Book Club C*ck Up {Charlotte}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I have a confession to make. I’m really sh*t at bookclub. I’m surprised Lauren doesn’t give me the sack.

If you recall Book club summer reads then you might be waiting for my review on “The mistake I made” by Paula Daly. Unfortunately I read it at the beginning of May and appear to have developed the memory of a goldfish. This sieve like state of mind is a semi-regular affliction imparted since I entered the colourful (and knackering) world of motherhood.

I can tell you that it was MUCH better than expected. I initially chose this particular novel because it had a cheap thrill buzzfeed-esque promo – something about a modern day indecent proposal, thus I assumed it would be a kind of trashy beach read with little depth but lots of sexy bits.

There were actually not that many sexy bits, but a surprising amount of decent plot lines and a main character who you couldn’t help but root for. I can’t go into too much detail as frankly I don’t have any. Since then I’ve read two whole other books which I can’t remember much about either.

This brings me onto the fact that I simply need to make time to read more. I miss it. I think my vocabulary is suffering because I’m no longer escaping to unfamiliar pages of words, wit and wisdom. I’m genuinely starting to wonder if the language I am currently most proficient in is emoji.

Anyway, less moaning and more getting the hell on with it. I went and purchased myself some books, the proper tangible freshly scented uncrumpled variety that I still hold a torch for. I’m very much looking forward to reading Maggie O’Farrell’s “This Must Be The Place” (“After You’d Gone” still remains one of my favourite pieces of fiction of all time) and “The Art Of Leaving” by Anna Stothard (I’m not familiar with this author but after reading a few positive reviews on Amazon it took my fancy).

The other book you’ll see in the header image is “Invisible Summer” by Alice Adams. I was interested in it because much like the Anna Stothard, I had read some rather glowing reviews, not least this one from The Washington Post.

What did I think of it? I thought it was…blah. I didn’t really feel I got to know any of the characters and aside from one fairly emotive sub story line that I won’t mention as to not give anything away, by the end I didn’t really care what happened to anyone either.

Yes I know, what a poor book club effort. Maybe Lauren will actually give me the Sir Alan Sugar pointy finger and shout “You’re fired!” after she reads this post today.

In other news, it turns out I am much more adept at the more superficial activity of shopping for bargain summer fashion. This Maxi dress that only costs twenty quid from Boohoo? You need one. It’s lovely. AND as I write you can get 30% off with the discount code “MAXITUP”. Which makes it £14. FOURTEEN POUNDS!

You’re welcome.


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10 thoughts on “Book Club C*ck Up {Charlotte}

  1. Hilarious, exactly my kind of book review! “Book, book….ooo pretty dress”. Love it.

    PS hope you don’t get the sack x

    1. I’m yet to hear from Lauren on the subject, I’m secretly hoping she’ll REALLY like the dress and then all will be forgiven ?

  2. I would so love to see that dress….but the link doesn’t seem to work!!

    Maggie O’Farrell, is one of my favourite authors. It’s always a treat when she writes a new book

    1. I feel the same Kate, I have read all of her titles. Who you click the dress it should say Carolina Off The Shoulder dress? I just checked and it’s working for me x

  3. Dress is absolutely beautiful online but when it arrived I was a bit disappointed with the stretchy fabric (not one for ladies with bum/boobs – I’m a 12 & it wasn’t the most flattering item I’ve ever purchased!) Clearly wishful thinking on my part having seen your Instagram Charlotte! Also, how tall must Boohoo think everyone is? I’d need a good foot off the bottom! x

    1. Oh boo. Admittedly the fabric is a bit stretchy – I find in black it’s ok, in any other colour I wouldn’t be so tempted mind. And yes, they come up very long! I guess that’s because they are trying to cater for even the tallest folk with a maxi length.

      Maybe I can tempt you with this T-shirt? fabric is lovely and not clingy around your middle yet fits more around the hips where it falls – so overall the shape is fab.

  4. Love this post, my kind of book review!! I needed some suggestions so will have a look. I just read Sweet Caress- the many lives of amory clay by William Boyd and I loved it!! Love the dress too!

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