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A Fresh Start For Autumn

Author: Lauren Coleman

I put a pause on doing seasonal to-do lists when I was dealing with infertility. I found far too many people seemed to be wishing their lives away and personally couldn’t look that far forward.

This autumn it all feels a little different though. James returns to work tomorrow after having three months off work and Felix starts nursery later this week. As you can imagine I’m feeling a tad discombobulated by the whole thing. Now September’s here it feels like a time for fresh starts and looking forward. (Not that far forward through. You’ll find no mention of the C word just yet).
We’ve had a blast over the summer and to make sure we made the most of this very special and unique time, we made a list at the start of the season of a few places we’d like to visit and several activities we wanted to enjoy. (Most of which I mentioned over on my recent spending less post).

Autumn Festivals

I do like the idea of getting out and about while the days are still mild so we’ve got a few National Trust trips planned. There are loads of scarecrow festivals around these parts, not to mention the wealth of pumpkin hunts. Nearby towns have food festivals and farmers markets and then Oktobefest pops up in a new city every year. If I pull my finger out in time we might just be able to squeeze in a Maize Maze too.

Open Days

Each September thousands of volunteers across the country invite you to experience local history, architecture and culture all for free! There are more than 5000 Heritage Open Days around the UK. Have a look at their website to find out what’s going on in your area. If you’re around London then there’s the Open House Weekend on September 21st-22nd if you fancy a bit of a snoop.

Baby-free Overnight Stay

As much as I adore my little boy, I do think it’s healthy to have some adult time once in a while. It’s our wedding anniversary in November and so we’re planning on staying away overnight while Felix has a sleepover at his grandparents. The question is, where to go though? Relaxing spa in the Cotswolds or a night out in the Big Smoke? Would love to hear where you went for your first baby-free trip

Wardrobe Updates

I made a bit of a clothing resolution in the Spring to only buy items with pattern or colour as my rails are awash with grey and black. It kind of went to plan. I mean, I didn’t buy any drab threads, but actually I didn’t buy anything at all! I’ve just ordered this floaty dress from Asos to wear for my sister’s birthday celebrations which isn’t autumnal in any way. However I’m hoping it’ll get me on the colour bandwagon. Last autumn I was in maternity and post-partum get-ups so this year I feel like I deserve some more luxey pieces.

Autumn Beach Walks

Northamptonshire is about the furthest you can get from the sea so it’s a bit of a mission to get to the coast. The charm of the out of season beach is too much of a pull though. Who doesn’t love pulling on their wellies and trudging along the dunes on a bright autumnal day? We might head back to Southwold where we went a few years ago.

First Fire

Last year we paid a small fortune to have our chimney sorted. I won’t bore you with the details but it’s now safe to have a fire in our house! I think there’s something ceremonious about the first time a log is thrown on the fire and the kindling bucket is filled. Not quite the same feeling as flicking the switch on the heating for the first time.

Birthday Party

Felix turns the ripe old age of one in 8 and a bit weeks. This blows my mind. As much as my brain can’t compute I no longer have a newborn, I obviously want to mark the occasion with some form of shindig.
We all know first birthday parties are for the adults so I flit between having a mega celebration or a teeny tea party for the family. Both have their pros and cons and so the debate continues. How long can I leave it before I decide?

Nature Forage

I had my first crumble of 2019 on Sunday. We’ve got loads of apples in our garden and there are heaps of blackberries in the hedgerows. Time to get a crumble in the oven. This recipe from BBC Good Food with oats in the topping is one of my favourites.

What are you looking forward to over the next few months? Any days out or trips away you’ve got planned? Any advice on first birthday celebrations?
If a to-list isn’t on your agenda then this post might bring a little smirk to your face.

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7 thoughts on “A Fresh Start For Autumn

  1. oh my! That pink dress is divine!

    We used our daughter’s first birthday to feed anyone who had looked after me, my husband or daughter throughout her first year! We did a laid back garden party (possibly not something you could do in 8 weeks’ time…) and just got a load of lovely platters from Sainsbury’s.

    1. Thanks Charlie. Kind of wish I had a wedding to wear it to!
      Love how you used the party to thank everyone. It’s definitely made me think we should go big and thank all our nearest and dearest.

  2. My boy turns 1 in two weeks time (waaaaahhhh where does the time go, so cliche but so true) and we’ve decided to do an afternoon tea. Nice and simple but still lovely. Sandwiches, cakes, scones, tea and prosecco and something the babies (or should I say toddlers now) can enjoy too. Look forward to seeing yours xx

    1. Afternoon tea is a brilliant idea Sarah. Scones are my idea of heaven 🙂 Hope you all have a brilliant time x

  3. Ooh that dress is gorgeous! I wish I had the patience to find nice stuff on ASOS – i’m often clicking on lovely links for clothing that other people have found, and wonder why on earth I couldn’t have found it myself! Its such a huge website I find it quite daunting! Maybe a whole post dedicated to searching ASOS would be good?!! Love a first birthday party – defo more for the friends & family who have supported you the past year. Cake & prosecco usually does the trick 😉
    We did a lovely spa weekend at the Dormy House in Broadway for our first weekend away from all 3 of our kids a few years back. Not too far from home, and not too manic either. Enjoy your autumn!

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