the two batteries. It gives me tons of hoover time and a backup should I forget to chuck the current battery on the dock (which is pretty much all of the time).

We have lovely window cleaner called Paul who cleans the outside of our windows fortnightly. To keep the insides of the windows (and mirrors) equally pristine, I swear by the Karcher window vac. Little to no elbow grease required. You just wipe down the surface with a cloth then use the squeegee/vacuum and voila!! Crystal clear. I have a guy coming to quote us for some work on our bathroom tomorrow and while cleaning my bath, caught sight of my tiles in the sunlight. They really are quite embarrassing. Admittedly, my mother-in-law lives across the street and up until now, I’ve been nicking her Karcher. But looking at those tiles, I think it’s time I bought my own.

Ok so this next one isn’t exactly a cleaning gadget. But I think the smell of a home has such a huge influence over how you feel when you walk in. I’m not a fan of burning paraffin wax based candles, and buying fancy natural candles can get a bit expensive. So I decided to opt for this Essential Oil Diffuser and some natural essential oils. I like that I have a medley of scents I can mix up depending on my mood or the time of year. Plus it makes me feel a bit like I did when I was a little girl and poured all my mums lotions and potions into the bathroom sink to make ‘spells’ (sorry mum). My current favourite Autumn mix is pine, lavender and patchouli. And having the subtle glow of colours at night is also really relaxing.

So there you have it, my three current favourite cleaning essentials. I remember the amount of love on the blog for heated airers when Charlotte posted about utility room essentials. So I think that’s next on my purchase list. What do you consider cleaning essentials in your house? Any on your wishlist?

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24 thoughts on “Cleaning Essentials

  1. I too have a sudden love of cleaning and it’s all down to that gorgeous Mrs Hinch! I thought if she can clean while looking that fab so can I! Have to say she has cost me a fortune…all the bottles of Zoflora, new cleaning cloths oh and the Shark 😂 I went for the big corded one mainly on price, plugging in never bothered me I just really struggled doing the stairs with our Dyson. It was so heavy. Mine now has the lift away which has changed my life! Although bit disgusted at how much the new hoover picks up. However for me the most important thing is I’m feeling a lot healthier headwise. Working full time and having a 4 year old it was the house I let go and had not realised the effect it was having on my well being. I genuinely think that cleaning is good for you and this new routine is really positive

    1. Helen I’ve noticed a huge difference in my own wellbeing too now that I’ve put more effort into cleaning. There is definitely truth in the whole ‘clean space, clean mind’ thinking. Especially considering I’m at home a lot with the baby at the moment. Glad you’re getting the same benefits! (and I’m also regularly grossed out by my hoover 🙈)

  2. Mrs Hinch has given me a kick up the bum too when it comes to cleaning. I’m loving how effective the old fashioned soda crystals and white vinegar are – I’m moving house next week and this method has got rid of some very stubborn marks in my kitchen cupboards with minimal effort. Although, I now seem to have a growing collection of zoflora. The hubby is also looking at my gone out when I’m walking round the house saying I can’t find Paul the Pine.

    With moving to a house which is double the size of my current house, I have been worried about the extra housework, so I’m going to buy a robot vacuum! Far too excited about this – though the dog will be terrified. Anything that does my housework while I’m at work has got to be worth it.

    1. Congrats on the house move Claire!! It’s always so daunting but SO exciting. I think a robot vacuum is an excellent idea.

  3. I am all for keeping your house clean but I really don’t understand the whole ‘Mrs hinch’ thing. I saw her account mentioned by an interiors account I follow on Instagram, so clicked through expecting lovely interiors but it was just somebody cleaning with LOADS of different products. I didn’t look any closer but have seen her mentioned a few times since and I still don’t get it. I also felt a bit horrified at the excessive use of cleaning products. It seems that most people are generally realising that things need to change for the sake of the planet and looking for Eco friendly products. What is it that makes the account so popular? Is it a bit like the ‘fly lady’ thing – helping kick start people who are very unhappy with the way they’re living?

