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Fathers Day Card Round Up

Author: Naomi Liddell

I do love choosing a Fathers Day card. That is… If I’ve left enough time to do so and am not standing in the card aisle in ASDA at 10pm the night before the event (has happened way more than I would like to admit). Buying cards online has been my go-to for a few years now, but I always get the card sent to me first so I can fill it in before sending it on. I’m not really a fan of sending digitally filled in cards (although have done so in the past when living in Oz). I genuinely get a lot of joy out of sitting down to write something funny or sentimental and I don’t think I’ve ever just written a standard ‘To…’/’From…’ card in my life. 

So in light of the fact that Fathers Day is coming up, and the fact that I was uber organised and have bought all the Fathers Day cards already… Here’s a little round up to save you from spending two hours browsing the online shelves like I did! 🙄

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