The best budget bright bold lipsticks for Spring 2014 from Avon Topshop Gosh and Limited collection
Kitten Pink
Kitten Pink
The best budget bright bold lipsticks for Spring 2014 from Avon Topshop Gosh and Limited collection
The best budget bright bold lipsticks for Spring 2014 from Avon Topshop Gosh and Limited collection
The best budget bright bold lipsticks for Spring 2014 from Avon Topshop Gosh and Limited collection
Caressing Coral
Caressing Coral
The best budget bright bold lipsticks for Spring 2014 from Avon Topshop Gosh and Limited collection
Budget Brights
Budget Brights
The best budget bright bold lipsticks for Spring 2014 from Avon Topshop Gosh and Limited collection

Bright Lips (On a Budget)

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I’ve already shared my nude and natural lipstick shades of choice and today I’m going to review and share my most-worn brights. As I’ve mentioned in more than one feature, my absolute favourite is Shu Uemura Rouge Couture in shade 355 (a hot pink/coral) which is indeed spectacularly beautiful but at £20.00 definitely falls into the luxe category.

These five lovelies are all under a tenner and are just as wearable. We’ve even photographed them on some “real life” lips so you can really get an idea of the exact hue (that you once again Alice!).

I used to reserve bold, fruity colours for the summer months but I find they really brighten up my fair complexion, in winter, autumn or indeed spring.

Avon Ultra Colour in “Hibiscus” £7.50

This is Lauren’s favourite – a hot pink with sheen. I’ll admit to being a bit scared of it in the tube but it looks lush on Alice who is as fair as me.

Look out for super-generous Avon offers and discounts – at the time of writing this you can buy Hibiscus for £4.00!!!

Gosh Velvet Touch in “Kitten Pink” £6.49

Ok so this is cheating (a bit) as I’d say Kitten Pink is a halfway house between a bright and a natural, and is the perfect option when you need to look like you have made the effort without making a full-on statement.

This is one of those shades that magically suits everyone – several of my friends have gone out to purchase after seeing it on me. I would say it is a peach pink coral (I know – sorry!) and as the name suggests it has a lovely velvet finish.

Gosh is available at Superdrug

Topshop Lips in “Macaroon” £8.00

Not a million miles away from the above it terms of texture and wearability but is more coral with slightly orange undertones. This is my favourite I think, it looks very pretty with a peachy blush and champagne gold on the eye.

I’ve not really bought much else from the Topshop make-up range except lipsticks, is there anything fabulous I should try?

Limited Collection Lipstick in “Candy” £4.00

I tried to buy this a few times and it was always sold out, which just goes to show it’s a popular hue.

A richly-pigmented genuine hot pink with a glossy finish, this is an absolute bargain for the price, there are often 3 for 2 offers too!

Limited Collection is available exclusively at Marks & Spencers.

Avon Perfect Kiss in “Caressing Coral” £8.50

This is another one of Lauren’s Avon picks, and although the name makes me laugh (a lot) this was also Alice’s favourite of the five. A delicate orangey-coral this is like a ray of sunshine for your face.

So folks, anything take your fancy?

Care to share your go-to bright for lips?


Model Alice Chorley | Photography Anna Clarke

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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18 thoughts on “Bright Lips (On a Budget)

  1. I do love these makeup posts! I tried a bright pink tom ford lipstick last week and I did like the colour, but for the few times I might be brave enough to wear it (I always wear pinky nudes) I couldn’t justify the huge expense! Instead I bought a fuschia L’oreal L’Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick for the bargain price of £6.99……still haven’t worn it yet though!

    1. Ooooh a lovely shade Emily. Hopefully you will get an opportunity to wear over the Easter weekend? x

  2. These make-up/beauty posts are great! I took the advice in the budget mascara post and bought the Natural Collection mascara and its been brill – my lashes seem to smudge every mascara I wear so I end up with two black eyes at the end of the day/night out – but not this…so far!
    Personally I need help with make-up for extremely pale skin – I have dark auburn hair, blue eyes and my skin tone is pinky porcelain. I cannot find a concealer for face (not under eyes) that caters to my colour…everything is too yellow/beige for me 🙁 HELP!
    PS. Love the Kitten Pink…might be popping to Superdrug after work 🙂

    1. Hi Annie, does Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud still have her make-up range? I know she did some great products for paler skins. I was tempted to try them myself x

      1. Looks like they’re just available online or selected shops – mainly Boots. However, the only have one product and it’s sold out! The search continues…any advice or recommendations would be great ladies 🙂

        1. I also had that problem of concealers being too yellow until I tried the one from Lily Lolo. They sort their 18 foundations on lightness and undertone and then match their 4 different concealers to them. It depends how you feel about mineral makeup concealers though.

          1. Thanks Sarah! I used Bare Minerals for wedding make-up and quite liked it 🙂 I’m all over Google with this one!

  3. After checking out the site, which is great btw, I bought me the cheapie mascara and while browsing also decided on some new lipsticks, which I buy but never ever get the right shade! I was after yet another nude but as there was an offer on bourjois with buy 2 and get a free blusher I decided to treat myself. I can recommend rouge edition # 11 fraise remix as a bright, I have blonde hair and green eyes with reddish pale to medium skin tone ( also #4 for a nude); £ 7. 99 each and a freebie!

  4. I love the ‘kitten pink’ and the ‘Avon caressing coral’, but can’t find it on their website! How can I buy it?? Xxx

    1. Hi Francesca, we’ve put links to the lipsticks in the section where we write about them, click on the corresponding store link (ie Superdrug for Kitten Pink and Avon for Coral) and it will take you directly to where you can purchase. x

  5. I bought Bourjois Rouge Edition in 15 Rouge Podium last year …. for my wedding day! V odd choice to make but I wanted something that would pop. It then sat in my make up bag for months but I’ve been wearing it a lot recently to brighten up my face. Must try some mentioned in the post 🙂

  6. Hi Charlotte, you should try Topshop’s cream blushers they are lovely. I have Flush and Aftrenoon Tea and love them both (and at £7 each MUCH cheaper than my chanel or stila cream blushes :)) xx

  7. I love all the these posts – but as an olive skinned girl with yellow undertones – no bright pinky shades ever suit me and I’m not brave enough to try a bold lip! As a result I am always sticking to a neutral gloss! Any advice or a post on this would be great?

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