Boring. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I considered writing about the make-up items and tools that I couldn’t live without. They are not “new” and they are not particularly sexy, therefore I just don’t get excited about them. This is silly obviously – I just said I can’t live without them, yep desert island type stuff folks.

I think because I’ve used these particular products for so long I don’t really notice them anymore. That is until I run out/lose one unexpectedly and have a mini melt down as a result. I guess that makes them more important than my recent discovery of THE MOST AMAZING EYESHADOW EVER. Ahem, I digress, on with the review.

MAC Brow Set £13.00

I have fair eyebrows, I get them tinted every few weeks or so but to keep them neat and tidy and add the appearance of fullness (is it me or does anyone else suffer from random bald patches in their brows now and again?!) I use this weird looking light bronze-y hued goop. It is very clever indeed, the shade “Beguile” is perfect for blondes (there are other shades available) and a tube lasts forever. I’ve played around with pencils before but then find I still have to use a clear gel for unruly bits. This does the job of both and I’m all for multi-tasking/less stuff to carry around in your make-up bag.

You can check out the other colours available at Debenhams.

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector £20.00

I actually don’t have particularly enlarged pores but this definitely adds refinement, it makes your epidermis kind of super smooth and dare I say airbrushed looking? I use it on my nose area and cheeks mainly, it’s good in summer where sweat and/or sun cream can make you look a bit too shiny but you don’t want to wear make-up as such. I use this in “invisible light” but they do offer alternative hues for darker skinned lovelies, have a butchers at John Lewis.

I’m aware there are other similar products available as I’ve tried a few, none of them work as well as this does for me though.

MAC Strobe Liquid £23.00

This was bought to my attention when some Beauty Editor or other said she smeared this all over her face whenever she was feeling grey and haggard as it “made her look about twelve”.

Impressive claim no? I can’t say it will turn back the clock to your first year of senior school, neither would I suggest “smearing” it willy nilly over your mug. I would however say it does make you appear less tired and makes you somewhat dewy and youthful when applied to the top of cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose.

It’s quite spendy but a bottle lasts yonks, even if applied nearly every day.

You can purchase MAC from Debenhams as before.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler £20.00

I think this device has reached cult status hasn’t it? I can see why. Hold your lashes between the scary looking clamp for 10 seconds before mascara application and voila, significantly more awake looking peepers due to the curling amazingness.

You also receive a spare rubber thingy in the box so the contraption lasts longer (they can go a bit soft/worn and thus lose their effectiveness over time).

Shu Uemura is available at House Of Fraser

Tweezerman Eyelash Comb £9.50

I’ve had one of these since I was in sixth form studying for my A-levels and left it on holiday a few years back. It’s odd, I always thought my lashes clumped and didn’t look as separated as usual yet never re-invested until recently. It’s almost as if I forgot how essential it was to achieve that natural fluttery look I favour.

I saw it whilst perusing a few months back and immediately added it to my virtual basket. A word of warning, be very careful whilst using, the teeth are SHARP.

Are there any dull yet can’t-live-without items you would like to share? as always please do so in the comments section below.


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