Beauty Haul (May)

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Yes I have indeed been buying yet more make-up. That’s ok though, it means I get to review and share my recent purchases with you lovely folks and I have to say, last months haul was REALLY fabulous.

Also a few of my selection are products that readers have recommended on previous beauty posts, I have duly taken note and subsequently had a butchers for myself, contributing towards Rock My Style is proving to be very expensive.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow £14.00

The texture and longevity of this shadow is amazing, it’s so sheeny and one sweep instantly makes you look more awake.

The colour “blunt” is somewhere in the middle of a yellow and champagne gold, I use it as my “everyday” shade and I’m definitely going to be investigating additional hues.

Urban Decay is available at Selfridges.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow £38.50

As you may have read in my body changes post yesterday, my skin is currently very very dry and even though I am seemingly constantly applying moisturiser I just can’t seem to get back my glow.

This is a great “health” faker, I wear it as you might a highlighter but you can add it to your tinted moisturiser/base of choice to add some much needed lustre.

Charlotte Tilbury is available at Selfridges

CND Vinylux 7 Day Nail Polish £5.87

This was a reader recommend and I LOVE it! With the CND topcoat it does last a good 5 days without chips (no need for a base coat either) but for me the major plus is the fact it doesn’t take long to dry and the application is very smooth.

The shade “Rubble” is a delicious grey/brown, not dissimilar to the now discontinued Chanel “Particuliere” which is one of my favourites. You’ve got to love a dupe – especially one that’s a bargain.

You can purchase CND nail lacquer at

Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush £4.99

I bought this blush in “Made You Look” on a whim, it looked fun (there is even a mirror in the base) and quite compact which is essential for me these days (I have so much bloody other stuff to lug around, my make-up takes a distinct back seat!)

It’s actually very clever, the colour is a pretty pink “pop” shade and the formulation is silky and blendable. Realistically you can’t just “stamp” it on (unless you favour the Great Aunt Sally appearance) but you can dab on a pinch then blend with your fingers. It certainly saves on having to carry a brush.

Seventeen is available exclusively at Boots

Soap And Glory Supercat Liner £6.00

A huge thanks to reader Becca who said this was amaze, it certainly is. No flaking, fading or smudging and it goes on quickly and easily, I have been wearing it every day since I first swept it on (and over eyeshadow – the nib doesn’t seem to go all clogged either, result!)

Did I mention it was only six quid? Yep. My Lancome Artliner has officially been replaced.

Soap and Glory is also available at Boots

So then, what cosmetic treats did you splurge on in May?

Anything else I simply must buy?!

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42 thoughts on “Beauty Haul (May)

  1. Have you seen the new Kate Moss (for Rimmel) mascara wand? Holy flippin heck… I picked it up yesterday in Boots to have a good look and nearly took my eye out with the wand. It is the most bizarre shape I have ever seen?! Maybe you need to get it and tell me what it’s like for I a fear I will get it all over my face if I use it.

    1. It’s very wiggly isn’t it?! I’ve not got on with Rimmel mascaras in the past, I always find them goopy. Tempted by the shiny eye pencils from her range though 🙂

  2. Expensive Lancome month for me though I did get £85 free for spending so much 😉 Having run out of my Bobbi Brown longwear cream eyeshadow I thought I’d try Lancome’s version “La Base Paupiere” in a nudey colour as an everyday eyeshadow. Sadly its nowhere near as good as the BB one so I’ll have to use it up quickly and repurchase my old favourite. This month I am going to sort out my makeup/smellies collection and bin some of that stuff I’ve had since I was 16…

      1. That’s a bummer isn’t it – when you try something new only for the one you had all along to be better. I really don’t use any Lancome now I’ve given up the Artliner, the mascaras are supposed to be good.

  3. Have you heard of Paulas choice beautypedia? they have their own line of amazing skin care and makeup and also review most other products on the market its a really handy tool to help you know whats worth investing in… Plus their skincare has completely transformed my skin 🙂 (I dont get commission or anything its just after approx 15 years and spending thousands of pounds on lotions and potions I have finally found something that works and I like to share with other people)

    1. Hi Emma! you know what, I used to refer to Paula’s review of products a lot, I found it fascinating, and it did stop me from making some major beauty mistakes! I think I just sort of forgot about it.

      I have never used the products though – which ones would you recommend? x

      1. their new eyeshadow pallet is to die for and as I suffered quite badly from blackheads on my nose and chin my absolute must have is their 2% BHA Gel, i’m using that with their cleanser and toner and I haven’t had a spot or anything in months, my skin looks better now than when I was 18!!!

        I just found their advise on problems like blackheads fantastic, I used to use scrubs and stuff thinking that would make them budge but all it was doing was irritating my skin and causing more to appear.

