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Awesome Advent Calendars That Haven’t Sold Out (Yet)

Author: Miranda Eason

Bad news, the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar (24 days of beauty goodies from brands including Lancôme, Kiehl’s, Yves Saint Laurent and Shu Uemura) and Benefit’s Candy Coated Countdown Advent Calendar (cute minis of Benefit best sellers and sweet treats such as beauty sticky notes and heart-shaped hair clips) have sold out. That’s what you get for not starting your Christmas planning in September. But don’t panic, there are still some awesome advent calendars that you can buy. Here’s five…

Ciaté Mini Manor Nail Polish Advent Calendar, £49, Selfridges

Ciaté have totally nailed it (ha) with this awesome advent calendar that’s got a nail themed treat for every day from the 1st to the 24th of December, including 17 of Ciaté’s most popular shades, five textured polishes, one full sized pot of polish and a set of festive nail transfers. It’s pricey, but you won’t have to buy nail varnish for the foreseeable future.
You can buy it here

Prestat Fireplace Advent Calendar, £29.99, Selfridges

Possibly the ultimate chocolate advent calendar. The knowledge that there is a yummy flavoured Prestat truffle waiting for me is exactly what I need to get me out of bed on a chilly December morning (it’s not just me who eats their advent calendar chocolates with their first coffee of the day, is it?!).
You can buy it here

Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar, £12.50, Hotel Chocolat

Hiding behind the doors of this classy advent calendar are reindeer, snowmen, penguins and Christmas trees. All made out of dark chocolate, so healthy, sort of.
You can buy it here

Advent Calendar, £15, Jelly Belly

If chocolate doesn’t do it for you but you still have a sweet tooth, let me present the Jelly Belly advent calendar, with 24 bags of jelly beans behind the windows. You can give up sugar after Christmas.
You can buy it here

Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar, £150, Liberty

One for the recent lottery winners amongst you this beautiful advent calendar from Liberty is stuffed with beauty booty by the likes Diptyque, Espa, Eve Lom, Kiehl’s, Laura Mercier, Ren and more.
You can buy it here

Did anyone manage to snag a Benefit or Selfridges advent calendar? Seen any other great ways to countdown to Christmas? Do share below!

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19 thoughts on “Awesome Advent Calendars That Haven’t Sold Out (Yet)

  1. After being seriously tempted by the Star Wars Lego calendar for my husband I’ve just made the decision to make him my own! Wish me luck.

    1. Wow! A friend of mine had the Star Wars one the other year. It was ace!
      You must send us a pic when you’ve made your own x

    2. I love the idea of making my own Sarah, but I fear I would be all out of ideas long before I’d thought of 24 gifts – good luck!

  2. Two Christmas posts in one day – wahoo! I’m getting the jelly belly one for my auntie, she is obsessed with them. I really like advent calendars, but I’m more keen on advent candles… although they seem to have gone out of fashion a bit. My dad buys me one each year from Selfridges – he turns up with a lovely yellow bag containing a candle and a new christmas decoration which is a nice treat 🙂 x

    1. I’ve never had an advent calendar Sian but I did spot a few at John Lewis when I was compiling this post. What a lovely tradition that your dad buys you a Selfridges advent candle and a decoration every year! x

    1. Everyone’s excitement about Christmas is rubbing off on me too Marine, even though I’m still not sure where I’m going to be this year! x

  3. Last year my hubby made me an advent calendar with lots of yummy chocolate in it. We love advent calendars in our house, even the dog gets one! This year I’ve treated myself to an Avon nail varnish advent calendar.

    1. How lovely to receive a homemade advent calendar Claire! Much as I’m a big fan of the chocolate advent calendar, I’m loving the trend for nail polish advent calendars.

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter but wanted to share a tip – previous year’s ciate advent calendars are on sale at tk maxx (at least in Glasgow Silverburn and Altrincham, where I’ve been this week) for about £20. Not quite as pretty as the one above but still a variety of ciate polishes and much cheaper!

    1. Ooh, excellent tip Carrie, thank you so much for sharing, will pop into my local TK Maxx ASAP (we got one in Westfield Stratford a couple of months ago – very exciting!).

  5. Oh I do love a good advent calendar! My mum always makes me an advent calendar full of little treats and chocolate. The last couple of years though she has adapted the tradition to make one calendar up for me, my husband and our two cats! You never know which day will be for who and although it means I have to share I’m not complaining, it’s lovely.

  6. Ahhh I REALLY want the Liberty one! We always do homemade – but I may make an exception for this one if I was ever rich enough! My goal though after last years Liberty programme was to be like the lady who replaces her baubles yearly and spends £3000 or something silly on her tree decorations. If I dont manage then one day I’m going to make an advent calender with at least a Liberty bauble in each day. (Or more realistically you may just find me stalking that rich lady to find out where she lives and hanging out by her bins on Jan 6th)
    I just put my first advent calendar up already…24 little candy bags hanging on the shelves… just 19 days of ‘No, you can’t look yet’. Too early I know… but I’m far too excited and have been holding back since October.

    1. I didn’t see the Liberty show Amanda, sounds like a must watch and an advent calendar with Liberty baubles behind each door would be amazing!

  7. Theres another one this year…clashes with The Apprentice and I forgot and missed this weeks. 4 weeks of rich people buying gorgeous and ridiculously big decorations! Its amazing viewing.

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