    Back on topic – is the shark vacuum good? I need a new vacuum and have been looking at the cordless dysons but there are a fair amount of bad reviews for such an expensive product. I am still using one of the early dysons (!) and it sucks brilliantly but the hose has quite a few holes and we’ve now run out of spare parts for repairs. I’ve used a few others over the years and they weren’t as good.

    1. I don’t use any of the same products as Mrs Hinch really (except for a bit of zoflora occasionally) but I enjoy following her because I think housework has been a serious thing that’s been dreaded by people for such a long time. The reason I like her is that she makes the whole thing entertaining… And when I see her shiny sink it makes me want one of my own 😂
      As for the Shark… Purchase one immediately. Seriously, if mine broke tomorrow… I’d be straight out buying another. Also, I can rate their customer service, a little unimportant clip on mine broke when I first bought it (probably my fault to be honest) and they just replaced the whole vacuum the next day.

      1. Yes you think your Dyson picks up a lot and then you use the Shark. I was both amazed and disgusted. We have a dog that sheds 11 months of the year and since using my shark my carpets are hair free. Also it has headlights…I did not know I needed these on a hoover but how did I live without them 😂

        1. Haha! I am really tickled by the idea of headlights. It’s made me want one even more. I am imagining a vacuum with those big eyelashes that you sometimes see on cars.

    2. Definitely look up The Organised Mum Method, she is very into cutting down on unnecessary products etc and is much more eco friendly by the sounds of it. A huge advocator of hot soapy water! Her instagram is stuffed with useful hacks, including a really good organised Christmas countdown to alleviate the December carnage x

      1. I love The Organised Christmas Countdown too Rachel! I’m following along and feeling very on top of the festive season. 🙂

    3. I’m with you on this. Far too many toxic products being used and a totally unhealthy obsessions with extreme cleanliness. Back to natural basics for me!

  4. I love my cordless Dyson! Life changing and means I don’t even own a broom or dustpan and brush. I’d quite like one of those Karcher things, although over time do they damage the grout? I’ve also got one of the diffuser things but have used it once in about 18 months. I’m a big fan of the Method cleaners, especially the pink grapefruit anti-bac. I still like Flash Bathroom spray with bleach though, it’s what a clean bathroom should smell like to me, probably because my mum used it!

    I really love having a clean house and have recently had a cleaner for 1.5 hours on a Friday to help me, mostly to do the floors as I hate mopping! She quit last week though and I was gutted! Now on the hunt for a new one. Both of us travel with our jobs and I foudn myself doing the lion’s share and getting grumpy, because we just have different standards and priorities. I want everything clean for the weekend so I can sit down with a glass of fizz on a Friday but he’d rather do it on a Sunday. A cleaner was worth every penny!

    1. My mum’s had a Karcher for years Bunny and zero problems with grout, I think steamers used regularly can damage it, but this literally just sucks the water off the surface. Also, a clean house for the weekend is bliss 😍

  5. The karcher window vac is a game changer isn’t it Naomi!

    I was inspired by the mother-in-law too who uses hers to clean up condensation on windows in the winter.

    We get bad condensation in the winter ( probably due to having a 1920s house!) and it cleans up instantly and stops water pooling on my windowsills.

    I also use it on our shower cubicle to keep the glass streak free! Previously I hated cleaning the bathroom as the cubicle always looked rubbish and streaky and it took forever. Now its all done in 30 minutes! And it looks shiny and nice.

    I try to do a little bit every day -even if its just sweeping the kitchen floor ( I have no idea how we make such a mess in the kitchen!) , as neither of us naturally tidy the house can get chaotic very quickly, especially with a 3 year old!

    I love method’s floor cleaning products as i don’t need a massive bucket of soapy water, just spray the cleaner on the floor and use a damp mop to clean it ( i usually have a small anoint of hot water in the sink – i like to think I’m saving water!).

