June Haul
June Haul
Benefit They're real push up gel eyeliner, clinique cc cream, bobbi brown miami pink rich lip colour, real techniques brushes sam's picks set, max factor lipfinity lipstick Just Bewitching
They're Real
They're Real
A review of Benefit they're real push up gel eyeliner
Real Techniques
Real Techniques
A Review of Real techniques brush collection sam's picks

Beauty Haul (June)

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

These monthly haul posts are my favourite beauty features to write, not least because you folks often share your recent purchases in the comments section and I’ve discovered some amazing products as a result. As a rule I tend to feature my “top” five i.e. my favourite buys and the pieces I would definitely recommend.

The make-up or skincare that doesn’t work for me I simply don’t mention, what’s the point? Certain potions and lotions may work super well for someone else and I wouldn’t want to put a big old shopping prevention cloud over something you’ve been coveting for a while. That was until today however, because when a product is given more hype than the latest Apple technological feat and is toted as a “game changer” I expect it to be something rather special. And it wasn’t. At all. I’m starting to think that perhaps I had a duff one, or that I’m using it like a right div.

Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner £18.50

Might as well start with it then, a genuine review of the gel-liner-in-a-pen breakthrough “lash hugger”. It didn’t hug my lashes, I couldn’t really even make it draw a line at all without dragging my delicate eyelid skin, and even then the line was uneven and wobbly. When I tried to remove mistakes with a cotton bud the liner didn’t budge. Yet the liner flaked throughout the day?! The chunks that fell off were sizeable and thus irritated my contact lenses. It also wasn’t very black, more an unflattering washed-out charcoal grey.

Oh dear. Please tell me you have had more success?! My Soap and Glory Supercat liner is a third of the price and infinitely better quality. Go figure.

Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Collection £29.99

Every beauty blogger on the planet seems to have at least one of sister make-up guru duo Pixiwoo’s brushes. I was sort of fascinated, especially as they are so reasonably priced – could they really be better than my MAC/Bobbi Brown/Nars offerings? Well I’ll be honest, I’ve not used them all yet (I’m not sure I even know how, must watch the youtube videos!) but the buffing brush (shown on the first image) is very lovely indeed. My powder goes on super smooth and unless my peepers deceive me, it lasts longer too.

I’m particularly excited to try the setting brush and the multi-task brush sounds very useful. Guess where they are from? Yup, Feelunique.com (really must stop looking at this website, I buy something every single time I dare take a peek).

Bobbi Brown Miami Pink Rich Lip Colour £19.00

I know I know, how many coral pink lipsticks does one girl require? Well you absolutely NEED this one folks. I love the rich lip colour formulation (all creamy and opaque without being slide-y) and the “Bikini Pink” shade in the collection is an all time favourite of mine. This shade is new for summer, a bright statement hue that works for day or evening. I wear it with a pop of peachy blush and a wash of yellow gold on the eye.

They seem to have sold out in most places but John Lewis still have some in stock as I write.

Clinique CC Cream £28.00

There are a lot of these BB and CC creams on the market at present, it does all get rather confusing doesn’t it? This particular tube boasts that it is “formulated to enhance skin’s natural radiance, offers instant hydration benefits and provides daily sun protection to prevent first signs of ageing”. I can’t vouch for the last claim but it certainly does make you look glow-y (without being glittery), is non-drying and evens out your skin tone really rather well indeed. Winner.

The SPF 30 is a welcome addition too, perfect for warmer climates when you don’t like the feel of anything heavy on your skin but just need something. Clinique CC cream is available at John Lewis as before.

Max Factor Lipfinity in Just Bewitching £10.99

I used to use a Lipfinity years ago – in some kind of pretty nude pink hue until they went and discontinued the bloody thing (why do they do that?!). I think I might have even used it as a base coat for my wedding day, so amazing was the longevity of wear. I haven’t bought one since, mainly because the colours on offer were not my cup of tea. Until recently that is.

Guess what? They now do a rather fabulous coral! This one is a more orange/peach (just in case you thought I was in fact completely bonkers to have 98 shades exactly the same….) and for when I don’t have time for touch ups it is the perfect no-smudge option.

Lipfinity is available at Superdrug.

Please PLEASE share your June indulgences with me, either as a note in the comments section or on instagram – tag your pics (I especially like to see faces with the stuff actually on!) with #RMSbeautyhaul

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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32 thoughts on “Beauty Haul (June)

  1. It was my birthday last month so some of the new items I have were gifts – but I’m sharing them anyway! First up was a Clinique chubby stick in Oversized Orange which my sister bought for me. I actually bought it for myself a few moths ago whilst on my honeymoon but I left it in our last hotel on our last day and I missed it so much it was straight on the birthday list! Its a really buildable shade that can be subtle or vibrant and it lasts for ages. I love it!

    I also got a nail varnish from Accessorise from my best friend which I am wearing right now. I don’t have the name of it I’m afraid but it’s the exact colour of maltesers which I love and has stayed on pretty well for the last couple of days with the addition of a top coat!

