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Autumn Days When The Grass Is Jewelled

Author: Lauren Coleman

I held on to the summer for dear life. You may remember in my post back in August I urged everyone to make the best of those longer days. Now we’re more than a third of the way through October (I have absolutely no idea how that happened either) I’ve said my fond farewell to summer 2017 and I have all the jazz hands for autumn this year. Maybe it was due to the impromptu harvest festival singalong we had on the RMLtd team chat a few weeks ago, hence the title of this post.

I flit between setting myself goals for the new season and being a bit more relaxed about the whole thing. This time around I’m just mentioning the things I’m looking forward to as the leaves begin to fall.

Light The Fire

I still light candles during the summer but step it up a gear in autumn. While I love the soft glow of a candle flicker nothing gets me quite like a burning fire. We had out first fire this week and it perked me up no end.
Wood burning stove

New TV Viewing

I bloody loved the Netflix Lady Gaga documentary and James and I have just finished the second series of Narcos which means we’re after another series to binge watch. He’s run ahead of me and started Ozark so I’m not sure if I should try and catch him up. I’m up to date on Designated Survivor and to be honest it’s gone past the ‘it’s so bad, it’s SO good’ mark and to be honest I just think it’s just well, bad now. Time to take a look at all the recommendations you mentioned in Charlotte’s TV series feature. Oh and when is Blue Planet 2 on? Have you seen the trailer? It looks absolutely incredible.

Go Shopping

I still haven’t had time to put away my summer clothes or sort out my list of what I need to buy for the new season. New jeans are high on my list and aren’t they an utter pain to find? I have embraced the red trend though and bought this cute french tee from New Look the other day and a bright scarf from H&M which I’ve been wearing with my parka. The search for new jumpers continues though.


Over the summer I really got into work related podcasts and we have also been listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno on car journeys. We have lots of plans to visit family and friends over the next few months so road trips are afoot. I’m thinking Serial should be next on our list.


Despite my many trips to London I hardly ever do the tourist thing. James and I are hoping to do The Tate and The Tower of London on our next jaunt in November. We’ll be too late for the People’s Revolt – an interactive experience but it looks like a whole load of fun if you’re fancy a London landmark after-dark experience in October.

Autumn Walks

Crunching leaves underfoot. What a dreamy way to spend a weekend morning. The National Trust have a really handy guide to some of the most beautiful autumnal ambles if you fancy getting your wellies on. The post walk pub Sunday dinner after is always my favourite though.

Anniversary Celebrations

Speaking of eating, James and I have booked a Cotswolds stay for our wedding anniversary next month. We’ve made a reservation for the Wild Rabbit and plan to hit Daylesford again. Any other recommendations around the Stow-on-the-Wold area would be gratefully received.

Cox and Cox Wire Shelf

Simple DIY

James has just fitted a new column radiator at the bottom of the stairs and I’m currently plotting what I can put above it. The wire rack Rebecca has in her utility room was a high contender but I reckon folks would get their clothes caught on it going up and down the stairs – nothing more annoying than a pull in your new jersey. There’s been talk of us making some form of wooden cubby shelf this weekend. Other than that, we are yet to start on the bathroom however I think I’ve made progress with the tiles so I’ll keep you posted.

Unlike years gone by I’m not going to get my head into Christmas mode until after our anniversary hence the lack of festive related activities on this list. It’s all about living in the moment for me. However if you saw the long list of Christmas content up our sleeves across Rock My Style and Rock My Family and the amount of shoots involved you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve turned into Mrs Clause. For now though serve me up the apple crumble, and don’t forget the sloe gin.

What are you looking forward to this autumn? What are you watching, wearing, baking or enjoying?


Snug image by WE ARE // THE CLARKES
Wire shelf and bouquet images by Adam Crohill

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33 thoughts on “Autumn Days When The Grass Is Jewelled

  1. Definitely catch up with Ozark – I was sceptical at first but I ended up loving it! The Lady Gaga documentary is on my to watch list too. Another doc recommendation from Netflix is Icarus (all about doping in sport). Watched it over the weekend and recommending it to everyone!

    Love a podcast too – My Dad Wrote a Porno is the first thing in a long time that has actually made me properly LOL. So good. Serial is brilliant (first series for sure, second series wasn’t as good). Also S-Town which is made by the same people (different presenter though) is very good. For more one-off episodes I love Reply All (the double episodes Long Distance are excellent) and Criminal (the first ever episode is one of the best).

    Happy watching & listening!

      1. Oooh I would recommend Ozark too – very dark but fascinating. I am still yet to listen to the My dad wrote a porno podcast but I really need to make the effort – heard loads of good things about it x

  2. Hi Lauren, I’m a Cotswolds blogger so hopefully can help! There is the loveliest gift shop in Stow-on-the-Wold called Meggie’s which stocks all manner of pretty – I challenge you to leave without buying something! Meg who runs it is just incredibly lovely too. A few doors down is Coach House Coffee, run by Meg’s equally lovely best friend Emily, serving amazing coffee, a range of juices and alternative milks and really yummy cake which also happens to be gluten free and vegan – bonus. There’s the Old Stocks Inn for a posh dinner, which I just reviewed over on my blog {they’ve just got a new chef and the food is insane}. In terms of things to do, I would recommend a trip to Batsford Arboretum for a lovely walk, there’s also a cute little shop there called the Applestore. You should also visit Broadway Tower, there’s a small William Morris exhibit there and the grounds are home to local deer who are quite friendly. There’s an A-Z guide to the Cotswolds over on my blog if you fancy a peek. Hope you have an amazing time – whereabouts are you staying? Xx

      1. I second Meggie’s lovely shop! Meg is a lovely lass with great range of wares in store. It looks like a lovely spot too.

