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These Ankle Boots Were Made For Always

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I don’t really like shoes that much. I know, who even am I. I even admitted it in the Rock My Wedding book Your Day Your Way, can’t begin to imagine what all the brides-to-be think of that bombshell.

Even though for the time, I threw out the proverbial wedding rulebook, I certainly didn’t consider anything other than a pair or courts or sandals for the big day. Obviously I should have worn ankle boots, obviously. I bloody love boots. It’s all I wear bar trainers for the nursery run/gym and the odd night out where I feel sky scraping heels and a flash of shin are required to complete an evening outfit.

One of my most anticipated Autumn shopping activities is to peruse the latest collections, leather, suede, fur-lined, studded, over-the-knee, shoe-boot….I love them ALL. This particular feature is about my favourite type – the awesome ankle. As any of you who follow me on instagram will know, my go-to pair are the Tulsi Fringe by Matisse at Free People. The front dip gives the illusion of longer legs (and I need all the help I can get) and they are as comfortable as slippers, no word of a lie. I have them in every colour and have recently ordered more as mine are so worn.

On the subject of a dipped front, I currently have my eye on the Mint Velvet Pippa Boots, simple yet chic, I think they would work as well with jeans as they would with black tights and a floral dress.

Lisa has recently invested in the Slouch Boot by Modern Rarity available in both grey and brown, and Lauren cannot stop singing the praises of her recent bargain elasticated pull-on Mango find which you can see her modelling in the header image above, a snip at £35.99.

I am slightly obsessed with the Houndstooth print pair, also by Mango. I have no idea what they would go with mind you but perhaps they would somehow look fabulous with everything… *talks self into buying them.

Under thirty quid wise I am loving these blush ankle boots from H&M – they only have a few sizes left and at £29.99 I’m not surprised. As a side note, I’m really impressed with the quality of H&M footwear for the price, I have a pair of silver courts from there that I’ve worn for years on and off and they still look as good as new.

For a low heel and leather the Amsterdam multi-buckle and the Sill Whiskey Lonestar designs both from Office are lush. If only I could justify adding more to my existing 157 pairs (I joke – I think)….I would be adding both of these beauties to my existing collection.

My ultimate boot of dreams? The low Charlie boot by Anine Bing. I strongly advise that you don’t look at them because you will undoubtedly want them, and the price will make you cry.

Do let me know what boots you have bought or have your eye on in the comments box below – links most welcome!

  • Tulsi Fringe Boot
  • Slouch Boot
  • Mint Velvet Pippa Boot
  • Blush Ankle Boot
  • Mango Houndstooth
  • Elastic Heeled boot
  • Low Charlie Boot
  • Amsterdam multi-buckle
  • Blowfish Whiskey Lonestar

Image by Little Beanies

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27 thoughts on “These Ankle Boots Were Made For Always

  1. Thank goodness for once there is only one pair here that I really love, the slouch boot that Lisa has bought, and I don’t wear heels very often anymore, so that stops me buying those! My bank balance will be pleased, I’ve been off work for 6 months and the only thing to do other than stuff in the house is a bit of shopping!

  2. Yay is boot season fonally, am devastated to report the cara boots that I think lolly has introduced me to have been discontinued from jigsaw. I’ve trashed my old pair and desperate for ones with a small heel and the nice dipped front to elongate. Help! Ilthw nice lady in the shop mentioned there has been a lot of feedback already asking for them tonne brought back. Keeping everything crossed but in the meantime need some alternatives! Thanks xx

  3. Love an ankle boot, specifically a Chelsea boot. I was in desperate need of a pair back in April – my old ones had been ruined beyond repair and we were going away to Budapest where the weather had taken an unexpected dip back to winter. I picked up a cheap tan pair from Primark (£6! Down from £12!) expecting them to only last the trip and not much more. How wrong was I?! They survived a 48 hour torrential downpour without letting a drop of water in… and they are still going strong in the early days of autumn. Best. Buy. Ever.

    That said, it’s pay day and I might be having a closer peruse of the above at lunchtime… you can never have too many boots…!

    1. Jo I only rediscovered Matalan recently as there is one not far from my sisters new house – I didn’t have a look at womens as we were in a rush but I did buy Mabel some excellent quality wellies for £7!!!!

