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Budget Decor For Spring

Author: Lauren Coleman

A budget interiors post is long overdue on RMS and with plenty of springy pastel perfection and global inspired goodies catching my eye I thought it would be nice to highlight a few for you. All of the items mentioned are under £25 so perfect for a mid month mini splurge.

Sequin Cushion

It’s hard not to dedicate this entire post to H&M homeware as it’s my first haunt for budget decor. Their new cushion cover with sequins is a dead ringer for the ones three times the price.

Designer Matches

£15 for a box of matches is hardly budget. I know. I get it. However Bella Fraud paraphernalia is very expensive. If you’ve always coveted a 1970 jumper and haven’t been able to part with the cash than you can get yourself your own slice of the pie with these smart matches which are like a piece of art in their own right.


Over at JYSK, there’s a promo running until the end of the month which makes his handy indoor/outdoor runner £20. I loved the practically of a polypropylene rug as they can be scrubbed down and used in the garden too.

Bud Vases

I have the three different variations of these H&M vases and really like the matt finish. The pink one is more of a purply shade than it appears online but for £2.99 each I’m sure you’d get a huge amount of use.

Woven Basket

Several readers referred to belly baskets last week and this Ikea seagrass basket is one of the cheapest ones I’ve seen. I’ve got quite a few at my house filled with plants and other odds and sods. If you’re looking to pick up in store, they’re stored flat so you might walk past them seventeen times like I did.

  • Ikea basket
    Ikea FLÅDIS Basket
  • H&M Bud Vases
    H&M Bud Vases
  • JYSK Rug
    JYSK Runner
  • Bella Fraud Matches
    Bella Fraud Matches
  • H&M Cushion cover with sequins
    H&M Cushion cover with sequins

Boho Rug

Asos have relaunched a homeware edit within their gift collection (I say ‘relaunched’ – I’m sure they use to do homeware many moons ago?)
With the global trend still going strong this Pimkie woven patterned rug is a sure fire way to get in on the trend.

Concrete Lamp

Sadly this table lamp is out of stock but you can sign up for email updates once it hits the shelves again. I’m still a big fan of concrete for the texture it can bring to a room and for £20 you can’t go wrong.

Chunky Bath Mat

My search for a new bathmat continues (Everything about this bathroom is taking forever). Though I don’t think this Next one is quite right for my bathroom, how cosy does it look underfoot?! So thick and chunky and only £16 too.

Mini Planter

According to those in know, we’re going to be moving back towards darker woods this year. Marks and Spencer are still on the botanical movement with this small leggy planter. Perfect for a succulent.

Side Table

My sister has this little scandi inspired table from The Range in her house and I can’t believe it’s only just over a tenner. Great for having in a hallway or landing.

THE Lamp

I only became aware recently that Aldi feature all their homeware online with previews of products that will be dropping in stores over the next few weeks. Instagram is in love with the Illuminating Desk Lamp in with a marble and metal mix for just £19.99. Although this Tripod Floor Lamp is way over the £20 limit it deserves a mention too

  • Aldi-Illumination-Vintage-Table-Lamp
    Aldi Illumination Vintage Lamp
  • Matalan-Concrete-Lamp
    Matalan Concrete Table Lamp
  • Pimkie Pattern Woven Rug
    Pimkie Pattern Woven Rug
  • Next Chunky Bath Mat
  • M&S Small Grey Planter
    M&S Small Grey Planter
  • The Range Scandi Table

Pastel Vase

I’ve not heard of this online store before so I don’t have any experience of them. However I thought they were worth a mention as they seem to have stacks of vases and other home decor bits and piece for under a tenner, such as this Bloomingville one reduced to £4.45. Delivery is a little bit pricey though as they’re in France.

Geometric Mug

I shamelessly copied Charlotte’s geometric blush Sainsbury’s mug. You can’t seem to get it online but I picked it up inshore. There were heaps of other pretties to feast your eyes on too so worth taking a look when you’re next picking up a pint of milk.

Marble Mini Tray/ Plate

While marble may be making way for more items with a terrazzo inspired finish, I still love the appearance of marble. As I mentioned in my post last week a tray can make any collection of items look more purposeful and while this item is actually a flat side plate it would do a smashing job of holding on a to a bud vase and diffuser or candle on your coffee table.

Mini Drawers

George at Asda is always a good shout for home interior items if you’re after a good deal. One of our favourite orange bank notes will mean you can get your hands on their Mini Wooden Drawers which would be just the ticket for storing jewellery.

Cute Tumblers

I’ve seen the emergence of line art over the last few months and was pleased to see these cute glasses in store when I was in London last week. I was contemplating getting the feline one of my make-up brushes as they’re only £10 from Anthropologie.

  • Anthroplogie Tara Glass
    Anthropologie Tara Glass
  • George Mini Drawers
    George Wooden Drawers
  • Sainsbury's Geo Mug
    Sainsburys Mug (Available Instore)
  • Boomingville Vase
    Bloomingville Vase
    Unique and Unity PINK MARBLE SIDE PLATE

Any of these buys taking your fancy? Have you got your hands on any bargains recently that we should be aware of?

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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13 thoughts on “Budget Decor For Spring

  1. Love these Lauren! Some cracking finds as always, I don’t think I actually knew ASOS did homeware.

    I have to put my hands up and admit how in love I am with my latest purchases, the ‘Lauren Coleman Wilko Storage Cubes®’ I saw them on sale for 11 quid each this week and I couldn’t resist. They are literally the best things ever for reclaiming our lounge from the masses of plastic toy tat. Lee loves them so much he also bought the ottoman for our bedroom. Obsessed!🙈

    1. I love the use of trademarking Karen! Glad you and Lee are feeling the love for the storage cubes!
      They’re a bit like those Ikea baskets too in the sense that they’re stored flat in store so easy to miss. x

      1. Hahaha… Lee looks perplexed when I call them the Lauren Coleman Storage Cubes 😂

        The belly baskets are also a godsend. I nearly slapped myself when I realised I’d bought one for about 40 quid, before stumbling on them in IKEA for a tenner. Perfect for nappies & PJs as well as gorge foliage!

  2. The Aldi items are already online and went in stores today. They sold out online instantly (remember the instagrammable light everyone had before Christmas?). They were in stores this morning. Mine had a queue outside #middleengland

      1. Aldi usually does. The day they had the wooden toys people were actually RUNNING.

        You don’t see that on Real Housewives of Cheshire

  3. Ooo the Aldi ones eeek!!
    The throw version of the H&M cushion is currently in my online baskets – trying to justify it but this may of validated it #dirtyenablingatitsbest

  4. Lovely round-up! The Aldi light is fab. I’m weirdly coveting velvet cushions from M&S at the moment (include the pillow insert so work out about the same price as H&M I reckon, but brighter colours). Who would have thought velvet would be a covetable thing?!

    1. Love a bit of velvet Annie and there’s lots of it around. I got some velvet-look cushions from Primarni last year x

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