Top Three Products
Top Three Products
A review of Charlotte Tilbury's wonder cream, Rock Chick eyeshadow palette and Retoucher stick.
Wonder Cream
Wonder Cream
A review of Charlotte Tilbury's wonder cream, Rock Chick eyeshadow palette and Retoucher stick.

Charlotte Tilbury | Beauty Favourites We Can’t Live Without

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

I’m well aware that we harp on at length on the blog about Charlotte Tilbury. About how wonderful her beauty products are and how impressed we are with the branding, the quality, the names of the various products etc etc. Both Miranda and I are in essence,  Tilbury groupies, our heaving make-up bags with the bronze toned tubes and tubs and compacts testament to our addiction. You can read her post on her favourites here.

I should also say that this is in no way a sponsored post of any description and I do feel a touch guilty for not writing a dedicated post for all of my other make-up heroes who perform their day to day duty on my face so admirably. But having tried and tested the Tilbury range for well over a year now I felt that I couldn’t not share my love with you gorgeous lot, because sharing is caring folks and that’s the kinda blog we are….

Retoucher Stick

If you were an early reader of the blog then you’ll have seen this post by Mrs O’Shea on the Retoucher Stick and the recommended cat’s whiskers application.  Perhaps you may have even purchased the product yourselves after reading the post? Essentially it follows the same principle as YSL’s Touche Éclat doubling up as a concealer for those under eye bags and eradicating spots and pimples at the click of a button.

I’m not going to go into huge amounts of detail about what it does and how it does it here as I’m betting that most of you already know but I will say this. The retoucher stick seems to match my skin colour much more closely than its equivalent over at YSL – always a bonus. And I prefer the slightly runnier consistency of Charlotte’s version as I can layer without it looking like I’ve used the entire supply of a single tube on my face. In short then, it’s WAY more versatile which can only be a good thing. For reference I probably go through a stick every three months so from a longevity perspective it’s well priced too.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Ok so the first thing you’ll notice (if you’re anything like me) is the price tag. Yep it’s going to cost seventy of your precious smackeroonies. I think the phrase ‘Sheeesh kadeesh‘ ran through my mind when I first heard about the cream, ‘can it really be that good?’ After several years of trying every moisturising cream under the sun, too oily, too thick, too heavy, too smeary, too fragranced, too sloppy, too greasy and so on and so forth, I’d almost admitted defeat on the challenge of finding a product that would actually work on my skin.

To caveat this, I don’t think my skin is especially precious or unusual. I mean most of the time it’s dry (powders don’t work on my skin and make me look like the living dead) but the instant I put any kind  of moisturiser on it I erupt into spots. These last for a few days before we return to dry skin land and so the cycle repeats. Boring, right?

So when I was given a few samples of Charlotte’s cream I figured that there was no harm in trying. What I wasn’t prepared for was just how much I would love the cream. It’s just the right amount of rich thickness whilst feeling wonderfully light at the same time. It sinks into the skin almost instantly leaving  your face perfectly primed for make-up or even barefaced if you so wish. You actually don’t need all that much either, just a dab here and there and Bob’s your uncle. And guess what? NO SPOTS. So yes I am completely and utterly sold.

The thorn in the side has got to be the price though and if I’m being especially picky then I do wish it was SPF30 rather than SPF15. That said I can see myself using this for years to come even if it means asking my family to treat me at birthdays and Christmas. Hint hint…

Rock Chick Palette

I’m on my third, yep you heard it folks, my THIRD Rock Chick palette since discovering it last year and I can hand on heart say that it covers every eventuality. I  wear it pretty much everyday from mum-mode with a slick of black eyeliner paired simply with the base eyeshadow to hot-sexy-wife-mode (yeah I WISH!) on nights out with the boy using all four colours for an awesome smokey eye. Handily Charlotte has included a guide on the back of the compact showing you which colours to wear depending if you’re desking, dusking or discoing. I say go Disco as much as is situationally possible!

From a usability perspective, the shadow is velvety soft with high impact colour – a little goes a long way here and the fact it is so easy to apply means that I can ‘do my face’ on the hop, with a child hanging off my arm easy peasy. Good job too really.

Personally I have no issues with the cost of the palette; granted it’s not cheap but then it’s not the most expensive palette I’ve owned either (yes Mr Ford, that prize goes to you!). Plus when you apply a cost per wear philosophy it works out very cost-effective indeed. I’ll definitely purchase again when this lot runs out.

You can buy Charlotte Tilbury products online at John Lewis here and you really must check out the application tips and videos on Charlotte’s site (the moisturising one makes me laugh for some reason!).

Anyone else a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s line? Which products would you recommend? I also have the Brow Lift (awesome and cheaper than Tom Ford’s too!) and I’m tempted by the Supermodel Body cream having tested a few samples out. Has anyone else bought it yet?

