9 Unique Door Knockers

Author: Naomi Liddell

You’ve seen the bumblebee door knocker, right? If you’re on Instagram it’s almost impossible not to have. It seems that the thirst for unique and interesting homeware has made its way into door furniture. And I am not complaining. My very average house has a very average PVC door that would not allow for the placement of a luxe-looking door knocker. But a girl can dream (and online window shop). So if you’re lucky enough to have a front door that you can paint and dress up, then I’ve hunted down 9 of the most beautiful, unique door knockers for you. With prices ranging from a mere £6 to an eyewatering £208, there’s something for everyone. 

  • Water Twist Door Knocker
    Water Twist Door Knocker
  • Croft Door Knocker
  • White Door Knocker
    White Door Knocker
Let’s start with the big guns… This is the priciest on the list, but it’s a thing of beauty. Made in the family-run Oldfield Forge, I can see this piece looking amazing on an old rectory or cottage door. Next up, the elegant brass hoop (although it is available in a variety of metal finishes) by Rowen & Wren – I adore all their interior pieces too. The urn door knocker – I like it best in all white, it would be a striking modern twist on a traditional design. Especially beautiful on a painted door. 
  • Brass Swan Door Knocker
    Brass Swan Door Knocker
  • Dragonfly Door Knocker
    Brass Dragonfly Door Knocker
  • Brass Bumble Bee Door Knocker
Ah, the bumblebee. Still so adorable. I do wonder if this design is to become the urn door knocker of our time? Another cute creature is the dragonfly. There’s something about the splayed wings at the bottom that makes me think this one would be a pleasure to use (design geekery at it’s best). Finally, the design that seems to be gaining some Instagram momentum too is the swan
  • Hamsa Door Knocker
    Moroccan Hamsa Door Knocker
  • Starfish Door Knocker
    Starfish Door Knocker
  • Elephant Door Knocker
    Elephant Door Knocker
To switch it up, here are a few slightly more unusual designs that I discovered on my travels that I think are lovely in their own right. Although the picture looks a bit dodgy, I think this Hamsa (or Hand of Fatima) door knocker would be a beautiful addition to a boho style home. Also quite appropriate as this symbol is apparently supposed to ward off evil. (If you’re a fan, be quick – there’s only 1 in stock!). Next, we have the elephant. If we can put creepy crawlies and birds on the door, surely an adorable elephant can make the cut too? And finally, a starfish. Again, I think this one would be lovely to actually ‘knock’, but I also think it would look beautiful against a dark painted door. 


So what are your thoughts on unusual door furniture?
Worth a bit of design fun? Or another trend you’re not that bothered by?

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4 thoughts on “9 Unique Door Knockers

    1. Yeah, we’ve mostly got doorbells too (and mine doesn’t even work!). Very boring compared to fancy door knockers. Where are you from Nicole?

  1. We have a 1970s house with a very uninspiring brown wood door (on the long list of things to be replaced…) so sadly all of these would look rather out of place! Got to love the bumblebee though – it might be a cliche on instagram but I’ve never seen one in real life – if we had an older house then I’d so be getting one!

    1. Exactly the spot I’m in too Katie. Maybe one day when you replace your door though you could get yourself a wee bumblebee. They are flippin’ adorable.

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