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3 Tricks for Buying Thoughtful Gifts

Author: Naomi Liddell

When I was 15, I went shopping with my Dad to a very cool, hipster-before-hipsters shop in Belfast called Cult. While I tried (and failed) to convince him to pay for clothes that I was way too young to wear, I had exclaimed how much I loved the music that was playing. It was a DJ mash-up of everything from Destiny’s Child to Iggy Pop and I just loved it. 

About 6 months later, under the Christmas tree was a CD (remember those?) called 2manyDJs. It turns out, that unbeknownst to me at the time, my Dad had gone back to the shop a few days later and asked the staff what the music could have been. He then bought the CD and stashed it for Christmas. My Dad is the best at buying thoughtful gifts.

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