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Bardot Necklines
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Palm Tree Print
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Bardot Tops & Summer Prints

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Immediately after having Mabel I just felt that nothing looked right or fitted properly. Like many new Mums I completely lost my style mojo.

My calves were swollen for what seemed like ages, as was my stomach (unsurprisingly) so a lot of my pre-baby clothes didn’t work, and I couldn’t stand the sight of my maternity wardrobe. What I did find made me feel more feminine/like I made an effort was a “Bardot” neckline, my shoulders were fine (!) and with a pair of high waisted jeans and some pretty shoes this became my go-to outfit for summer.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from at the time but now the shops are full of ever so slightly sexy off-the-shoulder tops and dresses that are neither necessarily too young and certainly not frumpy.

As any of you that read my fashion posts will know, my wardrobe is 50 shades of bloody grey. In a vain attempt to bring some colour into my life and flash a bit of clavicle, I am loving this subtle palm print bardot top from Oasis that you can see in the header image above. Whilst perusing the Oasis collection in general (Love Island fails to hold all of my attention) I also ordered myself this stripe flippy skirt. Oh my goodness I love it. Such a flattering shape and works well with a vest top and flats or a blouse and heels for evening. If you are in-between sizes I would recommend sizing up.

We went to London last week for various press days -the new season Oliver Bonas! you will LOVE it! and on the subject of skirts, this Oliver Bonas denim number – a closet staple, I like it with a white T and brown ankle boots or gladiators.

Oh and this rose print paperbag skirt. You probably need that as well.

Anyway I digress, back to London. We were invited to Izzy Judd’s “Dare To Dream” book launch afternoon tea and Lauren looked uber chic in a black bardot shift dress with sandals. Unfortunately nearly all sizes have now sold out but ASOS have one similar (only Β£15 and it’s available in quite a few colours) and for the ULTIMATE in (Brigitte) Bardot a gingham version too.

I on the other hand had a wardrobe malfunction (I’m not really made for city heat) and had to make do with jeans, a rather uninspiring camisole and melty make-up. Then Sophie Ellis-Bextor sat down next to me and apart from trying really hard not to appear like some kind of fangirl and blatantly stare at her eyeliner (perfect – obviously) I really wished I had packed a cute dress to wear.

Note to Self: Always pack an extra outfit. You never know who might sit next to you at an event. Also powder. ALL the powder.

Last but not least, how chic is this playsuit? and even though I have zero requirement for yet more swimwear, this frill costume makes me want to book another holiday.

Have you bought any Bardot? I am loving a little dab of NUXE huile prodigieuse golden shimmer multi use dry oil on collarbones.

  • La Redoute black dress
  • ASOS black bardot dress
  • ASOS Gingham dress
  • Oasis Palm Print Bardot
  • River Island Cutwork Bardot Dress
  • Nuxe golden shimmer dry oil
  • Flute Sleeve Bardot Playsuit
  • Stripe Flippy Skirt
  • Oliver Bonas Denim Skirt
  • Frill Bardot Swimsuit

Photography by Adam Crohill

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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43 thoughts on “Bardot Tops & Summer Prints

  1. Sounds like quite the London trip! I’ve heard good things about Izzy Judd’s book, I’ll have to have a read.

    Loving the palm print and Lauren’s dress. I was always dubious about bardot necks – my shoulders are super slopey and non-existent – but I was wrong! They have the opposite effect AND hide my bingo wings. What more could you want?

    Im having a back to work wardrobe crisis at the moment so I’m sure I’ll spend half the morning lost in the La Redoute website. x

    1. Lauren’s read it Karen and said it was great – I’m hoping to start it the week. My shoulders are a bit pathetic but I find a Bardot gives them some shape – and also La Redoute! When Lauren said she bought her dress from there I was on it perusing for ages! so many lovely pieces x

      1. And they have a discount code! Of course all the summer sales have coincided with the one month I need to survive on SMP 😭x

  2. I could bang on about Bardot all day. I love the gingham and the La Redoute number and nearly bought this at the weekend:

    (Looks much nicer on). Also reeeeally wanted the black/tropical Bardot top from Oasis that Caroline Flack was wearing on Sunday Brunch but they’ve sold out, boo! X

  3. These off the shoulder jobs are making my life a misery this summer because that’s all there seems to be out there and I’ve got G cup boobs and funny marks where my straps constantly rub on my skin and so what am I supposed to wear for summer shops?!!
    Exaggerating obviously but, you know, first world problems.

    1. Claire, I have a Bardot dress from Asos and my friend told me (in a nice way) that only flat chested ladies could wear them.
      It all seems to be Bardots and asymmetric hems this year and I really can’t get on with an uneven hem. I need longer legs!

    2. Claire, I am with you on this…. I love the style, but struggle with what to do with my boobs!! can we have a follow up post on recommended fashion friendly scaffolding for those gifted with massive melons please?? I bought a strapless wonderbra but although it’s the best so far, it’s just not comfy, and post breastfeeding I need a bit of extra support (definitely an understatement)

      So much pretty through… that ASOS dress is already in my basket waiting for payday…..

