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The Best Relationship Advice I’ve Ever Taken

Author: Naomi Liddell

I recently sent this tweet to Gav and oh how we laughed. Being married is THE BEST. I love it. I love him. But the sheer amount of life admin and domestic discussion involved in sharing a home (and small people) with someone is quite relentless.

Our text feed is a rolling rabble of co-ordination, check-ins on children and reminders. Occasionally interspersed with something lovely or sexy. But it has always felt a bit off to proposition my husband in a feed where the previous text reads “You home soon? No cheese and I need it for dinner. Ps. Finn’s ate the plant’s soil again.”
Enter Esther Perel.
A Belgian psychotherapist who specialises in relationships and sexuality. A complete powerhouse, she is fluent (and gives therapy) in nine languages. Really. And one single piece of advice she gave has completely boosted my marriage. So much so, that any friends who have also implemented this have reported the same huge benefits (including one couple who were in therapy to resolve some difficult issues). 

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