    The only make up purchase I have made myself is the No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation – which I highly recommend. Whilst I was engaged I obsessed over getting the perfect foundation that worked with my combination skin and wouldn’t leave me with a Shiny Nose. I was a bit crazy about the Shiny Nose and tried the No7 Stay Perfect and it was pretty good, but I ended up using the Estee Lauder Doublewear which did the trick but I think it’s a bit heavy for summer. So I started to look for a lighter foundation but they all seemed to be light because they were part moisturiser and part foundation – even if they didnt call themselves tinted moisturisers. And the Shiny Nose just repels additional moisuture. But thenI found this lighter version of the No7 Stay Perfect and it’s really good. I LOVE it in fact. And it works really well with my Mac blotting powder to keep me relatively matte all day..

    In other news, I am looking for a gift for my friend for her birthday and she really wants to try contouring – can anyone recommend any contouring kits or products that would be good? I’ve seen Sleek do one but I’ve not used their products before?

    And finally – I haven’t heard anything good about the Benefit They’re Real stuff – I’ve not used it before but everyone I know who has says it’s pretty average..

    I talk too much! Xx

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the foundation tip – I’ve been looking for a lighter version for summer.

      I was given the ‘They’re real’ mascara for my birthday and I really can’t get the hang of it. My friend uses the same mascara and her lashes look absolutely amazing. I’m going to ask her for a lesson because I feel like there must be a trick I’m missing with the wand! x

    2. Ha ha Jennifer you don’t talk too much at all! The Chubby stick sounds awesome, I’ve heard they have a pink one out that is a different colour on everyone to suit skintone…. Sounds lush.

      I’ve been impressed with Sleek lip palettes, not tried anything else from the brand x

  2. I don’t get on with eyeliners full stop so never bother, but really like the They’re Real mascara 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s such a shame to hear about the they’re real eyeliner, I bought their mascara last month and it’s AMAZING!!

    I finally invested in a heated eyelash curler (boots number 7) and it’s been life-transforming no more random lashes poking into my eyes – I highly recommend.

    I also did a bit of a nail varnish haul in my local ELF shop and have been really impressed with the longevity of it considering it’s so reasonably priced.

    Helen xx

    1. Helen how do you apply it? Like Lauren, I couldn’t get on with it at all, I found the formulation too wet and gloopy…. Boo.

      1. I think the trick is to not overload the wand, I load a lot less mascara on compared with the other benefit one I have and I tend to find it easier if I start with my outer lashes and work in.

        Without sounding crazy sometimes I think of mascaras a bit like shampoo and conditioner. There are numerous different hair types e.g fine thick, curly and to a certain degree our eyelashes are the same. Just like your shampoo might not work well on my hair my mascara won’t work on your eyelashes.

        I bought a mac mascara recently that my friend wears and her lashes always look so amazing. Mine didn’t so I asked her to apply it to mine as she does hers and the results were pretty much the same as when I did it, they looked all clumped together and a bit like spiders legs 🙁 xx

        1. Helen I think you are right, different strokes and all that. Think I might try wiping the excess off the brush though, see if it makes a difference x

  4. These beauty hauls are dangerous…but I LOVE THEM! The Bobby Brown lippy looks lovely – John Lewis here I come.
    This isn’t a June purchase, but I have to rave about it anyway, Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara is just the best ever! http://www.eyeko.com/mascara/eyeko-skinny-brush-mascara
    £15 on their website, free delivery, and sometimes arrives with a free eyeliner! Bonus.
    Can anyone recommend any really good cleansing wipes, these were just fantastic, got rid of stubborn mascara without rubbing your eyes to death and very soft “norwegian formula hydrating cleansing wipes” – but now I can’t find them anywhere….Ocado of all places had them, and now they’re gone from there too 🙁

    1. Is the mascara buildable Sarah? Wipes wise I rate the Boots own ones (fragrance free, blue packaging) but not tried them on the eye area. I have heard that the No. 7 ones are excellent though! Might be worth a try next time they have a £5 off voucher x

  5. I love the real techniques brushes and probably have too many. The bronzer brush from the duo fiber collection is fab and I love the mini trio they have recently introduced for makeup on the go. Ooo and the stipling brush is great for higlighting. It’s definitely worth watching the real techniques youtube videos on how to use the brushes and if you aren’t already, watching the pixiwoo videos too.

    1. Hi Sarah! Oh I will watch definitely, I think I’m a bit ‘5 years ago’ when it comes to using brush techniques, I mostly use my fingers. x

  6. I’ve have ordered that Bare Minerals suncreen after your recommendations, hopefully will come this week. I am also on my second In Style magazine for the free REN hot cloth cleanser! I then bit the bullet and bought the M&S Pure one which is meant to be like the Liz Earle one or better for 1/2 the price. So far so good. I am now eyeing up Harpers magazine to collect all the Leighton Denny nail varnishes… I am such a marketeers dream!

