31 Days of Finishing Touches

Author: Lauren Coleman

I found a photograph from my Uni days the other day. Four friends perched on the end of my bed with an Ikea coat stand in the background. No coats were visible, after all why would you need a coat when you couldn’t afford to put it in a cloakroom? No this coat stand was actually a bag stand – literally draped in handbags. Whether it was a tote, a clutch, a shopper, or an over the body bag, you name it. I had it. In about sixteen different colours.

Back in those days I used to change my bag EVERY DAY. Every outfit was carefully co-ordinated to the jewellery and handbag. How much time did I have on my hands to transfer everything over from one bag to another? Even if I had one of those fancy inner compartment pouches then where did I find the time to select said bag?!

These days, sometimes I’m running so quickly out the door I forget to put on my wedding ring. I seem to have completely got out of the routine of putting on any jewellery, and since losing my beloved bow necklace last year (sob) have been distinctly accessory-free. I’ve amassed quite a collection of treasures over the years and quite fancy setting them free from the drawers and boxes they seem to have found a home in.

So, in the spirit of a bit of light-hearted experimentation and inspired by an old article from PopSugar I’m attempting to add one finishing touch to my outfit per day during March. This month I’m going to make an effort to wear the jewels in my drawer, put my expansive bag collection to good use and escape the mundane of my capsule wardrobe by draping myself with baubles and bags on a daily basis. I realise I’m a day late (poor scheduling on my part) but this is just for fun so let’s not get hung up. Here are a few prompts to get you started if you fancy giving it a whirl too:

  1. Wear a hat
  2. Add something bright
  3. Change your daily bag for something less obvious
  4. Wear something sparkly
  5. Tie a scarf in a new way
  6. Add something striped
  7. Show off your belt
  8. Wear trainers
  9. Paint your nails an unexpected shade
  10. Wear statement earrings
  11. Stack your rings
  12. Wear something in your hair
  13. Add leather
  14. Try open toed shoes
  15. Add something you haven’t worn for years
  16. Layer your necklaces
  17. Wear a print
  18. Add a statement necklace
  19. Wear studs
  20. Try an oversized accessory
  21. Wear some texture
  22. Go vintage
  23. Stack your bracelets
  24. Wear hoops
  25. Add a bold bag
  26. Wear heels
  27. Finish off with a bright lip
  28. Add sequins
  29. Try a different hair style
  30. Clash
  31. Finish off a casual outfit with something super glam

If anyone else fancies playing along during March then please do join in. If the prompt for the day doesn’t work for you then just move on and add a different finishing touch. If all else fails just don a pair of dangly earrings and throw caution to the wind. Speaking of earrings how sweet are these & Other Stories Orb Drop earrings James surprised me with last week? Their jewellery collection is magnificent and I’m sure I could spend a fortune in there.

I’ll try my best to share my daily looks via Instagram Stories and will drop in during the month to share an update. Do let me know below if you’ll be wearing your best Pat Butcher earrings too?

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28 thoughts on “31 Days of Finishing Touches

  1. I am guilty of the same! I’ve got a collection of vintage clutch bags that was my pride and joy in my youth. In my early 20’s I used to use an oversized clutch for work sometimes, just because! Now I carry a backpack to work with a laptop, iPad and massive notebook every day..

    And the only jewellery I wear nowadays are my wedding and engagement ring. Despite having multiple holes pierced in to my ears. So I accept your challenge! I don’t think I’ll be bringing the clutches to work, but earrings are an excellent place to start.. hello lunchtime shopping trip!

    1. Glad to have you onboard Jennifer! This vintage clutch bag collection sounds beautiful. Please unleash one this month! x

    1. I don’t think I owned a going-out coat until I’d been working full-time for about four years!
      I was permanently freezing when I lived in Nottingham. Cami tops in winter with no jacket were pretty standard. Craziness.

      1. I live in Nottingham! And went to Uni here. Now, whenever winter rolls round and I see the bare armed students I tut in my head. At the time, however, finding somewhere to put your coat meant too much time away from drinking warm VK’s in Ocean..

