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Using Cloth Nappies {Emma’s Experience}

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My husband is what one might describe as an eco warrior. We enjoy constantly challenging one another to find new ways to reduce waste and save energy. When we discovered I was pregnant, the subject of reusable nappies came up very quickly.
I’ll be honest with you, I was concerned about the idea. I knew from my sister and close friends how much work having a baby is, without the added complication of nappy washing. I started having nightmares about hand-washing stained Terry nappies and poking myself, and the baby, with safety pins. The image did not fill me with excitement.
However, I had heard stats about the environmental impact of disposable nappies, saying that they take over 300 years to decompose and that over 8 million nappies go to landfill sites in the UK every year. So I agreed with my husband that I’d look into it and we should try some out.

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