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Trend Prediction {Bee-Inspired Fashion and Homewares}

Author: Lisa Soeno

I’m going to make a bold statement. I reckon this year is the year of the bee. Yes, I know it’s the Chinese year of the dog, but when it comes to fashion and interiors I reckon the humble bumble bee is going to be plastered all over the British High Street this spring.

What’s ignited this love of bees when it comes to fashion and decor? Well I can’t help thinking that the introduction of a cute and chubby honey bee to the ever-growing dictionary of emojis has influenced this trend.


This is what started my personal bee obsession. I live by the rule ‘You can never have too many Bretons’, and if they feature a quirky bee print then even better. I spotted this People Tree T-shirt in John Lewis Birmingham (check out the whole loved&found range either online on a website such as this or in John Lewis Leeds, Birmingham and Liverpool…it’s amaze) and not only is it excellent quality and blimming gorgeous, but People Tree are also pioneers of ethical and sustainable fashion. Win-win.

Joules are killing it with their bee-themed apparel. I can’t decide which piece I like best – their parka, their ‘Lucie’ shirt, or their Breton. Okay, I admit it, it’s the Breton. (See previous paragraph). I pretty much live in my plain Joules Breton and I reckon the metallic bee version would bring some much-needed sparkle to my wardrobe this spring.

If you’re pregnant, then I’m half jealous. Because you get to wear this maternity tee with its delicately embroidered honeybees. And pregnant or not, how cute are these Boden trainers?

  • Joules Sweatshirt
  • Joules Parka
  • Joules Breton
  • Next Maternity Tee
  • People Tree T-Shirt
  • Boden Trainers
  • Joules Bell-Sleeve Dress
  • Joules Shirt


When I think bee trinkets and treasures, the iconic Alex Monroe bumblebee necklace springs to mind. The Teeny-Tiny bumble bee pendant is the dream, and I KNOW it’s not a bee but can we also take a moment to appreciate the work of art that is their hot air balloon necklace.

Bees are also synonymous with the Olivia Burton brand. Whenever I have to look remotely smart their bracelet watch is my go-to item, but just. how. pretty. is this one with its floating bees. Apparently it was inspired by the ‘waggle dance’ that honey bees do to let others know when they’ve found food. Adorable.

  • Olivia Burton Watch
  • Olivia Burton Bangle
  • Asos Earrings
  • Olivia Burton Bracelet Watch
  • Alex Monroe Pendant
  • Alex Monroe Pendant


When I put together a homeware edit for Marks and Spencer toward the end of last year I was desperate to include this total bargain of a cushion, but alas, Marks sold out before the post went live. Yes at 30cm x 30cm it’s dinky but show me anything cuter and better quality that you can get for £12 and I will eat my hat. They are back in stock now folks.

If wallpaper were insects, this would be the queen bee. Isn’t it epic? I spotted it on insta and I’m now tempted to turn our cloakroom from a light and bright, flamingo filled corner to a glam and sultry space.

  • Cox & Cox Cushion
  • H&M Candle
  • Dunelm Trinket Box
  • Marks & Spencer Cushion
  • Barneby Gates Wallpaper
  • H&M Mug

The images in the header are from the fabulous Elle’s home tour, and if you want to steal Elle’s style when it comes to decor for your walls then there are a myriad of bee-themed prints available on notonthehighstreet and etsy. My favourite honeybee paper pretty is the Rifle Paper ‘You’re The Bee’s Knees’ greetings card.

And on that note can I just say a big thank you for your lovely comments following my post about anxiety this week. You readers are the bee’s knees.

Do you own anything bee print? Do we have any bee-keeping readers?!

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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32 thoughts on “Trend Prediction {Bee-Inspired Fashion and Homewares}

      1. You’re very welcome. Love the look of your stuff on your website but haven’t been able to make it to a market to buy something yet…

  1. I do love the bee trend! I imagine it’s come to the forefront recently because of the plight of the bee and also the Manchester Worker Bee becoming a symbol of love and hope after the Manchester attack.
    Either way, I hope it sticks around!

    1. Absolutely, the bee has been a solid design fixture in the North West for a long time, but I feel as though it was the huge show of solidarity and support of Manchester that pushed it into the nations ‘hive mind’. Either way, I’m loving it and there’s no better reason for it being there 🐝🐝

      1. The Manchester Bee originated from the Industrial revolution and symbolises the ‘hive’ of the workers spirit that existed in the mills and workhouses. It can be found on most things in manchester, from the mosaic floor in the Town Hall to on all the litter bins and flower planters in the city!
        I launched my small Worker Bee range just before the manchester attack last May but donated my profits from their sales for the whole of June to the Red Cross fund.
        Mancunians are certainly very proud of their Bees! 🐝

        1. That’s amazing Zoe 🙂

          So interesting to hear the history of the Manchester bees and it makes me want to visit! x

  2. I agree, we’ve seen lots of bees around in the North West since Manchester. I’m keen to include something bee related since we moved near here but I’m not about the print. Sophie Allport who is my new homewear crush has a lovely bee range.

  3. Okay so I like the bees, but more importantly I’m glad to hear someone is as obsessed with breton stripes as I am! Literally almost every top that catches my attention is striped, it’s borderline ridiculous. My husband laughs at me for it. I have to make a conscious effort to buy stuff without stripes. Though I do currently have my eye on a black and white stripe top from Next. And maybe your Joules one – if it has bees, that makes it different to the 1000 plain ones I already own, right?

    But back to bees. And another of my all time faves. Did you see the white blouse with bees that Holly Willoughby wore on This Morning a few weeks ago? It was lush, but I think it was from Maje or somewhere and thus an unjustifiable purchase for me. I can neither afford it or have need of it whilst on maternity leave! 😂

    1. COMPLETELY different Tracy M 😉 and please send us the link for the Next top!

      Just googled the Holly W blouse – bee-yootiful 🤣

  4. Love a Bee related item me! I have the Alex Monroe necklace and its a staple go to. I wanted the Bee M&S cushion last year but didnt manage to get one!
    I can also vouch for the quality and service of I have a number fo Zoe’s pieces, nice to have something different and a bit more unique than the mainstream – check out her Mama necklace for mothers day! I got one last year and that and my Bumble Bee get alternated daily!!

  5. Omg I feel so (unusually) fashionable right now! I’ve been collecting bee themed items for years, ever since a university project on bed conservation! I have a collection of vintage honeypots in our kitchen, and bee cushions on our sofa! This one from m and s is so lovely:

    I also have the Alex Monroe bee necklace but keep it for special occasions, so I wear this one on normal days:

    1. Ha ha ha! Sorry Maike 🙈

      That bag is cute. I actually came across the Gucci one whilst I was putting together this post x

  6. My husband gave me the Joules Breton top for Christmas. It is the first time he has bought me clothes all on his own and I love it. He will be chuffed it is on a style blog. Maybe I should send him shopping for all my clothes… Maybe not!

    1. Ahhh this is the best Claire B. Did he agonise over it? Rich’s presents are hit and miss but when they’re a hit, they’re a BIG hit!

  7. Love bees! Even more so (living near Manchester) since last year and all the Manchester bee stands for ❤️🐝
    I desperately want a mini-bee tattoo on my wrist, but plan to play safe with the joules wellies first! Brilliant inspiration, Lisa!

    1. All the Manchester love today 🙂

      I could totally get on board with a mini bee tattoo. I ummed and ahhed over including those lovely wellies but I thought it could be Joules overkill! X

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