5 Shades Of Grey {and 1 red}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

50 Shades Of Grey is not something I’d put on a recommended reading list. I just about finished the first book in the series but certainly didn’t bother with any sequels. Or indeed the film.

All is not lost however because actually, there is a genuinely lovely item of associated merchandise in the form of this 50 Shades Of Grey OPI nail polish gift set.

Beauty sets of anything are always a bit “blah” to me – there is usually always about 50% that I would never use so I rarely consider them as gifts for friends. This cute selection of varnish minis however is excellent, 6 totally wearable hues in various different finishes and opacities. Choose any shade from palest stone to deepest charcoal, sheeny silver, blue-grey glitter and a very sexy red. They are aptly named: My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved, Dark Side of the Mood, Shine for Me, Cement the Deal and Embrace the Gray….all for the bargain price of £19.99

Most places have sold out but as I write this ASOS still have stock.

What is your favourite OPI nail polish shade? (I was out with some girlfriends recently and we decided that naming cosmetics, specifically OPI varnishes must be one of the most fun jobs IN THE WORLD)

Also, can we discuss 50 shades of Grey the film? Do I need to see it? I am yet to find a single soul who has anything positive to say about it – don’t be afraid to say if you enjoyed it and why though folks, surely there must be someone out there?!

Also, hasn’t the author recently released a book from the perspective of Mr Grey himself? Goodness.

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23 thoughts on “5 Shades Of Grey {and 1 red}

  1. I haven’t seen 50 Shades but I did go to see Magic Mike XXL with the girls last night. HI-LARIOUS. We literally spent the whole film giggling like teenagers! 😀

    1. My sister said I should so see it! haven’t seen the first one mind – sounds hilarious!

  2. I haven’t seen the film either and I have to say that I didn’t particularly like the first Magic Mike film either. That makes me sound like such a misery guts doesn’t it.That said having seen the trailers for Magic Mike XXL I’m thinking that a night at the cinema with the girls would be the perfect way to grab some me time post-baby. Would you recommend Lynsey??

    1. Well it’s not going to win any awards but I think both films are very funny. Not sure that’s the intention mind! Joe Manganiello’s petrol station dance is literally the best thing I’ve seen all year, it’s worth a watch for that alone.

      We went for dinner and drinks before hand and it was the perfect Monday night pick me up. I’d definitely recommend for a girls night out!

  3. Loving the nail varnishes. 50 shades of grey however not so much. I thought the book was one of the worst I have read in a long time. I haven’t seen the film either, I am tempted to for the same reasons I read the book…everyone’s talking about it. Know one who has watched it seems to have anything good to day though, so I probably won’t. Sorry for the rant! 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Emma! ha ha ha don’t apologise, Lolly and I actually did a review on the book some years ago on Rock My Wedding, the responses got quite controversial in the end.

      I am tempted to see it because I don’t see how with that much hype/expectation/budget it could be as dreadful as they say it is?!

      1. Some friends of mine saw the film and said they found it a bit ‘tame’ – not really sure what to make of that. Apparently the ‘whipping scene’ was done very well though. That said neither of them were in any rush to see it again and one friend said she thought it was boring. I’m intrigued but there’s lots of other films I’d like to see first so it’s not top of my list by any stretch.

  4. I read the book (thought it was horrific!) and saw the film which I thought was marginally better – Jamie Dornan did help with that though! I actually thought it was a nicely shot film and the whipping scene was done very well, but much like Magic Mike (which I didn’t like at all?!) it ain’t going to win any awards!

    1. My sister (who has also seen Magic Mike funnily enough as mentioned above!) watched 50 Shades recently on box office and said that Jamie Dornan was…very pleasing to the eye, if not the greatest acting wise (which is a shame because I thought he was amazing in The Fall) x

  5. Oh gosh I’ve read them all & seen them all (I am even off to see MMXXL this eve!)

    Channing’s Pony Solo in the 1st film is the best thing about it! anyone who can thrust like that gets a thumbs up in my book! Very excited to see what he does in the next one…..


    With regards to 50 Shades I have to say my fav book out the series was the 2nd much more hearts & flowers and ‘more’! and I found it quite romantic! I think that is probably my naive ability to find the good in things.
    The GREY book was a good insight into his deep dark soul and vulnerability, it painted him in a whole new light. They are obviously not the best books in the world, but still entertaining enough.
    The film is worth a watch for Jamie alone! I found the whipping scene on screen brutal and much more harsh than I’d pictured when I read it……

    1. Isn’t it interesting what we interpret from a book and then what’s on film – and how completely different everyones interpretation is in the first place.

      I recall it being fairly brutal in the book but it’s been ages since I read it!

  6. 50 shades of grey-
    Cons- Crap story line
    Poor american accent
    Even worse acting

    Pros- Jamie Dornan
    Jamie Dornan
    Jamie Dornan

    It’s a tie!! Though he was totally hotter in the fall! x

    1. Oh dear Laura – you’re not selling it to me…I too found him very hot in The Fall (bit bizarre given that he was a serial killer) so it’s a bit gutting to hear that not only was the acting crap but he wasn’t as hot either…

  7. I saw that range from OPI in my manicurists and LOVED it, in fact I think I even changed my mind from whatever I was going to get and got grey instead (mind you, I do that every single time. Is it just me who has manicure indecisiveness??)

    1. Yes me Claire, I rarely end up with what I went in for in the first place! However, 80% of the time it’s a grey toned shade……or coral for summer.

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