      And no, you can never have too many boots 🙂

  4. New winter boot and new winter coat buying is my FAVOURITE THING EVER! I bought these from Dune only yesterday, they have an air of the Anine Bing about them (maybe more Bling than Bing…?) but won’t damage the bank account quite so much!
    You’ve also made me realise I need the Blowfish Whiskey Lonestar boots so I’m off to buy those now. Everyone needs a pair of black AND brown boots right? It’s like a basic human right.

  5. I am ever so slightly obsessed with boots at the moment – especially of the ankle variety!! I have managed to score a bargain Joe Brown pair brand new via evilbay and a black carvela pair courtesy of TK Maxximus!!
    I am still eyeing up a pair of Ugg grey ankle boots on Brand Alley – they’re half price so a bargain right?!?
    I also am loving those Mango ones in the header image!!
    I mean we all need a variety of flat, chunky heel, elegant heel and in a variety of colours right??

    1. Loving the self persuasion here Janey, I feel that a variety of heels and colours are necessary for every wardrobe! I am one click away from copying Lauren’s Mango boots myself….. x

  6. I bloody love a boot. Well, two of them. They’re so practical and pretty and just everything.

    I reckon I’m going to but those Tulsi Fringe boot’s today you know. It’s payday after all! Also its totally ok because I’m pregnant so can’t buy any new clothes I actually want and I’m not spending money on alcohol so these are basically free. And they do half sizes! Praise be.

    But…I also really want the Slouch Boots. What to do, what to do….X

    P.S Please do a maternity wear post soon Charlotte!! xx

    1. Sian I feel the same! I can justify buying boots! I am definitely going to do a maternity wear post soon, I just need to find some nice clothes to recommend, I’m hoping and praying for new collections in the shops soon! x

  7. I live in Chelsea boots come Autumn. I’m also partial to a touch of leopard print so, last year I spied the boots of my dreams in Joules. However, I was just starting maternity leave so could not justify the price tag. I still love them so this year, now I’m back at work, I’ve made the purchase –|LEOPARD

    At the other end of the scale, I’m an early years teacher so there is no way I’m wearing those babies to work. So I’ve also purchased a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots from Sainsbury’s, £30 in the recent sale and they are the comfiest things ever and I won’t be too upset when they inevitably get covered in bogies and paint!


    1. I’ve just bought the Chelsea boots from Sainsburys too and love them. Such a bargain! Definitely look a lot more fancy than the £30 paid.

    1. 😂😂 I’ve just bought an amazing outfit from Joules for Mabel, I think I might have to take a look at stuff for me…….

  8. I have just bought two pairs of black ankle boots from zara these; and these;
    I was meant to only keep one pair, both being black, but one pair are a steal at £29.99 so I will probably keep both. With two black pairs now I feel I need to jazz it up with these…

    I also love those joules leopard print boots, have been eyeing those up for weeks. Don’t. need. anymore. boots!

    1. Love those Zara boots Sarah, I also nearly put the floral print H&M in my edit but wasn’t sure whether they were a bit too wild, I do love them though, such an easy way to jazz up jeans and simple knitwear x

  9. You wrote this blog for me, right? I LIVE for Autumn (I’m not a good summer dresser) and the return of The Boot. Boots and jeans. Boots and tights and dresses. Boots and,
    …well pyjamas if I could get away with it. I still daydream about a particularly dahhrrrrling pair I had years ago. Picture this: dove grey, flat, side ruching (sp?) and a little button at the side. I was four and I still dream about those boots. Sigh.

  10. Boots are so much more fun than shoes. I went for a dreamy pair of pale grey suede pointy stiletto pixie ankle boots from Paper Dolls for my wedding and though my dress hid them on the day (poor planning) they were my favourite thing about my outfit. Too much want from this post… especially the slouch boots. Yum x

  11. Don’t click on a link for fear of falling in love but not with the price you say? oops! I just can’t resist!! I have to say I love the Rag and Bone boots, pretty much all of them. They are a really lovely shape, I mainly wear with jeans as I’m not a dresses and boots person unless they are knee boots, but so many people rock them with everything. They somehow make your feet look more dainty? Not sure how to describe their effect but it is good nonetheless! Not the cheapest but they are often in the sale/the Outnet etc.

  12. Late to this but I Was wondering if the free people Tulsi boots are true to size? The reviews vary on sizing. I am a 39 which seems to be between sizes. Love the Annie Bing ones too!

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