Life With Endometriosis

Author: Naomi Liddell

Today’s guest post was written by Joanne Kerr, who we’ve invited to share her journey of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. Joanne is a testament of tenacity and positivity (whilst still acknowledging the painful, real moments of life with a chronic illness). Many of us who have experienced gynaecological issues will relate to the misdiagnosis and struggle to have your symptoms truly acknowledged. I know I did. On with Joanne’s incredible story…

Being a woman in 2019 we are forced to wear many capes on a daily basis. It is an unspoken rule that we need to have some form of superhuman powers to juggle all that life throws at us, whilst having perfectly manicured hands and eyebrows making Brooke Shields green with envy. But what happens when the shit hits the fan and these magic capes just blow away in the wind and you are left standing vulnerable, exposed and a tiny bit chilly? This was how I felt after being told I would need to be put into early chemical menopause at the age of 31.


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