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10 Year Anniversary {Reader Recommendations Required, Pretty Please!}

Author: Lisa Soeno

So you know the flu that I was suffering from? (I had a good old moan about it over on Rock My Family). Well that turned out to be pneumonia. Which was just what I wanted being eight months pregnant. But I’m now on antibiotics, so onwards and upwards to more pressing issues such as 1) Have I got time to find some nice new blinds for the spare room ready for when my mum comes to stay? 2) What size nappies do I need to be buying? 3) And what the flip do I get Rich for our ten year anniversary in a couple of weeks?

And that’s where you readers come in. I know you’ve come up with some fab suggestions in the past and would love to hear your ideas for a blinking lovely anniversary gift, as traditional or as zany as they may be. I was particularly impressed by the recommendations you guys made when “RMS reader Carrie” was on the hunt for holidays for her hubby’s 40th, and even more delighted when I discovered that “Carrie” was in fact our editor Lauren who had been commissioned by her friend Matt to find a proposal-worthy destination to whisk his girlfriend away to. I did consider doing similar with this post to keep it a secret, however as Rich only seems to read this blog when under strict instructions to do so (shame on him), I don’t think there’s much danger in him finding out about it.

Oh and on a side note. It’s not a wedding anniversary as we aren’t married – just a celebration of the fact that we’ve been a couple for ten years, so nothing wedding-related please!

The Criteria

  • I’m going to say a budget of a couple of hundred quid but happy to dip into savings if needs be. It may sound extravagant however we’ll have other things to spend money on when the little one arrives so it would be nice to spoil Rich now.
  • I’m veering towards an experience gift just because he is so bloody fussy when it comes to clothes/material goods. (And yes if that experience means that I may be able to join in, then even better).
  • I’m thinking a child-free night or weekend away at some point towards the end of the summer might be a go-er. I’m pretty sure we could persuade the in-laws to look after Lyra and her little brother if it’s only for a couple of days max. We are good at travelling light so would consider a whistlestop visit to most places in Europe. Or maybe there’s an ace family-friendly festival in the UK that we could all go to…?

What He Likes

So far all he has requested is a new pizza cutter or a new set of kitchen knives, bless him. (He’s an excellent cook…I know, lucky me). These requests are all very well and good but a) I can’t believe the price of a posh knife block and feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer choice out there and b) kitchen utensils are just not very, well, exciting. Probably going on the list of little-things-for-him-to-open though is this Joseph Joseph pizza cutter.

He loves football and has recently gotten into Rugby Union, and cycles to work when he can. His mountain bike was stolen recently and he’s mentioned that he’d like a hybrid bike to replace it, but I know he would want a good – read expensive – one and I’m not sure my maternity leave pay will stretch that far! He also loves a challenge (he’s run the London Marathon and done the likes of Wolf Run and Tough Mudder) so signing him and his best mate up to something like Man Vs Mountain has crossed my mind.

Previous Presents

As part of his Christmas present I bought him this highly impractical white dressing gown which was a hit (he’s a big fan of anything Paul Smith), and when we lived in Australia I treated us both to a champagne sailing experience on Sydney Harbour. Now this was just incredible and something similar would be perfect. If only we still lived in Sydney rather than the Midlands. However if you are in Oz any time soon and need to treat a loved one, I cannot recommend it enough.

And if you ask Rich what his favourite present from me has been, he will maintain it was a ‘Love’ book from Kikki K which was a keepsake collection of memories and photos of our relationship (similar to this and this). He’s a true softie and romantic at heart.

Have you lovelies got any thoughts? What did you get your other halves for your ten year anniversary? Can you think of any thoughtful ways of presenting the gift?!

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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31 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary {Reader Recommendations Required, Pretty Please!}

  1. How about tickets to a foodie festival like The Big Feastival? You could book boutique camping and get tickets for one of the sit down meals/banquets. I’m aleady saving for my husband’s 40th (in 5 years time…) as I’m determined to do something special and just for us!!

    1. Ooh I like this idea! I think Charlotte took Mabel last year. Have you been? How good are you, saving already! What are you thinking of doing for your husband? X

      1. I’ve not been but I really want to go. We’ve got one day tickets to a family festival in Cheshire in August. Going to see how that goes before committing to a weekend festival with children! But if we ever went to the Big Feastival I’d love it to be just us so we can take full advantage of the fancy food/drink on offer!! So for his 40th, something like this or a weekend at a Mr & Mrs Smith hotel. Fancy accommodation, yummy food and spending time together. We’ll probably end up talking about our children non-stop but it’d be great to have some “us” time. Can’t wait to hear what you decide to do. Hope you’re feeling better and good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy x

  2. Rugby tickets? You could look at the 7s series and see when the England event is on or see if there are any in Europe you fancy for a weekend? We always say we will go to Rome for the 6 Nations game but never do…

    Festivals- the last ever Secret Garden festival is on? Or Camp Bestival? You’re braver than me camping with a new little though!

    How about a gorgeous weekend away with air bnb or that company Fern and Co went with?

    Or have a look at at Travelzoo for city break deals?

