Night Shirt
Night Shirt
Star Print Nightshirt from Mint Velvet
Rosie at Autograph black lace chemise
Biden pink lace cami and checked shorts
French Knickers
French Knickers
Rosie for Autograph Terracotta camisole and french knickers
Lace trimmed slip with stripe 30% off at The White Company
Black shorts and T-shirt from H&M nightwear with lace trim
Ankle Cuff
Ankle Cuff
Ankle cuff Pyjamas from H&M with stripe
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Can We Talk About Nightwear?

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Specifically night shirts? You know the slightly masculine dare I say a-bit-shapeless styles with the buttons all the way down? They are my favourite. And I REALLY don’t like pyjamas….

They get wrapped around your legs and tangled up in all sorts of uncompromising (and uncomfortable) positions. And I just can’t help but feel I’m wearing my clothes to bed. It’s more the bottom half that’s the issue. And I don’t mean as loungewear (Although I don’t have any for that purpose either) I mean as in pieces you can actually fall asleep in.

Going back to the nightshirt situation, I have several. I love the whole could-be-wearing-my-husbands vibe and the fact they are so roomy and non-clingy. I personally have a selection of long sleeved styles as my arms always get chilly if I accidentally poke them out of the duvet whilst in the land of nod. I’ve had this John Lewis Sateen Striped version for ever. It must be a season to season basic as I swear I bought mine 5 years ago and they still stock it now. It washes like new and is essentially an oversized “boyfriend” shirt. Currently on my wish list is this spendy but super comfy star print design by Mint Velvet. I have asked Santa very nicely if he might be so kind as to add it to the contents of my stocking.

I’m not sure that night shirts are considered terribly sexy. And I’m not sure that I care particularly. But I’m surprised I don’t know a single soul who seems to choose them over PJ’s or a silky chemise.

On the subject of the chemise, I like those too – particular for the warmer months. And because the winter weather is somewhat mild yet just the fact it’s December has made us put the heating on out of habit, it’s been rather sauna-esque in the O’Shea abode of late. My go-to for flimsy and whimsy is Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer. I have a couple of rather summery floral numbers but this black lace trimmed version is very pretty indeed.

I’m quite taken with the whole shorts and camisole combo idea, I’m not sure whether the shorts would create quite as much bother as a full on pair of jersey trousers do when they are wrapped around your nether regions so I’m considering giving them a whirl. Not least because whilst buying Mabel some Christmas gifts I may have had a sneaky peeky at this cute pink strappy cami and pull on striped checked shorts at Boden.

I’m also considering perhaps a set that includes French knickers, all of the ooh la la but none of the potential cling. Continuing on my admiration for the Rosie at Autograph range this Terracotta ensemble really is very lovely and is currently sitting in my virtual basket. It also comes in a hot pink and deep purple hue.

One of my main haunts for nightwear is H&M, a bargain and always such a wide range to choose from. I’ve recently ordered this snazzy black set for the grand price of £14.99. And whilst we’re on the subject of bargains, The White Company currently has 30-40% off ALL nightwear and robes, I have my eye on this simple and feminine slip with a delicate pink stripe. Unsure I would pair it with fur booties as per the model but you know, she does look awfully cosy.

Having spoken to the team about my preference for a shirt and general dislike of the pyjama, I was advised I need to opt for an ankle cuff design, thus preventing the riding-up effect. I can’t say I am fully convinced but this blue slogan pair could be worth a go.

What do you wear to bed?

Are you a fan of the nightshirt?

Do you have a covetable collection of lounging pieces that you don’t necessarily wear to get some shut eye?

Do you have both a summer and winter nightwear wardrobe?

Do tell.

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  • Pure Silk Chemise
  • Nightshirt
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15 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Nightwear?

