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Could You Live Anywhere Else in the World?

Author: Lisa Soeno

I love the UK. I love the music, the history, the culture, the castles. I love the pubs, the roast dinners, the Cadbury’s chocolate. I love the sarcasm, the self-deprecating humour, the obsession with the weather.

But when the clocks go back, and the nights start drawing in, and when there’s ice to be scraped off the car in the morning, my mind starts to wander to the other hemisphere, where spring is in full swing.

To a place with wide, blue, open skies as far as the eye can see.
To a sea-made rock pool deep enough to swim and bob about in, and a man-made swimming pool cut into the rock.
To storms far out at sea, travelling across the horizon, providing the ultimate late night show.

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