  2. Great idea Lauren! I used to make jewellery so I’ve tons of lovely earrings and things and hardly ever put any of them on. You have inspired me to make more of an effort. In fact I’ve got some lovely star earrings coming in the post today from Hush, so I’ll start with those!
    P.S. I went to uni in Nottingham too!

  3. I love this! Such a great way to try and break up the mundane winter outfits that are boring me senseless at the moment so I will definitely be joining in! Today I’m wearing a slightly larger pair of earrings than my normal studs (big double pearls!) and a pink cross body bag covered in tiny little hearts to try and break up my black and white outfit – is that a good enough start!?

      1. Accessorize! The Mecca of jewels! Today I have dangly Monica Vinader earrings and a dark green faux fur stole. I may have gone overboard… X

  4. It’s actually depressing when you end up reaching for the same comfy outfit each day. I too hardly wear my wedding ring because I’m always rushing.

    I’ve promised myself that I’ll start wearing my nice shoes again. I have at least 50 pairs all stored away in clear plastic boxes. At uni, you collected handbags and I collected shoes.

    You’re so right about making an effort. When you’re wearing nice things you feel so much better (I do anyway). As March is a fun filled month for me, I’m going to make it the best dressed month.

    Thanks for the motivation. X

    1. Oooh Gem, please get out some of your gorgeous shoes. Always such a fab way to add a bit of oomph to your outfit x

  5. I’m not so guilty on the bags front, but I too have amassed a large collection of jewellery and other accessories and wear but a handful of them. Currently my daily jewellery amounts to three rings – engagement, wedding and a beautiful eternity ring my husband gave me for my birthday in January – and usually a set of simple stud earrings.

    The thing is I’m a massive fan of jewellery, and also enjoy making it (I even did an introduction to silversmithing course a few years ago), and used to switch things up everyday. I also don’t understand how I had the time. And of course with a grabby baby necklaces are currently out (she’s already broken one 🙁 ). What I have done with my jewellery, so that it continues to bring me joy whilst not being worn, is pin a lot of my favourite pieces to a cork noticeboard. (Which I coincidentally posted a snap of on my fairly new instagram last week @rknight_knight if you’re interested!)

    So this is a challenge I might join you on, avoiding the breakable jewellery, of course!

  6. I was exactly the same in early 20s and used to change my handbag every day to match my outfit. Now I use a massive brown leather one every day.
    Back in the day the shoes used to match the bag which matched the jewellery which I think looks a bit dated now but you are so right and I am also going to make more of an effort to mix things up a bit and wear more of my jewels, bags and scarfs!

    1. I remember going to my first real interview wearing black spotty shoes with a matching spotty bag. My interviewer had a bit of a penchant for accessories and I got the job. I like to think this was down to other talents rather than my ability to match 😉

  7. I am totally with you, myself and my accessories are definitely right at the bottom of the pile when trying to get three little ones out of the house in the morning. I love it when I go out in the evenings and remember to put jewellery on, have a new clutch bag in my hand & some heels on. Think this is a great idea to re focus, everyone loves a bit of day to day glam! Thanks for the inspiration. x

  8. This is such a good idea. I tend to wear a scarf most days with minimal jewellery. I definitely need some new jewellery and bags etc. Will try and follow these prompts!

  9. I have a thing for scarves but recently haven’t worn them that often recently. After a bit of a splurge in Liberty last year I definitely need to get the wear out of them. I also used to paint my nails every Sunday evening as seeing my pretty coloured nails tapping on the keyboard made Monday mornings more bearable. Mission scarf and nail polish accepted!!!

  10. Tomorrow I’ve been asked to spend the morning as an ‘ear model.’ Apparently I have nice ears and will be photographed wearing a range of lovely earrings! I shall use this experience as a starter for the month ahead!xx

  11. Ooooh, I LOVE this!!! I hate to say, finishing touches have been long lost in my life and spookily I was also thinking recently how I do miss them. Accessories really do make an outfit!! Loving your list! I am going to dig out some jewellery (baby steps…!) and have a go at this too!! xx

  12. Got two necklaces on today, 3 bracelets and stacked a lot of rings… might have gone too far on this challenge… He He He

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