The Best Liquid Eyeliner EVER?

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Yes this is a bold statement to make. But then I am a difficult make-up junkie to please, a product has to tick ALL of my requirement boxes in order to become my Holy Grail.

I endeavour, where possible, to discover budget buys to review and subsequently recommend. Unfortunately this is not one of them. Apologies in advance. What I can tell you, in terms of overall performance, colour payoff and longevity, is that the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is worth every penny.

I look for speed when applying eyeliner, I don’t want anything goopy that is going to clog the roots of my lashes (happens) or a difficult to control handle/and or nib. This pen is much like drawing with a felt-tip, almost effortless. And the shade is black BLACK. I don’t want nearly black or wishy washy black or soft black. I want the ace of bloody spades. And no I don’t care if I’m fair-skinned and blonde and a pretty brown is what is “recommended” for a “natural” look. I want made-an-effort ready-for-anything look-at-my-amazing-eyeliner even-if-my-hair-looks-shit…..BLACK.

I think I’ve made my point.

The formula doesn’t flake or smudge and I’ve only noticed slight fade after a decent 12 hours of wear. I also like the way it removes relatively easily without rubbing or tugging. I just hold a cotton pad with make-up remover over my peepers for 30 seconds and swipe away gently.

For decent cheaper runner ups I would recommend Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner or Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. They do a really good job, but both dry up quicker for me than the Marc Jacobs and the pigments just don’t seem quite as intense.

I was so excited by my latest discovery that I told Lauren she NEEDED ONE. I promptly bought one for her and planted it on her laptop in the middle of a development meeting (a girl’s gotta have distractions when everything is so serious right?). Lauren text to say it was IMMENSE. That it deserved a post of it’s own and she would probably never buy another eyeliner ever again. Oh, and she wore it whilst we were on a dodgy connection google hang out video call and I could still tell that her eyes were WOW.

I’ll pipe down now.

You can purchase your very own Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from John Lewis for £23

Do let me know what liner you are loving right now in the comments box below.

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13 thoughts on “The Best Liquid Eyeliner EVER?

  1. God knows how, but I didn’t even know Marc Jacobs did make up.. however, I am a total convert to Clinique’s Pretty Easy liquid liner pen. For me it’s just as you describe above and I’m really impressed with the blackness and staying power as well as ease of flick application!

    I’m having a bit of a love affair with Clinique at the moment and have been buying their high impact mascara on repeat for a year now. I think it’s bloody brilliant!

    Also, congratulations on your announcement yesterday. Very exciting news!! Xx

    1. Marc Jacobs is in John Lewis Jennifer, I thought it might be a bit “all about the packaging/label” but the products would be mediocre. There is actually some REALLY lovely stuff – quite innovative. Thanks for the congrats peach x

  2. I may have to give this a go – I’m always on the hunt for a long-wearing, intense eyeliner! Especially since my 4 month old particularly enjoys grabbing and pulling at my face. I’ve also heard very good things of MAC’s Liquidlast liner and Chanel’s Signature De Chanel at a whopping £31 (says the girl who spent £35 on a single highlighter…). The Kat Von D liner is good for application and longevity but a bit wish washy colour. I have far too many eyeliners in my bag…
    Congratulations on your fantastic baby news! X

    1. Hi Steph! Yes I’ve tried the Kat Von D, like you I didn’t really rate the colour payoff. Thanks so much for the congrats x

  3. Ok, so I’m probably definitely going to need to try this, buuuut I have another recommendation too… the NYX epic ink liner! £9, regularly sold out as it’s such a steal but so worth it if you can track it down. Easy to apply, the blackest black and really waterproof! I’ve tried many and this is brill, so for the price I’m thrilled! But will now need to compare it to Marc’s, for experimentation purposes obvs 😆😉💸

    Congrats again on the wonderful news 💖Xx

    1. Thanks Sarah! I have heard the Zoeva Calligraphy eyeliner is amazing – and only £7.50 (!) I may have to try this and I happen to be going to Selfridges today with my friend Lisa so….obviously for experimentation purposes 🙂 x

  4. I’ve tried a couple of things from the Marc Jacobs range and really liked them. I definitely need this eyeliner now. I love Lancome Artliner, but as you’ve pointed out in the past Charlotte, it does dry up too quickly.

    Also: “I want the ace of bloody spades” – lol! 🙂

    Big congrats on your baby news x

    1. Thanks Tracy! I used the Lancome Artliner for years – even on my wedding day. But then I felt they changed the formal 🙁 I had one duff one that was watery and just thought it was bad luck. But the next one I bought (from a different store) was the same….boo hiss. The Marc Jacobs is very opaque and…..THE ACE OF SPADES x

    1. Pah ha ha! I would say it’s better, the Tom Ford dried out for me fairly quickly too (for the price!) but it is a LOVELY item x

  5. Easily the best eyeliner I’ve ever tried. (Thanks Charlotte!)
    I went to a very rainy, yet lovely wedding at the weekend and when I went to take it off at 1am it hadn’t budged in the slightest. I do find it takes a while to remove with my usual coconut oil so will try your 30 second trick x

  6. I have to ask, how do you apply this properly? I am interested in this since I have hooded eyes (with one droopier than the other which makeup accentuates!) so anything ‘thicker’ disappears. I need to have quite a thin line, which I’d guess this can do. But I’m a total novice when it comes to makeup. Where are you supposed to stop drawing the line? Do you have to flick it out or just stop dead at the end of your eyelid? Would it look odd without fairly heavy makeup on the rest of your face? I know I can look at YouTube tutorials, and I have, but I am very dense when it comes to this stuff.

    1. Hi Jade, I start at the inner corner of my eye, really close to the lash line, I then simply “draw” a line towards the outer lash line. Only thin – I do a flick if I have time but rarely these days. I do tend to rest my elbow on a table for steadiness and you may need to tilt your head back if you have hooded lids – or slightly hold up your lid with the other hand x

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