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Cheeky Chilli Vodka

Author: Lauren Coleman

I remember reading about the first time the Duchess of Cambridge had Christmas dinner with William’s family. Rather than buy expensive presents she handcrafted her own jam. What a legend. With Christmas just round the corner it’s unlikely you’ve got time to follow in the Princess’ footsteps and start cooking up your own preserves however there are a few last minute gifts you can make yourself. The Queen probably wouldn’t be too impressed if you rocked up to her residence with a bottle of Vodka but I bet your bestie would.

  • Vodka
  • Chillies
  • Gold Leaf. Try Amazon for a large selection.

  1. Cut two or three chillies in half and remove seeds.
  2. Add to a bottle of vodka and leave. Ideally this would be for a few weeks but you will still get a kick if you leave for a week.
  3. Remove sliced chillies and decant in to a new bottle. Lakeland have a great swing top version.
  4. Add some whole chillies and edible gold leaf for sparkle.

As you can see we also added chalkboard label. You can find similar at Amazon or alternatively add a gift tag. Cheers!


Made by Charlotte at Buttercream and Dreams

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5 thoughts on “Cheeky Chilli Vodka

  1. I love this idea! Last year I made red chilli, black pepper and mint vodka in those very bottles for my now husband. So pretty and really thoughtful, even if I do say so myself..! x

  2. This looks like a great gift… love that idea. Haha can you imagine having to go to Christmas at the Queens!! What a total stress poor Kate must have had. Not sure ‘one’ can present the Queen with a Boots 3 for 2!?
    Might try this though in the new year… we’ve done so much jam now that I’m sure our friends and the kids teachers have cupboards stacked high with it. We need a new trick.

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