    1. I hope you like the BM Victoria, it’s amazing! I’ve also heard the Pure range is good, please do report back on how you find it x

  7. technically not a june purchase but the Barry M matte nail polish is ACE! Goes on like a dream, lasts for aaaages (and I am ridiculously hard on my nail varnish) and is a cool matte texture (as you might guess form the name!!), I am instagramming it as we speak

  8. I am considering indulging in Bare Minerals make up- any thoughts welcome!!

    Great tips – thank you!

    1. Hi Rebecca, I actually prefer the Elizabeth Arden mineral make-up, I also rate Mac’s skin finish in the compact. BM is loved by thousands though, I just found it too heavy and shiny for me personally. The SPF 30 powder however is amazing! Do let us know how you get on x

  9. I have to say that the Clinique CC cream is without a doubt a make-up essential for me. The make-up artist Jodie Hazlewood introduced me to it last year and I was instantly hooked and haven’t looked back.

    I’m not one for regularly wearing the whole foundation, primer, powder combo but I do go the whole hog for special occasions and long days out and this trusty cream has never ever failed me. I probably should note that I do tend to slather on the moisturiser before applying the cream otherwise my skin does tend to dry out and flake off.

    Controversially I don’t rate any of benefit’s products (perhaps they’re just not suited to my skin type/tone/complexion) but I find the quality substandard and their longevity poor. It’s a shame really as their packaging is always so fun.

  10. I totally agree with you Charlotte. The Benefit eye-liner is definitely not all its cracked up to be. The ladies won me over in store as on my hand, the liner didn’t budge. At home, I have found it melts and smudges on my eye lid. I also find the applicator difficult. You have to squeeze the nib to ensure even distribution on the applicator and it doesn’t spread along the lash line well 🙁 Wish I’d seen your review before!
    I too love the Clinique BB cream. Lovely and light in summer.
    I rate lots of the Soap and Glory make-up. I bought the concealer pencil last weekend and it’s lovely and smooth. It blends well and feels silky smooth. Love! Will have to try the eye liner now…

    1. Oh Jenny! I didn’t know there was a concealer pencil!? must look! You should take the eyeliner back, I am….unsure what they will say when I simply tell them it was crap, I’m expecting a refund mind 🙂

      The Clinique is lush, it seems to cover redness well without being at all heavy x

  11. I just read another review of the ‘They’re real’ eyeliner and as an eyeliner novice I was tempted but after reading this I think I will save my pennies and instead invest in the Clinique CC cream… sounds amazing!

  12. I love They’re Real mascara! – best one i’ve ever used bar none – my Sister in law bought me it for my birthday and I couldn’t believe how good it was.

    I use EL Doublewear light foundation, I love it, but I have dry skin and really really REALLY need something moisturising and light that I can put on my face without fear of dry bits flaking off… would you recommend the CC cream? or a different product entirely? I have to be so sparing with the foundation (certainly can’t cover my face in it) or i’d look like a husk (and this is after moisturiser) HELP!


    1. Hi Anne! I think the Clinique might be for you! it is very light. I still use moisturiser because I too have super flaky dry skin, this product doesn’t make it worse or highlight flakes however. Perhaps ask at the counter for a sample before you buy? John Lewis I find are always very generous with samples. x

      1. Just wanted to thank you! After reading this I was chatting to my bestie and it turned out she has some I can try. This is why I love this blog – where else would I have known about this plus your reply with advice. You always go the extra mile.
        Thanks again.

  13. Hi Charlotte,

    I feel the same about the eyeliner and I’m really annoyed as it isn’t cheap! I have tried to use it twice and cannot use it at all! I knew I should have stuck with my old faithful Bourjois but I fell for it! I want to take it back but don’t think they will take it!

    1. Natasha you should take it back – as long as you have the receipt. My thoughts are that if a product doesn’t perform/do what it claims then it’s faulty. In the States they have a much better understanding/returns policy on cosmetics. Maybe we UK girls should stand up for ourselves a bit more! x

  14. I had a little spree in Kiehl’s at the beginning of the month – there was a 20% off for newsletter subscribers, it would’ve been rude not to!!
    I bought this:- http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-category/serum/midnight-recovery-concentrate
    and this:- http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-category/eyes-lips/creamy-eye-treatment-with-avocado
    And I love them both. I didn’t totally believe all the rave reviews about Kiehl’s products because when is a wonder product ever truly a wonder product?? But I must admit, all the products I have tried have been great; the midnight recovery serum is wonderful to put on, it smells amazing and my skin is lovely come the morning 🙂
    I also use this:- http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-category/moisturisers/skin-rescuer
    Not too heavy, not too light and make-up actually stays put with it!
    Safe to say I LOVE Kiehl’s!

  15. Long time reader of RMW and now RMS but first time commenter! And the thing that moved me to comment was eyeliner – that definitely says more about me than the two wonderful blogs. But I too have been hugely disappointed by the Benefit eyeliner, I was given a freebie to test by a well known glossy and like you simply cannot apply it! That freebie backfired… Love the They’re Real mascara though.
    Thanks for the useful tips as ever Charlotte x

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