Bargain Fashion Basics {All Hail The Bodysuit}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

This is the first holiday ever where I have worn all the pieces I have taken with me (ok bar one maxi skirt but I failed to get it altered before we left so essentially it didn’t fit properly). We’ll also gloss over the fact I somehow managed to forget to pack both pairs of fancy flats and my entire summer make-up collection…

No coral lipstick. No peach blush. No Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette. I think I spent so long making sure I had ALL the things for my daughter I seemingly forgot to organise myself. Oh well, at least Mabel had everything she needed and I managed to remember my bronzer and a weeks worth of knickers.

For summer daytime wear I can’t recommend these ribbed vest tops from ASOS enough. £8 each or £20 for three (actually only £16 for 3 in the sale as I type) they are great quality for the price and the adjustable straps mean you can have a bit of cleavage on show or none at all depending on your mood. If you have an ample chest or are between sizes I would definitely recommend sizing up. I ended up buying two packs and I wore one by the pool over a bikini, tucked into a maxi skirt, with my capri trousers…you get the picture. Uber versatile. And they also come in pink, coral and blue as well as your standard monochrome/grey.

On the subject of maxi skirts, I rate the high waisted ones from Boohoo – this paisley number looks far more expensive than the £12 tag would suggest. Also very adept at disguising the over consumption of pasta and Sauvignon.

We should probably talk about bodysuits. When they first came back on the scene I won’t deny I was all a bit seriously? recalling the awkwardness of crotch placed popper buttons and extra time required to visit the ladies loo. But then I wore one to a wedding last September and it was a revelation. You know how these fashion folk look ridiculously cool with a lose slinky camisole kind of “half” tucked in? Well, in real life as soon as you bend over the rest becomes untucked and you are left with creases and crumples around your middle. Or at least I am. The left hand snap in the header image above I am wearing said camisole, I love it but my goodness after picking Mabel up a few times it was all askew. The right hand image I’m wearing my favourite scalloped edged bodysuit and it stays put. Plus it only has two fairly large buttons which I find easy to do up AND it was only £12. I also have the Elisha sleeveless bodysuit in a variety of hues (the navy is lush) and it’s….£6. No it’s not the thickest most luxurious fabric in the world but I’ve found they wash well and it’s opaque enough to cover your bra so winner.

On the shoe front due to my epic fail all I had with me was a pair of major nude heels (H&M and ridiculously comfortable due to the platform sole) and some brown suede flats. And actually, this was fine – although my pretty silver and leather/studded pairs were missed. I’ve since bought these AMAZING almost flat espadrilles from Office. I won’t take credit for the discovery, I copied my friend Kelly – I walked through her front door and before I even said “Hello” demanded to know where she purchased her strappy suede. I have them in blush but they also come in camel, pink, mustard, gold, navy…..literally any colour you desire. At £48 they are not a bargain as such but I know I’ll wear them for years so for under fifty quid, price per wear is essentially pence.

Last but not least, does anyone else have difficulty reminding their partners to make sure they have clothes for holiday? I swear James is useless, always leaving it until the very last minute and then realises there is nothing he actually likes. Luckily I bought him a multipack of crew neck ASOS T-shirts (having been so impressed with the vests for myself) and they fit really well. He has since ordered various other shades which means he at least has some new warm weather garb.

Do you own a bodysuit? Have they been a revelation or does the whole bathroom visit faff put you off? Are you able to do the whole casual/cool half tucked in top thing? Do let me know your secrets in the comments section below.

P.S Top tip for the heat – if you apply your Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette shadows with a damp brush, they will go on extra shimmery and dry to a completely no-budge finish.

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14 thoughts on “Bargain Fashion Basics {All Hail The Bodysuit}

  1. Aaah! I’d discounted bodysuits based on my rule of if you remember it first time round don’t go there again. Think I might have to break that rule, had never thought about them being practical- I suppose that’s partly down to the fact that they are normally styled with teeny tiny cheek revealing denim shorts. Thanks for enlightening me!

    1. Hi Lisa! I felt the same – they reminded me of the 90’s (!) love them now though (although not so clever if you’ve had too many gins with the old co-ordination of removal…) x

  2. Due to being 6 and a half months pregnant, bodysuits are out of the question for me at the minute – but I think I shall be treating myself to a pair of those Office sandals!

    Also, ALL the love for your outfit twinning with Mabel in the right hand pic. 🙂 x

    1. Tracy these sandals are THE comfiest honestly, I can’t even express how much they are like…slippers 🙂

      I’ve just ordered them in camel too x

      1. I have two pairs of the Office sandals and am planning to buy more- they are so comfy they’re like walking on a pillow!

  3. What have you done??!!!! So many online orders took place today!!
    Also, Charlotte I’m nearly out of Dior Soufflé Nude lippy. Any tips on purchasing a new one as can’t seem to find it! Xxxx

    1. Pah ha ha! What did you buy? Souffle nude was limited edition 🙁 have you checked amazon or eBay? if not drop me an email as I have back ups and feel like doing a good deed today (plus I really need to something about the 167 lipsticks I own…) x

      1. Well, just the three Boohoo bodysuits (stone scallop edged, coral and navy), a Paola maxi skirt as they didn’t have the other in a 12. Then some office sandals 😂 And yesterday some discounted seafolly swimsuits and bikinis – I love them! Loved the baby blue off the shoulder number but couldn’t do the full priced tag, would have to have sell one of the children. Plus a mass Marks order of vests and pants for the girls Xmas pressies (every girls needs new pj’s and knickers for Xmas don’t they) as they were doing a £10 beauty box with any order over a certain amount – so maybe some nice beauty bits in there!!

        Honestly, cannot rate Boohoo highly enough thank you for introducing me to it as every maxidress or long skirt I own from there people love and I’m like it’s so cheap.

        Will be emailing you today lovely as I think 166 lipsticks rather than 167 will make you feel so much better and less cluttered 😂

        As always – an amazing blog! Xxxx

  4. Just discovered your your site! Love this, definitely going to get a pair of the sandals. Also love love your skirt in the picture on the right, do you have the link? Thanks! Suneet

    1. Hi Suneet, it was from ASOS but a few months ago now, they have a very similar one at Boohoo xx

  5. Ah Charlotte, you look gorgeous in your holiday pics! Your recommended bargain fashion basics are great, and indeed you rock them all on your smoking hot bod 😉 but I personally would love to see some recommended items for someone who is a size 12-14+ and still struggling with a serious mum-tum please? There is absolutely no way in hell I could deal with a body suit, and the ribbed cami/vests are just too flimsy for someone who is not toned to perfection. I know you won’t be able to please everyone, but from someone who loves to soak up your fashion/shopping posts (read: will spend money lol) I’d love it if I could buy more than just the shoes and make up. Guest post maybe? Mother of Daughters? Style me Sunday? X

    1. Hi Maddy! Thanks for your feedback and your kind words, I agree personal fashion posts can be tricky with regards appealing to everyone, I do try and pick things that I feel would suit a range of heights/shapes/sizes but of course realistically I only recommend what works for me (and that I hope others will also like). I think guest fashion is a good shout, leave it with us and we’ll try and figure out what we can do x

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