  6. An alternative to Mrs Hinch if she’s not your cup of tea (I don’t mind her although I don’t share her taste in interiors and she uses a lot of product – like nearly a teacup of Cif it looks like for one sink but hey ho – it’s all a bit of fun) is Jo at @JottiesJournal I think it is on Insta. She’s a cleaner by profession and uses lots of natural and old fashioned methods mixed in with modern products and her Welsh accent makes me smile.

    I have a Dyson ball thing hoover and I hate it- it’s too clunky and honestly it doesn’t suck up much if you ask me. You’re all making me want a shark but oh the money… Do they run out quickly? I seem to remember the man in the ad saying half an hour was enough to ‘do your whole house twice’ errrr no hun – unless you live in a bedsit maybe.

    Products I like are the Method ones – seriously, buy the wild rhubarb anti bac spray – it’s like perfume for your worktops! (on offer in Tesco quite often) I do like the scent satisfaction of a Zoflora too and will def try a festive one when December comes! I think anything that motivates me to clean and get proud of my home again is only a good thing. Happy cleaning y’all!

    1. I’ve went and followed @JottiesJournal immediately!
      As for the shark run time… I get about 40 mins out of my battery, but that’s why I chose the shark duo lean, it comes with two batteries. So I always have one charging to replace the other.

  7. I really like Organised Motherhood on insta as she isnt cleaning mad (in fact she hardly uses any products and cleans about 1.5 hours a week!) and really made me realise having a more organised home helps me need to clean less. I also love her suggestions of eco approaches, we have the eco egg dilutable cleaner she suggested which is both great to clean with and saves money, and I have the eco egg laundry detergent as well which is amazing and such good value for money. Often we confuse tidiness and cleanliness! Having said that since getting a cordless dyson earlier this year my house is cleaner than ever. Also love the organised mum, I don’t follow the method as it’s too much for me but I do love her Christmas prep tips, just really simple things like clearing out the freezer, checking wrapping paper etc are awesome. And I LOVE her slow cooker recipes as well, they save me so much time. She also shared a really handy cleaning cloth called the Marigold squeaky clean which works amazingly on surfaces like windows and is really easy to use. I am definitely guilty of spending money on products to help organise my home but after years of NOT doing that I’ve realised it is so worth it! Xx

    1. I’ve went and followed Organised Motherhood. I really like the posts I’ve had a quick flick through. And yes to the organised Christmas! I’m. Following along and feeling less stressed already ☺️

  8. I agree with Jade 👆🏻 I don’t get this fad AT ALL. It seems completely at odds with the growing awareness of sustainable products and reducing consumerism. (Although I acknowledge this is something you champion too Naomi 👏🏻)

    I can’t get excited about it. The only cleaning I do is wiping the crumbs off the worktop before the cleaners arrive…

    1. To be honest, I think most of the attraction is mental health orientated. It seems to be giving method and meaning to people who are feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Which can only be a good thing. Although I do see what you mean about the consumerism side of it too Philippa.

  9. Another one who really doesn’t get it I’m afraid. I took a look at Mrs Hinch and whilst she seems lovely, the amount of products being used just seems crazy to me. All that plastic and the chemicals…

    Quite simply, I hate cleaning but like having a clean house (and with four pets and a toddler that’s a challenge…). So we have a cleaner fortnightly and just try to stay on top of it with a surface wipe and hoover in between. I’ quite happy not to enjoy housework as I’d rather spend my time away from work with things I do enjoy. Hats off to people though for building a successful business around this!

    Oh and I use Method for everything at home, or just hot water. I also think the over-cleanliness is not helping with allergies and immunity problems.

  10. I’ve used method for a while and now I can’t stand the smell of harsher cleaning products. My favourite is the lavender spray.

    I’ve also started using ecover detergent for our baby’s sleeping bags (they’re merino kids – absolutely recommend them), which has a lovely gentle smell.

    We have a cordless dyson, it’s great! We recently upgraded from a Hetty. We also have a steam mop, which is brilliant for floors.

    What are the cleaning products in the header photo? I love the packaging!

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