    With nappies I’d buy a pack of 1s and a couple of 2s and then when baby shows up (it’s my due date today and I’m proper bitter and grumpy, I’m sure your baby will be more obliging) you can dispatch Rich to get more of the right size.

    1. I reckon he would LOVE rugby tickets Lucy. And in Rome…?!

      The last ever Secret Garden festival does appeal but I’m not sure I’d thought through the practicalities of going with a tiny baby until you mentioned this ?

      Lots of food for thought, thank you. And everything crossed for you (again) that baby makes an appearance soon x

      1. Thanks lovely. My insta is one big moan at the moment!!

        Yep England play in Rome around V-day next year… just saying!

        1. Omg what about a weekend to see one of the Tour de France stages if he is really into cycling? You could fly down to Toulouse, it’s so beautiful!

          1. Brill idea Lucy! He was just saying the other day how he wants to go to more sporting events with lots of atmosphere x

            1. On the cycling theme, I got my husband a signed Mark Cavendish piece of Tour memorabilia for our 10th wedding anniversary. It was actually a piece of the yellow signage they use at the 2012 Tour de France and it now hangs on our wall in a lovely frame. He loved that as it was unique and really personal for him because he LOVES cycling! I actually found it on eBay, so a good place to start.

  3. Ok, so perhaps a little out there, but how about tank paintballing ? Not even kidding here, there’s a company just outside Market Harborough where you can not only drive a tank but have a paintball battle with the occupants of other tanks on the same course – you get to fire the gun, drive it and navigate. Super, super fun – my husband bought me a go for my birthday a few years ago. (Bit of a petrolhead here) I’m sure you could then find a lovely hotel to go and stay in afterwards. Any good? The company is called Armourgeddon (if that’s not allowed, please feel free to edit).

    1. Denise this sounds ACE! He’s been paintballing before and loved it, but never tank paintballing! Thank you x

  4. Hi Lisa! Sorry you’ve been so poorly 🙁 If he likes rugby, how about a weekend trip to Edinburgh in May for the rugby that’s on (the challenge cup and champions cup final)?
    Or, as there’s a second mini one on the way, a fancy nespresso machine to help with the sleep deprivation?! X

    1. Thanks Sian, I’m loads better now ?

      Edinburgh could be good because it’s also his birthday in May. And he loves his coffee however is there such thing as a pretty nespresso machine that would look good in the kitchen?! X

  5. I’m definitely for experiences as gifts. My family have just decided that we’re going to go away together every Easter. We celebrate 5 birthdays in March. It’s an expensive month and impossible to get together for every birthday. We are now going to have one big celebration. I know this will be more memorable than any gift I could receive.

    Your husband seems to like the outdoors and food. In my opinion, there’s only one place that has all of this and that’s the Isle of Skye. There’s some kind of foodie revolution going on there and the scenery/outdoors is second to none. It would definitely be an unforgettable experience. There’s also Applecross (on the mainland).

    My dad is super fussy with pressies too. We scored big time this Christmas as we got him a virtual reality headset. It was only £60.

    If you’re in your forever home you could also plant a cool fruit tree?

    No matter what you do it will amazing. 10 years is a long time, congratulations. X

    1. Gorgeous ideas Gem.

      I know what you mean…What with Valentines Day in Feb and Lyra’s birthday in March and our anniversary in April and his birthday in May!

      I’ve heard Skye is absolutely beautiful but wasn’t aware that it’s also becoming a foodie haven. It’s now firmly on my list.

      And only £60 for a virtual reality headset? Bargain! I’ve got a lot of googling to do!

      Thanks for your lovely comments and have a fab holiday at Easter x

  6. My partner is massive into his cycling, anything from Rapha goes down very well. He’s also a Paul Smith fan – there’s some lovely cycling themed items, socks, books ties (if Rich wears ties) that make good additional presents.

    How about a night away for a fancy meal? L’Enclume do some great midweek hotel + dinner options. We went for a post wedding break and it was outstanding and a real treat for foodies.

        1. Thanks for this Rachel! My husband is a massive cycling fan and cyclist too so I find Rapha always goes down well, but I didn’t know about the Paul Smith book!

    1. Ooh hadn’t heard of this Charlotte, thanks. And it’s just down the road from is. It’s ALL ABOUT the glamping x

  7. A little present could be a photo. I’ve seen on not on the high street someone who prints your photo onto a copper coloured metal and it looks like a Polaroid. It also appears to be freestanding.

  8. My brother is really into cycling (and my partner actually) and his wife got him and a group of friends a Velodrome experience, where they got to cycle round the Velodrome and learn about track cycling! I think they really enjoyed it, so might be an idea if you end up going the cycling route…

    Or if you go quick getaways – Amsterdam is one of my favourite places to go in Europe (and after a brief work trip, I loved what I saw in Lisbon too) xx

    1. Rich’s parents treated him to a velodrome experience for his 30th and I was quite envious that I hadn’t thought of it ?

      Definitely going to look into Lisbon, thanks Emma x

  9. Does he like to BBQ? I bought Phil a Weber BBQ cooking day course. I thought it was really good value for money and they have them all over the UK I think…

    1. He does! And love this suggestion because it’s the kind of gift that everyone benefits from ? What a great idea. Going to look into it now. X

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