        1. Thanks for the update Emma! I will have a look, perhaps they have good tips on dry skin too x

    1. Hi Rachie!

      Honestly give it a go, for £6 you can’t go wrong! I am afraid of bronzer (!) sounds silly but I always end up looking a bit “muddy”

      For my skin I think I need quite a golden hue and very sheer, this one looks lovely! x

  4. I need to get this off my chest. I’ve been spending £34.00 on an eyebrow pencil the past 12 months. An eyebrow pencil for gods sake!! I just can’t find better than the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor. The little brush end is the perfect wiry kind that tames the really sticky outy hairs and the pencil end is the perfect colour and consistency (Taupe to suit my pale skin, golden brown hair.) But £34.00 a pop?! for brows! Feels good to tell somebody…

    1. Lynne this comment made me laugh!

      If it really is that amazing then I hate to say it but…it might be worth the investment. you could try other (cheaper) alternatives only to go back to this anyway. In fact, now I want one!!!! x

  5. Glad you love it Charlotte! I couldn’t be without it now. It’s a lot cheaper that tattooing your eyeliner anyway! Just had my 2nd eyebrow tattoo session. I love them even more now, a great investment (well that’s how I justified it to the hubby! )

    1. Well with this new eyeliner Becca perhaps I don’t need a tattoo after all (!) Thanks for the ace recommendation and I’m glad your eyebrows are lush!

  6. My May haul- urban decay naked 2 – how did I survive without it? Hoola bronzer from benefit, tinted moisturiser from laura mercier, miss manga mega volume mascara from l’oreal (my friend asked me to get her one so picked one up for myself too!), pink pearl pop lipstick from mac, stay pretty blusher from mac, macaroon lipstick from topshop and lastly collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, which I had read amazing things about on blogs-it is really good and so cheap!

    1. Lisa this haul puts mine to shame! Wow, I am jealous – have read about that palette so much (and now I know how amazing their eyeshadows are I guess I have to treat myself….)

      Macaroon lipstick is one of my faves, what is pink pearl pop like? sounds super! I saw a beauty vlog only earlier today that mentioned the 2000 lasting perfection concealer, apparently it doesn’t budge x

      1. I didn’t realise I had bought quite a lot until I listed it here! I bought macaroon after reading about it here- it’s had so many compliments so I have shared it with more people! Pink pearl pop is a cremesheen lipstick and it’s just a lovely bright pink for summer. I jumped on the Naked palette bandwagon after my hen do and a few of my friends had various versions of it. The eye shadows don’t budge and I’ve used it every day since I bought it and it looks like I’ve hardly touched it! The concealer doesn’t move at all – the tube says it last 16 hours – really good for the price! I will definitely not buy anything in June…….

  7. You’re so right, and brows frame the whole face or something like that (£34 though!! Honestly!!) I’m also liking the Smashbox eyeshadow palette – it’s kinda similar to Urban Decay Naked (which I have) but the glittery shades are to die for, plus it comes with a little mini mascara which is amazing. What is it about little mascaras that makes them infinitely better than any other kind Anyway, would recommend. X

    1. ooh Lynne I love a bit of glitter on the eye! which mascara is it? I’ve never tried a smash box one. And I am so going to buy one of those Tom Ford eyebrow perfectors, I have a few pieces from the range and they are all so luxe x

  8. Yay make up! So, last month I had a Chanel splurge which included the second part to my fave les beiges fluid, the les beiges powder. Awesome and not cakey and just looks so glowy! And also their bronzer tan de soleil I think the name is (it’s upstairs I’m comfy on the sofa, the names close enough lol) which looks scary but actually you can just put a tiny bit on and add more if you like a tiger stripe look. It’s lovely and not sparkly but not too matte! Also urban decay midnight cowboy finally after seeing it on here I think, love it! And a Nars eyeshadow cream pencil in a gold shimmer colour which is lovely but without primer just slides off after a few hours so next on my list is the Bobbi brown long wear one I think you mentioned this Charlotte? And I got a lovely lipstick from lipstick queen again, the barely pink nude I think it’s called! Lovely!
    Ah, til next month that’s my lot!

    1. Alex another excellent haul! I can’t resist Chanel, the counter at House Of Fraser in the Westfield centre is amazing, they have everything in the range and you can try everything at your leisure.

      Yes it was me and my love for Midnight cowboy, I am tempted to wear it in the day sometimes…..I think I might.

      The BB long wear eyeshadow stick is just fab, I have it in sunlit gold x

  9. I also had rather a hefty make up haul, restocking Bare Minerals essentials as well as the excellent Clinique High Impact waterproof curling mascara – brilliant for not ending the day with panda eyes.