  1. I love a nightshirt! I’ve had a few trusty ones and feel it may be time to invest in a new one. However, I often find that my legs get a bit chilly when wandering around the house (I do put my pjs on rather early!) so keep a pair of leggings handy. I also love PJs of any description and definitely agree with the ankle cuffs or a legging. Rosie at Autograph do a fab set in the softest material which I now have a number of pairs of. I don’t like the baggy sorts as they ride up as you say. I always buy shorts and camis in the summer but have learnt to opt for Jersey fabric on shorts as otherwise they just aren’t comfy and ride up more that trousers if that makes sense. Off to stock up now! I also sound like I spend my life in Pjs! x

  2. I love my pjs. I have so may pairs it ridiculous. I have to have long arms and sleeves in winter, and cami and shorts in summer. I find nighties far more uncomfortable than pjs – straps slipping down and twisting and them riding up to your waist etc.

    I get most of my nightwear from Next -super soft and comfy – but I love every thing by Rosie. I may have to drop some hints to my hubby about the love pink cami set for a last minute xmas pressie…

  3. We’re in the middle of summer, so my Christmas PJ shopping has been a bit tough. I long to wear a long sleeve anything, but alas, I’m opting for a slinky number. Feeling a little mixed on whether to wear it on the inevitable ‘Christmas Morning’ video of Ethan’s Santa visit. May need crank the aircon and wrap up in my white waffle dressing gown. No one wants to remember their Mum in sexy nightwear…

    1. Ha hahahahahahha! This made me do a LOL. Mabel often pulls at my silky numbers and says “nice” as the fabric is so lush! x

  4. I totally hear what you are saying about PJ’s – I never wear PJ bottoms to bed either finding them uncomfortable. I just wish I could say I make such an effort with the bedshirt / camisole / fancy slip thing as I usually instead opt for some form of old, misshapen t shirt! My favorite being one I was given free at the end of the TMZ Hollywood Tour in LA! My poor husband! Maybe I should up my game as a new years resolution!
    I do have a nice selection of lounge suits / fancy PJs that I wear around the house on weekend mornings / evenings but they never get worn in bed.

    1. Bryony I did go through a stage of wearing James’s T-shirts, then I literally did a 180 and bought loads of my own new stuff. I think maybe I need some lounge suits, I do tend to wear workout gear if I’m not going out anywhere which is the same principal I guess x

  5. Oooooh so many nice options, why can’t I have them all? I like a nice chemise in the summer or a combination with shorts. However during the cold months I also have to have long sleeves, so I have quite a few PJs and night shirts! And I overnight wear, is that weird? I could buy new ones all the time and have to stop myself, saying “how many night shirts does one girl need?” However with the breastfeeding time ahead, I have an excuse to buy one or two new ones, because I’ll obviously need easy access 😀

  6. I have a confession, I love the look of nightwear but I am hopeless at actually wearing it to bed…I have been bought several pairs of gorgeous calvin klein pj bottoms and even a hush night shirt! Yet still I climb into bed in a pair of pants, socks and usually a tee shirt from my window seat or super embarrassingly the oldest pair of joggers in the history of the world. I wish I could sleep comfortably in nighties, it just never happens. Instead I seem to end up with all the buttons undone or it all twisted and bunched uncomfortably. I do love the look of the Rosie coral set so I may have to invest in some!

    1. Amelia treat yourself! or ask Santa to treat you, I hear he’s feeling very generous this year…

      I have to admit, if it’s very humid and stuffy I wriggle around so much it’s better just to not wear anything at all! x

  7. I was having this exact conversation the other day and nobody gets it. I have pjs with trousers and prefer a snuggly nightshirt anyday. I have recently discovered legging pjs which pass muster when in company.

  8. I hate pyjamas too! For all the same reasons that you do. I find it so hard to find nice bed wear that isn’t silky or have a Disney princess on the front! I have two jersey long t-shirts that I got from M&S last year. Haven’t tried a chemise yet….

  9. I have to say that I love PJs well specifically PJ bottoms which I pair with one of Ste’s old t-shirts that I may have accidentally shrunk in the wash. I’m also a fan of socks too. For summer I switch it up to baggy shorts – yep everything that everyone else hates here – with a t-shirt too. I have to say that long sleeved tops irritate me although I do like my shoulders covered otherwise you really do feel that chill especially in Winter. I recently invested in a longer Rosie cami which Ste commented on as soon as I put it on so clearly I need to make more of an effort when it comes to nightwear!

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