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Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
Follow Lolly on instagram @graceandgable
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17 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury | Beauty Favourites We Can’t Live Without

  1. Yes!!! LOVE CT!!
    I’ve got so much of it but I think special shout out goes to the clay mask (sorts out my tired grey skin and leaves it so soft)
    The powder sets the makeup perfectly without leaving it dry,
    I also love the bronzer/highlighter duo. As you say, tutorials from Ms T make it super easy to use.
    The magic foundation is fab and if you order from the website they send you a sample of it plus a shade either side so you can be sure of a match.
    I thought I was done for the month but it looks like I’m going to have to try the magic cream now!! I’ve just got £70 birthday money- coincidence?
    Tomorrow can you do a post about a plank of wood or something so I’m not tempted to buy for once?!
    Have a good day everyone x

    1. Rebecca I’ve heard good things about this clay mask – perhaps I need to try it out…
      My sister has the bronzer/highlighter duo and raves about it – I’m yet to really figure out how to bronze effectively so haven’t really approached the palette yet.
      Absolutely 100% try the magic cream – perhaps ask for a few samples first if you’re unsure but I’m pretty sure that you’re going to love it. I have requested a plank of wood post in our team meeting this morning but I’m not sure it’s going to wash 😉

  2. Yes yes yes!!!! I’m a huge CT fan! Just bought my best friend two of the eyeshadow quads for her Birthday as she kept asking my about my eye makeup! Not too far off the Chanel quads price wise, and just as good in terms of quality. I’m also on my second brow lift – great stuff. Oh and I’ll never buy another brand of mascara again – my lashes are still soft after its dried, not all dry and crispy! I also love the bronzer/highlighter duo; it lasts forever! I want to try the retoucher as my YSL is nearly used up… I’ll never switch from my Armani foundation since I discovered it, but the Magic foundation by CT is still good stuff. Her Wonderglow also makes a lovely base. Oh I could go on! The delivery and packaging is also brilliant when ordering online. I still haven’t succumbed to the Magic cream…. Is it really that good???? Yes, an article on a plank of wood tomorrow would be an excellent idea. 😉

    1. Kate you are a very nice friend INDEED! Can we be best buds too?

      I’m not actually a huge fan of Chanel quads – I love the colours but I find they don’t have much staying power and actually are a pain to apply. I do love their lippies and eyeliners though so I’m a complete convert there. Incidentally I bought a brow lift today – currently sporting Cara! I didn’t get on with the mascara though – it just didn’t compare to my trusted favourite by Lancome.

      And you NEED the magic cream; it is SO good!

  3. I just can’t get on board with expensive moisturiser creams after the £165 Tom Ford disappointment. And you know it pains me to say that Lolly cos my love for TF runs deeeeeeep.

    This pallette definitely looks like it might be worth a purchase though!

    1. Lynsey how do I not know about this Tom Ford disaster? £165?? Blimey – what went wrong? Definitely get the palette you won’t be disappointed xx

  4. Love CT make up! I have lots of the Colour Chameleon pencils, an eye palette (the green one), the wonderglow base and one of the cream shadows. Suffice to say I’m a big fan!

    However, if the colours of the CT palettes don’t work for you try Tom Ford makeup. I have their golden mink palette and it is beautiful and gorgeous textures. Charlotte Tilbury apparently worked on the range 🙂

    1. I have a couple of the colour chameleon pencils too Caroline – even ones that aren’t technically for my eye colour. I’m curious to hear more about the wonder glow base? How does it work? Do I need it in my life (answer probably yes!)

      And I had heard that CT helped to test out TF’s range; a chap who now works on CT’s counter moved from TF because he loves her products and ethos so much more.

      1. The wonderglow Base is amazing Lolly! It’s got illuminating stuff in it (but doesn’t look glittery) and just makes my skin look more fresh. I wear it on its own but you can wear under foundation. It’s really amazing! I do like Charlotte Tilbury stuff but it is a bit spendy!

        1. Fran perhaps I need to invest in this wonder glow base then?! I love anything that’s going to make me look fresh and glowy!

  5. Oooh I love this stuff, the cheek to chic blusher is amazing – I got the Ecstasy colour. And I got 2 lipsticks a nude colour and a limited edition red called 1975 which is the perfect orangey red colour. The lipsticks are a bit on the dry side, anyone else found that? But I think that makes them stay on a bit longer.
    I’m after the foundation next! Xx

  6. Wonder glow is a dream!!! As a haggard teacher and Mum to be in need a dewy lift and it’s amazing. Also LOVE the lipsticks….I actually found they don’t dry out my lips and last practically forever. TEAM CT all the way x

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