    1. Second these recommendations! Batsford will be in full Autumn leaf if you are there soonish although it does get very busy! If you go to the tower you also have to look out for the deer who thinks he’s sheep and lives in a nearby field with them 🙂 (a bit of a local celebrity). Broadway has lots of lovely shops and the design museum although I’m a bit biased as live there!
      For myself the main thing I’m looking forward to is our baby arriving! and the start of my mat leave next week 🙂

    2. Ooh this all sounds great, we live in Somerset and I have fancied a weekend in the Cotswolds. What is the name of your blog please Sarah?

  3. Lauren I’m so jealous of your Cotswolds break! I’m desperate to visit, especially the Wild Rabbit. Sounds like you’ve got Autumn nailed 🙂 xxx

    1. I booked it ages ago Laura and got the only booking left for the Saturday night. Was rather pleased with myself 🙂

  4. Ooh I love posts like this – can’t wait to get autumn cosy! We’re moving house in 2 weeks – from town to village, to a house with a huuuge log burner, so i’m looking forward to lighting a fire, faffing with candles on the mantlepiece & enjoying country life for the first time since childhood.
    I grew up in Cirencester – an afternoon mooch around there would be lovely on your weekend away, or if that’s too far, head to Burford to the Burford Garden Company. Its like a garden centre on acid! Much prefer it to Daylesford (dare I say, I’m not really a fan of Daylesford, its all a bit fake Cotswolds….but Shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that or i’ll be expelled from Instagram!!!)

    1. Oh Nicola – good luck with the move!
      Your Daylesford comment made me giggle. I won’t tell anyone 😉 x

  5. Love this post and I love Autumn! I would definitely recommend the Serial Podcast, the first is better than the second and I loved S-Town too. As for boxsets, I have just started watching Gypsy but looking forward to the new season of Stranger Things.
    It’s our anniversary this month so I always love this time of year – this year its our 3rd (leather) and my husband has treated me to a pair of Dubarry boots – I shall be breaking them in with lots of coastal walks and pub lunches over Autumn and I cannot wait!! xxx

    1. Ace present Sarah. Happy three year anniversary!
      Oh yes, Stranger Things – loved the first series of that x

  6. I can’t wait for Autumn and for Christmas! Good Stow recommendations above, I live in Burford and would second Burford Garden Company for a visit but keep your purse in check. Will be interested to hear what you say about the Wild Rabbit as we had a very average meal and heard really mixed reviews! Enjoy! xx

    1. Hopefully it will be pretty good at The Wild Rabbit. Will probably do a Cotswolds post after we’ve been so I’ll let you know. x

      1. Lauren I also meant to say have a look around the Cotswold Company shop in Stow (It’s beautifully laid out) and if you can, head to ‘Cotswold Grey’ in Moreton in the Marsh (few miles on from Stow) which is a gorgeous interiors shop with some beautifully sourced items. Well worth a quick drive if you have time. x

        1. I think I might need to extend my stay by a week 🙂
          Definitely going to aim to get there early on Saturday x

  7. 29th October for Blue Planet- counting the days and totally going to watch twice, once solo and once with my littles!

    I am so into this series of Grand Designs- the last series was a bit blah but I think they’ve really upped their game! Last nights episode was super weird as we knew the people vaguely and it was glorious seeing our lovely Blackdown Hills on TV. The house was spectacular too. Well worth catching up on.

    I’m even enjoying the jobs- raking leaves and sowing grass seed in the orchard where all the earth from the building site has gone to level it out. I just need to decant my blackberry gin I made and it’s ready to share! Simple earthly joys 😍

    1. Putting the 29th in my diary Lucy!
      Raking the leaves in the orchard sounds idyllic. You must be so pleased now the building site it no more. x

  8. Autumn is my favourite season. I’m sure I spend more time outside in autumn than in summer. I’ve just come back from a week in Dorset with surprisingly good weather – I wasn’t expecting to have lunch on the promenade while wearing a t-shirt. It was bliss.

    I will be checking out the Netflix recommendations as so much good TV is coming to an end. I’ve been loving Liar! If you haven’t seen Girlboss on Netflix I would recommend it, although there is only one season.

    I have just ordered this tartan scarf which looks amazing for wrapping up in

    1. I love it when you can still wear a tee!
      I started watching girlboss Claire but I just couldn’t find an affinity with her and I like to like the lead!
      Gorgeous scarf BTW x

  9. I stopped at The Wild Rabbit whilst on a Cotswolds jaunt and its stunningly beautiful. I spent half an hour in the pub/restaurant walking round taking photos, they must have thought I was a mad woman. I am obsessed with the old watering can collection they have going on and have started a collection of my own since. Have a fantastic time.

    Another vote for Liar from me, im halfway though and cant work out who is lying. Top of the lake is another goodun if you haven’t seen that.

    1. I’ll be sure to check out the watering cans!
      Top of the Lake was really compelling Gemma – I love to watch Elisabeth Moss.

  10. Yes to Ozark, yes to crumble and yes to the first series of Serial.

    I’m currently on my jollies, heading home to grey Glasgow on Sunday though so have partaken in some online shopping today to make my return a little easier. A chenille jumper is winging its way to me as I type, I’m hoping it makes me look 90s cool as opposed to just 90.

  11. The Cotswold Distillery is a must! £10 for a tour and tasting and they specialise in whisky and gin. The gin is so lovely as well, infused with lavender which you can really taste! X

  12. Hi Lauren,

    Please can you do a blog post on your Cotswolds trip. I tried to find your air bnb but couldn’t see it (theres a lot on there) could you post the link?

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