      1. Ellie have you tried ? I randomly bought a strapless bra from there in a panic at Manchester airport on the way to Greece (because I realised I had forgotten to pack mine….a long with nearly everything else useful) and it’s REALLY good. It kind of has a shelf bit (?!) at the bottom (not padding as such) and it really does stay put. I’m not hugely blessed (32 C/D) but I do need some support x

  4. All hail Mrs O’Shea, waaaaay ahead of the curve as usual!!

    I’m having a shocker with these tops though- bought a black and white palm print one from ASOS after Lisa’s M and S one was sold out in my size and it was like a circus tent. I looked hideous! Might try again with that gingham number but the bra issue is a problem with breastfeeding gazungas that need support… what strapless bra do you use ladies?

  5. O god, I have just driven from Gloucester to London and have been sat at my desk for an hour already. I am absolutely banned from spending money at the moment as we are purchasing our next house but I can’t resist that bardot black dress, its Β£15.00 and I have a hen do on the weekend. My husband will never know.. MUST NOT BUY DENIM SKIRT!

    1. Exactly Jess. Β£15 is basically a mini supermarket shop. Maybe the denim skirt next month? x

  6. I love a Bardot top, but they always ping off my shoulders and end up like a normal top. What is the key I wonder? Keeping your arms by your side all day? πŸ˜‚

    1. Karen you are right – I’ve had one I had to send back as it drove me nuts, the Oasis one stays put, I think it’s to do with the positioning/strength of the elastic? Also the ones with mini sleeves are the best at not budging x

  7. Love it all! Purchased the black playsuit for my holiday in Italy. Damn you RMS for making me spend money before it’s even 9am!!

  8. I love Bardot! My wedding dress had a Bardot neckline and I’ve been adding to my collection happily ever since. Pair the gingham with the Bardot though and I’m a woman obsessed… *adds to cart* X

  9. Agreeing with some of the other ladies this morning, big boobs are a Bardot nightmare! (This sounds like a hashtag waiting to happen…) Also I’m not sure how flattering it is on non-skinny ladies, not only does the top kind of hang straight down like a circus tent but the straight line across your shoulders can sometimes make you look wider I think?
    Anyway, who cares, tell us more about Sophie Ellis Bexter!!! She is one of my girl crushes…*allthehearteyes*

    1. Nancy she was very pretty – and very nice. I didn’t realise she had four boys to juggle! She must be wonder woman.

      I find the Palm tree top was kind of a flattering shape in terms of it was quite billowy (but not tent like) and is good at disguising ALL the pasta that I keep consuming x

  10. Haven’t booked our holiday yet, but just bought that black playsuit for it.. Means the holiday *has* to happen now. Thank you!
    La Redoute is totally coming back isn’t it? Going to have a peruse of the website this week, thanks for the reminder X

    1. ha ha Sian, I really think I should do the same?! We’re going to Devon in August….I probably need a playsuit for that right?!

  11. Hi Charlotte!

    Sadly due to awful ugly keloid scarring on both my shoulders, I can’t wear any kind of Bardot tops, which is so annoying as shops are full of them this summer πŸ™

    However, love the flippy skirt, think even my odd figure could perhaps get away with that!

    Thanks again x

  12. Oh the bardot neckline has become my “weapon” of choice this year. I haven’t had a baby like you mentioned Charlotte but I have joined a gym this year… and subsequently lost 6 stone and I’m still going.

    It’s so weird going shopping at the moment… I couldn’t even tell you what dress size I am right now so a bardot top and jeans have become a staple as I don’t want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe while I am still “transforming” either.

    I saw the Oliver Bonas skirt on a recent trip to Manchester loved it and am toying with the idea of buying one for when I am closer to my goal after seeing it pop up in the feature!! I’ve also just placed my first order with Shein, have any readers or any of you guys at RMS had any experience with them?? xx

    1. Helen you must feel absolutely fabulous. What an achievement!
      I’ve seen loads of nice things on Shein but haven’t ordered yet as some of the prices seem too good to be true!

      1. That’s what I was mainly worried about Lauren!! I’ve mainly gone for garments that I have seen loads of bloggers wear on Instagram etc as they have a snippet on the website at the end of each item that shows it on people who have already bought them… the jury is out, I shall keep you informed xx

        1. Go Helen, Wow you must feel amazing! definitely think you need to treat yourself to the denim skirt x

    2. Helen you are a warrior!!!

      And I’m also curious about Shein. I like loads of their things but they seem to come in one size… and the reviews I’ve seen are not complimentary about their returns policy…

      Let us know! Maybe a feature on Instagram shops….

      1. Ha Lucy!! after a kettles class I feel very much like a broken warrior πŸ˜‰ {it is a good ache though}. I “lost” two hours yesterday reading through lot’s of reviews about Shein and in the end I just decided to take the plunge reasoning most people only tend to review something if it’s mega or rubbish… time will tell xx

    1. Hi Jen

      I wear a strapless bra or a halter neck bikini top (I think they look cute with a colourful halter neck strap on show) x

  13. Another person who just can’t get on with this trend – size 12/14 and 32FFs and they just look like a tent, never mind the bra problem. I went all round town in a hurry last week desperate for something lovely to wear on my mini break away with the boy but felt like there was absolutely nothing good in the shops at the moment. PS I would love to see more holiday inspiration posts, especially short breaks. We had the most amazing night in the Cary Arms at Babbacome, South Devon, last week. Insta perfect beachy pub, with out of this world oversized beach huts. I didn’t want to leave!

  14. I love a Bardot neckline – so subtly sexy but I too have all the boobs! A post on comfortable strapless bras for all boobs great and small would be very handy.

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