Antenatal Classes & Postnatal Classes

Author: Naomi Liddell

I wish I had this post when I was pregnant with Finn. It’s so hard to find a collated resource of all the types of classes available. Yet I would say that the classes I attended when I was pregnant with my first son were absolutely instrumental in maintaining both my physical and mental health during pregnancy and beyond. If you’re expecting, you’re in luck. And if you know someone who is, it might be worth forwarding this onto them. Over to Nicky
Maybe it’s my inner geek, but when I was pregnant first time round, I wanted to be as informed as possible about birth and parenting, yet found the sheer number and different types of antenatal and postnatal classes totally overwhelming, and sometimes accompanied with a hefty price tag to boot. Which ones would be useful? Would they encourage meeting other parents-to-be (something I was keen to do as I didn’t know many people in my area with kids)? Would they be value for money? And could or should my partner come too?

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