    My happiest buys were new finds though…
    Clinique’s new Long Lasting Soft Matte lipstick, in Magenta, is amazing. It’s super pigmented, lasted a whole night at the races and was still on the next morning! £18 for a fuschia lipstick is excessive- but I now want every colour 🙂
    Sleek make up is my favourite discovery – £8 for a 12 colour eyeshadow palette. I bought ‘Storm’ and the shadows have stayed put all day, without primer. I also bought the eyebrow kit (wax and powder) for about 8 quid and it’s as good as the Benefit stuff I used to spend 3 times as much on… Not bad considering they were picked up in Tesco whilst waiting for my friend to buy vodka! 🙂

    1. Gill I do love a fuchsia lip, Clinique you say? 🙂

      Sleek do super make-up, I find their counter at Superdrug is always a bit of a tip though (maybe it’s just the one near me?) and I can never find a tester, I didn’t even know they stocked it at Tesco?! x

      1. Our ‘big’ Tesco has just been refurbished and it’s now got a ‘beauty hall’. It was the first day and all the samples were virtually untouched. I would definitely buy more eyeshadow palettes from Sleek.
        To see the fuschia lippy, look at my Instagram (beachfacered). I bloody love it! Not for the faint hearted though 🙂 I definitely need a red next x

        1. A beauty hall? In Tesco?! that would make supermarket shopping so much more pleasurable! off to check out your instagram 🙂

  10. Hi! A bit late, but I love the Urban Decay eye primer! It’s fantastic, it can survive a night’s dancing, or even a whole sweaty workout – it all stays put! Makes the liner a nightmare to chip off after a few wines, but keeps it all so impeccable you could probably go to work the next day without bothering!

    I was recommended it for my wedding make-up, and it’s now a staple – if you haven’t tried I definitely give it 5 stars!

    1. Hi Lex! Never too late 🙂

      Have heard excellent things about the UD primer, in fact I think from the comments here I just need to buy more things from the brand?!

      And I know it’s a beauty faux pas but I have been known to sleep in my eye make-up (never base though) and actually quite like the way it looks the next day….

  11. Well, I feel pretty dull in comparison to everyone here! In the run up to my wedding in April I invested heavily in make up and particularly brushes but haven’t really bought anything since.. Apart from the clinique chubby stick in oversized orange which I loved but then left in a hotel room on the last day of my honeymoon.. I’ve put it on my birthday wish list!

    I did see a beauty blog about a gorgeous baby blue nail varnish from Rimmel that I’m going to buy and my fundation has run out and I’m lookingfor a new face base that is matte but offers light coverage. I’m struggling to find one so if anyone has any tips that would be great. I get an oily nose so it needs to be able to combat that!If not, I’ll just repurchase the Estee auder Doublewear Light that I currently use.

      1. Ooo – excellent timing. I’m literally on my way to Boots now. In the rain. Boo! Thank you! Xx

  12. Here’s that Smashbox palette and mascara:

    The mascara if ‘full exposure’ but I think it’s only BRILLIANT because it’s in mini form. All mini ones seem to be amazing, I think it’s to do with the brush being shorter or something but they don’t seem to clump as much. I also use the Smashbox primer but I’ve not noticed a huge difference thinking about it.

    I thought I was over the discontinuation of the amazing Chanel foundation ‘Pro Lumiere’ but reading all the posts has brought back the painful memories and I’m yet to find a replacement I like as much some THREE years later. No wonder I have to resort to £34.00 eyebrow pencils, I’m an emotional wreck for gods sake.

    1. Lynne I agree, I think it’s because there isn’t as much “product” on the brush so it goes on smoother, I often find mascaras work better a few weeks after use as the formula goes a bit “drier”

      Have you tried the Chanel Aqualumiere one? Apparently it’s a favourite of many beauty bloggers. x

  13. My May makeup haul was short but sweet, a Chanel Lipstick in boy at duty free and I love it! I think I’ve worn it everyday since I bought it. Yesterday I had a bit of a mac splurge though, blusher, brow pencil, mascara and bare study paint pot. But I did get a 90 minute makeup lesson for spending over £50 so that makes it feel like I’ve been somewhat economical!
    I saw the link to Tanya burrs youtube video above, I have to confess I’m a bit addicted to beauty vlogs at the moment!

    1. Me too Emily! although I never know which ones to watch there are so ruddy many!!! any particularly great ones you can recommend?

      I have the Chanel lipstick in Secret (similar to boy) and it’s great for everyday wear, very moisturising.

      I try and avoid MAC, if I visit a counter I can’t leave without spending a small fortune 🙂 x

  14. Can anyone recommend a good non-liquid highlighter? After hunting around and trying several, I fell in love with Crescent Moon at Topshop – it was lovely and velvety and was the perfect shade (not too good, not too pink) but they’ve discontinued it with no plans to bring it back. No idea why – all the reviews on the website are 5/5…

    I’m lost without my favourite swept over my cheekbones… Any suggestions welcome.

    Becca xx

  15. So gutted Particuliere is discontinued! Ive got a tiny bit left in the one you bought me Charlotte. Boss copy there though. x

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