A Small Request…

Author: Miranda Eason

The very fact that you’re reading this makes me feel it’s safe to assume that you like Rock My Style (if not what are you doing here?!). If that’s the case, can we ask you a favour? The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 (in association with Next) are open for entry and, if we’ve become one of your go-to reads for all things fashion, beauty, interiors, food, travel, wellbeing and life generally (phew!) we’d love it if you would nominate Rock My Style.

Having worked on CosmoGIRL! and Cosmopolitan Bride and, having had the pleasure of spending time with the wonderful Helen Gurley Brown at the Cosmo conference back in 2004, Cosmopolitan is very close to my heart. It would be all kinds of awesome to get on the shortlist.

We’ve been blogging for nearly four months now (I know, what did you do before we launched, back in cold, dark January!) so we totally qualify for the Best Newcomer category but if Rock My Style has become your favourite all-round fashion-beauty-interiors-food-travel-life blog, perhaps you’d like to nominate us in the Best Lifestyle Blog category (it’s not an either or, you can nominate us in both!).

The form only takes a couple of seconds to fill in. I wouldn’t say that if it didn’t, being blessed (cursed?!) with the world’s shortest attention span, I have left countless surveys undone around page three (sometimes earlier) despite the promise of being entered into a prize draw to win something fabulous.

You can nominate Rock My Style in the Best Newcomer and Best Lifestyle Blog categories here or by clicking on the fancy button on the right (or below if you’re reading this on your phone!).

{Click To Nominate Us}

And finally, a huge thanks in advance from all of us at Rock My Style for nominating us, and for reading and commenting on what you’ve read. We couldn’t do it without you!

Born in Yorkshire. Lives in East London. California girl at heart.
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19 thoughts on “A Small Request…

  1. Done! Best Newcomer and Best Lifestyle Blog here you guys come! I do love this blog but I have one complaint…I am spending more money and time in Boots than I ever have before!! Suppose it isn’t really a complaint…more a realisation that I don’t have much will power! However, my makeup stash is looking pretty healthy at the moment, thanks RMS 🙂

  2. All done! Fingers crossed for you all. You have created such a lovely little space on the internet, thank you xx

  3. Done! Love Rock my Style. Love it. After my wedding at Christmas RMS has been the perfect way of weaning me off my twice a day rock my wedding habit ( I now only look once a day -can’t help myself, I love a wedding!). Good luck!

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